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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Sourkraut, Bitter Bier & The Kyoto Polka

America is trying to recover from the horrible tragedy left in the aftermath of hurricane Katrina. Possibly hundreds of Americans are dead. The damages that Katrina left in her wake are probably in the billions of dollars. For a German politician and some journalists timing is everything. And they have decided that now is the time to blame the devastation caused by hurricane Katrina on America’s resistance in signing the Kyoto Treaty.

The Kyoto Treaty is touted by jealous European nations as being an urgent solution to the dangerous threat that "Global Warming" brings to the environmental health of the world.

The Kyoto Treaty would ensure that the major industrial nations, stop or reduce their use of industrial plants that are emitting harmful levels of carbon dioxide and 5 other gases that are allegedly responsible for the "greenhouse effect" within the earth's atmosphere and causing global warming.

The common mantra that these German critics of American economic success echo goes something like this:

America is the worlds richest nation. It's industry produces the most of these "greenhouse gases", [they conveniently leave out China's production levels], Therefor, it is America's responsibility to "take one for the team" and shut down these plants that are producing these harmful gases. If it means it hurts America's economic growth, well so be it.

Because America has refused to join with the rest of the earth's concerned nations about stopping Global Warming from bringing about dire environmental consequences, Mother Nature has sent us a warning: Hurricane Katrina.

If America doesn't abandon its stiff necked opposition to the Kyoto Treaty, it is going to be responsible for the waves and waves of coming hurricanes and violent storms that are sure to follow. Of course, they will only increase in violent capacity and frequency as Global Warming does more and more damage to the Earth's atmosphere.

That's right. We brought hurricane Katrina upon ourselves. If we don't play along with the rest of Europe, why we're going to get everyone killed.

Here's a quote from the article that supports the urgency of adopting the Kyoto Treaty:

The left-leaning Die Tageszeitung also delivers a punchy plea for more attention to global warming, saying politicians should pay more attention to Katrina's alarming images than to election polls and economic forecasts. "Hurricane Katrina has delivered terrible photos. Experts are already calling it the worst hurricane of all time. But this year's hurricane season has only just begun. Flooded villages, mud slides, sandbags....Scientists are quite calmly saying that we will see this kind of thing more often. After all, this is what they have been forecasting for years -- climate change, human-caused and irreversible. But a change of policy is not in the cards. Politics is trapped between voters and industry lobbyists. And of course, there is the killer argument: Protecting the environment impedes economic growth." This is not how it should be, the paper opines. Indeed, more "pictures from New Orleans should encourage us to follow science's advice on climate protection."

Aside from the comical notion that Katrina has "delivered terrible photos", (that would make it the world's first hurricane that not only brought extremely high winds, large amounts of water, spawned tornadoes, but also took pictures with a camera, developed them and dropped them off as it passed over), we get the threat of the apocalypse if we don't sign up with the Kyoto treaty and stop Global Warming.

Never mind the fact that scientists are divided over whether or not the global warming theory is even true. Never mind the fact that hurricanes have been smashing into land and causing terrible destruction for centuries before humanity was even advanced enough to produce an industry that produced these "greenhouse gases".

The conservative German newspaper, Die Welt makes this excellent point:

Whether the frequency and intensity of these storms has truly increased in recent years has not yet been proven with statistics." Whether humans have aversely affected the Earth's climate or not, the paper says, one thing is clear "we have modern technology to thank that Katrina was not able to do more damage." Indeed, thanks to early warning systems, the people of New Orleans were evacuated before the storm hit. "One hundred years ago, a tropical storm as strong as Katarina would likely have caused many deaths, because it would have hit people unawares." Now, says the paper, we should be grateful technology allows us to save so many lives.

The bottom line here is that all of this, "concern for the environment" talk behind the Kyoto Treaty is just a bunch of claptrap. The real motivation is one of greed and jealousy. What the Europeans want is to drag America, economically, down to their level.

You see, Europe is jealous of the superpower status of the U.S. They are jealous of the fact that America is more prosperous than they are. So, they decided to create a European Union to pose a challenge to America's economic dominance. Many European nations, (with the exception of England), tossed out their currency in favor of the "one Europe, one currency", the Euro. The Euro was suppose to be a serious threat to the U.S. dollar.

However, when it came time to adopt the Euro-Constitution, it all fell flat. It seems that these Europeans just can't get along with each other "in one accord" after all.

So, instead of striving to better themselves, they would prefer to bring America down to their level, under the guise of a treaty designed to save the world from environmental destruction.

It's pathetic really. It was America who came to the aid of Europe to save them from German tyranny not once but twice. It was America who invested its money and troops to keep the Soviet Union threat to Europe and the world at bay and that eventually caused the collapse of the Communist Empire. It was America who kept up the pressure on Soviet Premier Gorbachav to tear down the wall separating west and east Berlin, which ultimately led to the freedom of those Germans living in the east of Berlin.

Instead of German gratitude, we get German interference in America's coalition of military forces mission to take out the Hitler of the Middle East, Saddam Hussein. Why? It was all because they had their greedy German hands deep in the pockets of that tyrant.

Now, instead of demonstrating some gratitude for America's concern for their freedom, and sending aid to help with disaster relief, the smug Germans have the damn gall to blame the tragedy on us.

You can bet on one thing, if some great tragedy befalls the German people in the future, and God forbid it does, you won't find American politicians and journalists rubbing salt into the wound of the German people by blaming them for their tragedy. Instead, you will find, quick and generous American aid.

It's a good thing that America is the world's largest and only Super Power. Because of this status, America has the wherewithal to be able to send military protection, or economic relief when another nation's sovereignty is threatened or disaster and tragedy strikes.

History has repeatedly demonstrated what the consequences are when a European nation seeks to gain Super Power status: Total Global Dominance and tyranny. [Greece (Alexander the Great), Rome, (the Caesars), France (Napoleon), Germany (Kaiser Wilhelm II, Adolph Hitler), Italy (Mussolini)].

It's a shame that those Europeans who are against the U.S. are either, too stupid, or
disingenuous to see it and accept it.

Monday, August 29, 2005

You Are 86% American
You're as American as red meat and shooting ranges.
Tough and independent, you think big.
You love everything about the US, wrong or right.
And anyone who criticizes your home better not do it in front of you!

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Stop The Funeral. Rev Christian Hate-Filled Extremist Has Something To Say!

Move over Mother Cindy, it appears that she, (along with useful idiots who follow such leftist organizations such as, People for the American Way etc.), are not the only whackos out there protesting the war in Iraq. Here is an example of "Christian" right-wing extremism, and it is just as loony and dangerous as the insane rants coming out of the left.

Here are some highlights from the article:

The Rev. Fred Phelps, founder of Westboro Baptist in Kansas, contends that American soldiers are being killed in Iraq as vengeance from God for protecting a country that harbors gays. The church, which is not affiliated with a larger denomination, is made up mostly of Phelps' children, grandchildren and in-laws.

The church members carried signs and shouted things such as "God hates fags" and "God hates you."

About 10 church members protested near Smyrna United Methodist Church and nearly 20 stood outside the National Guard Armory in Ashland City. Members have demonstrated at other soldier funerals across the nation.

The funerals were for Staff Sgt. Asbury Fred Hawn II, 35, in Smyrna and Spc. Gary Reese Jr., 22, in Ashland City. Both were members of the Tennessee National Guard.

Hundreds of Smyrna and Ashland City residents and families of other soldiers turned out at both sites to counter the message the Westboro Baptist members brought.

Which God is Rev Phelps following? I’ve been a Christian since I was a small boy, and I don’t ever recall finding anywhere in Jesus’ teachings or the teachings of the Church that God loves some people that he created and hates others.

On the contrary, Christianity teaches that God loves all people so much that He was willing to hand His very own Son, Jesus, over to a extremely cruel and violent death, in order to be the sacrifice for all of our sins against Him so that we could dwell with Him throughout eternity.

Christians believe that God hates the sin, not the person. Phelps' notion that God is somehow responsible for the slaughter of American soldiers because there are homosexuals, which He hates, living freely in the U.S.A. is both absurd and blasphemous!

Just as Cindy Sheehan doesn't speak for all Americans who have lost a son or a daughter in the War in Iraq, Rev Phelps doesn't speak for God, much less Christians.

Apart from demonstrating his blatant ignorance of the very nature of God and the religion he espouses, what about the insensitivity of his and his followers actions against families who are no doubt, going through a time of terrible grief?

The loss of a child, no matter how noble the death is, has got to be the most devastating thing that parents have to face. They certainly don't need Rev Phelps' rants outside the funeral service that God killed their children.

For a supposed Christian Reverend to act this way shows that not only does he not know who God is, he also has no clue as to how a Christian should behave.

Extremists are Extremists no matter whether they come from the left or the right. Whackos are whackos irregardless of political mindset. Hate filled Christians are just as evil as hate filled Muslims.

Over in Crawford, Texas we have "Mother Cindy" using her son’s noble death as a platform to preach that soldiers are dying for nothing. Now in Smyrna, Tennessee we have Rev. Phelps preaching to us that our soldiers are dying because God hates gays living in the U.S.A.

Both lunatics are aiding our enemy the demon possessed, bloodthirsty terrorists and emboldening them in their murderous position.

Thanks to Cindy and the Media’s non-stop attention to her, and the loony hippies protesting with her, a message is being sent, (however false that it actually is), to the terrorists that a majority of Americans have lost their resolve in supporting the Iraq War, now that they are losing their sons and daughters.

Thanks to Rev Phelps, and his hate-filled flock, they are sending the terrorists a message of encouragement to keep up the good fight against the American troops over there in Iraq, who are being killed because they come from an evil nation that harbors homosexuals and their sinful lifestyle. In other words, "Allah akbar, God is with you and your bloody jihad!"

To which the terrorists in Iraq and the spokespeople from Osama Bin Laden’s al Qaeda can now respond: See. We told you we were fighting God’s Holy War!

Thanks a lot Rev Phelps. Thanks for nothing. You sir, are neither a great American, nor are you a fit representative of Christianity.

Not only does America "harbor" homosexuals, but it also harbours people like you and Cindy Sheehan who shamelessly bite the very hand that gives you the freedom to slander its troops in the first place.

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Appeasers Beware! The Crocodile Has A Bottomless Stomach!


Hamas Bombmaker Vows to Continue Attacks
Aug 26 7:35 PM US/Eastern

GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip

A shadowy Hamas bombmaker who tops Israel's most-wanted list on Saturday issued his first videotaped statement since going into hiding more than a decade ago.

Mohammed Deif praised Israel's withdrawal from the Gaza Strip as a victory for armed resistance, rejected calls for his group to disarm, and vowed to continue attacks on Israel until the Jewish state is erased from the map.

Deif, who has escaped three Israeli attempts to kill him, has been living underground since 1992. He is so shadowy that the most recent photograph of him is from the 1980s.

For all of those appeasment knuckleheads out there, this is why appeasing those demonic, bloodthirsty, terrorist vermin won’t work.
The terrorist’s message to Israel is in effect: "Thanks for the Gaza Strip. Now, if we could just get a sea of Israeli blood to bathe our feet in…"

Next, they will bring their satanic misson of slaughter to our shores and the rest of Western Civilization.

Do you still think appeasing these bastards is worth it? Or do you finally get it?

Shouldn’t it be our imperative to erase all of these vermin from the face of the earth?

Those sub-human pawns of Satan don’t deserve to live. Let's send them all to hell where they can hang out with their kind.

We’d better exterminate them first, then we can get back to arguing over whether animals are people too, and whether or not we are hugging enough trees.

Friday, August 26, 2005

And it's 1, 2, 3 what are we protesting for? Don't ask me, I don't give a damn, next stop is Camp Sheehan

Just in case you thought that Camp Casey was full of people who were there on "their own dime" to support her cause, think again. Camp Casey is big business and is being funded. Not only is it being funded, it’s being managed. That’s right managed. By PR experts.

Oh, my goodness! Is it possible that Mother Cindy is really following a schedule of well planned out, in advance, photo ops? Well, umm…yeah.

The whole thing just might be a well orchestrated show. That's right. And all of this time you thought that the hippie "flower power" movement of the 60's was really all about peace, love and joy.

A San Francisco television station, ABC7, is looking into the funding background for Mother Cindy’s moonbat crusade in Crawford, Texas.

Here are some of the highlights of their investigation:

The camp at Crawford is full of Cindy Sheehan supporters, people from all walks of life, but off to the side are a small group of professionals skilled in politics and public relations who are marketing Cindy Sheehan's message.

Cindy Sheehan kneels before a cross with her son's name on it, touches his picture, wipes her tears. It's an outpouring of emotion that is part of a scheduled news event organized daily for the television, radio and print reporters who crowd in to capture a mother's grief.

Cindy Sheehan: "I'm never going to see him again, I'm never going to hold him again, I'm never going to hear his voice again."

Sheehan's message hasn't changed since she got here, but the support staff interested in getting that message out to the world has grown considerably.

Organizers are set up in a house trailer. Their meetings closed to reporters.

Leading the group is Fenton Communications employee, Michele Mulkey, based in San Francisco. Fenton specializes in public relations for liberal non-profits.

Their bills are being paid for by True Majority, a non-profit set up by Ben Cohen -- of Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream fame.

Ben Cohen, True Majority: "People are willing to listen to her and we want to do as much as we can to make her voice heard."

Cohen's group has teamed up with Berkeley based, an anti-Bush group co-founded by Joan Blades.

Earlier this month, MoveOn helped organize anti-war vigils in support of Cindy Sheehan.

Current Democratic National Party Chair Howard Dean's organization Democracy for America is also involved, as is the more radical anti-war group Code Pink organized by San Francisco's Medea Benjamin.

Money donated through these groups and others is helping to pay for Gold Star families whose children have been killed in Iraq to attend anti-Bush protests.

This week Simi Valley California Gold Star wife Melanie House flew to Idaho for a protest and then flew to Crawford.

ABC7's Mark Matthews: "Can you tell us if you're getting help in airfare to come down here?"

Melanie House: "What difference does that make?"

There is real reluctance to talk about who's paying, and the P.R. machine that's promoting Cindy Sheehan, but not everyone here is completely comfortable with it.

Gold Star mother Karen Meredith came here from Mountain View. Her son Ken Ballard died last year.

Karen Meredith, Gold Star mother: "Sometimes things don't feel quite right to me. They don't feel wrong, but maybe that's how they do it in the marketing business."

ABC7's Mark Matthews: "You feel you're part of a marketing business?"

Karen Meredith: "Possibly. Yeah I think so."

So much for the "this is pure patriotic dissent" b.s. As the old saying goes: "money talks, bull shit walks" and there obviously is no exception there at Camp Casey. How else can you explain the free Joan Baez concerts, the amount of hippies hanging out there, and the catering?

Me, I smell a rat.

Moonbats On The March Out of Texas Toward Washington DC

Finally there is some good news coming out of Camp Casey. Mama Cindy and her pot smoking, 60’s counter-culture, hippy friends are planning on finally leaving Texas and take their “Moonbats On Exhibit” to the nation’s capital, where they will eventually blend in the rest of the liberal, communist, useful idiot lobbyists who hang out there. The only thing that would be better would be for Cindy to take her moonbats with her and permanently settle in at Berkely. Texas is too good of a state to be tainted with such an infestation of unpatriotic America haters.

You can read about the good news here. Here are some statements from “Mother Moonbat” found in the article:

Sheehan said she realizes that Bush has no intentions of meeting with the protesters, but that her vigil has accomplished other things.

"I absolutely think it's worthwhile because we've galvanized the peace movement," she said. "We've started people talking about the war again."

Boy, what an ego this woman’s got. Now she claims to have “galvanized the peace movement”. As if it wasn’t already going strong before she started shooting off at the mouth at her pity party in Crawford. As if her hate spewed rants were even original and not already well established propaganda from organizations like, “”, “Not In Our Name”, and the communist, anti-America left’s poster boy, Michael Moore.

Question: Just how puffed up with ego, lies and hatred can Cindy become before she explodes?

Oh well, I’m glad she’s planning on moving Camp Casey out of Texas. Let her explode somewhere else. She could demonstrate some shred of integrity by renaming her camp to Camp Cindy though. After all, her camp has been all about her and her ego all along. It hasn’t really been so much about her son Casey but more about a mother trying to strip the honor from her son’s sacrificial death as a hero in Iraq in order to make her to make her anti-Ameica, Bush hating rants.

But I’m not holding my breath on that one. I do hope she doesn’t disappoint everyone and does follow through on her planned exodus from Texas.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

The Return of a Leftist Gadfly

The loony left’s “Mother Cindy” has announced that she will return to comfort her flock of misguided, useful idiots. Just for the sheer entertainment value here are her latest whacky comments:

I'm coming back to Crawford for my son. As long as the president, who sent him to die in a senseless war, is in Crawford, that is where I belong. I came here two and a half weeks ago for one reason, to try and see the president and get an answer to a very simple question: What is the noble cause that he says my son died for?

The answer to that question will not bring my son back. But it may stop more meaningless deaths. Because every death is now a meaningless one. And the vast majority of our country knows this. So why do more young men and women have to die? And why do more parents have to lose their children and live the rest of their lives with this unbearable grief?

The presidency is not bigger than the people's will.

And when the people speak out, it's the president's reponsibility to listen. He is there to serve us, not the other way around.

This isn't about politics. It's about what is good for America and what's best for our security and how far this president has taken us away from both

.I'm coming back to Crawford because -- now and forever -- this is my duty for my son, for my other children, for other parents, and for my country.

So, Cindy wants everyone to believe that she is coming back to resume her loony, anti-American, Bush-bashing, whining spectacle in Crawford, Texas “for her son”. Considering the fact that her son re-enlisted in the Army, when he could have came back home and not supported Bush’s “evil war effort”and that he also volunteered to be a part of the resuce mission in which he lost his life, I find that quite frankly hard to believe. Obviously, its doubtful that her son shared her hatred for Bush and her disagreement with the Iraqi war.

No she’s not doing this to carry on her son’s beliefs. She’s there because she is the extreme left’s media whore. Maybe it’s the fame and fortune of the spotlight. Maybe it’s the opportunity to hang out with a bunch of old hippies and listen to Joan Baez perform her tired old 60’s songs in person around the campfire at Camp Casey for free. Who knows?

Saying that she is doing it for her son is disingenous. Based upon his actions, there is nothing to indicate that he would have wanted her to remember him in this way. What she is doing is using her son’s heroic death as a sounding board to project her leftist diatribe.

As for Cindy receiving an answer as to what so noble about the cause her son sacrificed his life for, she has already heard the answer. She just doesn’t like it.

Even if bringing liberty to a nation that was previously under that monster Sadaam Hussein and his torturous, bloody reign, and vastly improving their human rights situation, (a proclaimed concern for liberal groups), doesn’t appeal to her, what about his brave resolve to try and rescue the “children” of other American parents who were pinned down in a fire fight with the terrorists (or as Cindy’s fond of calling them: “freedom fighters”) in Iraq?

Cindy has it all wrong in so many ways. The President is not in office to serve Cindy personally. Her loss doesn’t trump the loss of every other parent in America, (or Britain, Australia, Spain etc. for that matter).

Cindy says: “This isn’t about politics. It's about what is good for America and what's best for our security and how far this president has taken us away from both.”

That’s laughable. Everything coming out of her mouth is political. Her message is all about what extreme leftists, (i.e. Michael Moore, etc), think is good for this country.

Cindy thinks that it is her duty to her son to be there at Crawford conducting her little anti-American freak show. That’s pretty hard to believe, when she refers to the very terrorists who murdered her son, “freedom fighters”. No. Cindy doesn’t care about her son's memory, much less his heroic honor. She does enjoy the spotlight though.

Betraying her son’s good memory for her “fifteen minutes of fame” is detestable. She ought to be ashamed. But, then there’s a lot she ought to be ashamed of but isn't.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

No Need To Worry About Iran's Possible Nuclear Threat

Investigative news reporter, Sean Penn assures that Iran is our friend!

Hollywood actor, Sean Penn is at it again. This time he has taken it upon himself to travel to Iran. You can read his comments of his trip here.

Once, again Sean is trying to "understand" a country that President Bush has "marginalized" by including them in his list of countries that comprise the "Axis of Evil."

Actor, Sean Penn is over in Iran playing journalist:

At the same time, I found myself approached with hundreds of opportunities for interviews with all those on the journalists’ circuit of interviewees. I was offered interviews over here, interviews over there. I was even contacted for a potential interview with former president and candidate Rafsanjani himself. But I was a little uninterested in most of it.

I’m not sure why he thinks he has the skills of a journalist, much less why he thinks we actually want, or care about his viewpoint. Nonetheless, as usual, Sean Penn thinks that we can all benefit from his efforts:

Akbar Ganji, a heroic investigative journalist who at one time wrote columns implicating high-ranking individuals in assassination of dissidents, had disappeared two days before my arrival in Tehran. The talk on the street had him in prison or dead. Ganji had already spent 62 months behind bars on a term that began in April 2000 for expressing political views. (The following day, it would be revealed by Human Rights Watch that he had been taken back into solitary confinement at Tehran’s Evin prison, was barred from contact with family or lawyers and has taken to a life-threatening hunger strike.)

I put out the word that I would like to speak with Abbas Abdi, another prominent dissident who had been jailed two years for polling Iranians on relations toward the United States. I was told that in the uncertainty of the moment, and because of the disappearance of Ganji, Abdi was giving no interviews. I was starting to question, very seriously question, Mehdi Rafsanjani’s view of what represents a free press in Iran versus that in the United States.

[Sean’s interview with Mehdi Rafsanjani resulted in Rafsanjani trying to make the comparison of Iran’s censure and America’s recent censure and imprisonment of Judith Miller as being the same.]

So, Mr. Penn is only now coming to question the veracity of Rfsanjani’s statements. He may play the "tough guy" in the fantasy of Hollywood films, but he obviously is the gullible idiot when it comes to playing journalist in Iran.

Rafsanjani played Mr. Penn like a fiddle during his interview. In fact, here is Mr. Penn’s report on the interview:

After lunch we had an appointment with Mehdi Rafsanjani, a campaign director and son of former President Ali Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani. He’s an informal man. A little portly, he seemed almost amused at the opportunity not so much to answer our questions but to anticipate them. We spoke on a range of issues, from Iran’s nuclear intentions to the rights of women, the process of elections and the history of our two countries’ tension. In almost all cases, he referred our questions back to us. "You have less candidates than we do." "You develop nuclear energy." Norman Solomon took this one on. Referring to pockets of high cancer rates in the vicinity of our nuclear facilities, he conceded that perhaps we have made some mistakes. The young Rafsanjani responded, "We like your mistakes." The issue of nuclear weapons brought an ironic smile to his face. "Why does the U.S. administration continue to pressure and pry into our business? It was the United States that made the chemical weapons used by the Iraqis against 10,000 people at Halabja." (Only six weeks after the horrific events in Halabja, President Reagan sent his Middle East envoy, current Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, to deliver to Saddam Hussein the news that the United States had taken Iraq off its terrorist hot list. The meeting was sealed with the now infamous photograph of Rumsfeld and Hussein shaking hands.)

Currently, the United States holds $12 billion in Iranian assets frozen. And young Rafsanjani suggested the releasing of those funds might be a good first step for the United States in the normalization of relations with Iran.

Then he said something that really caught my ear. "There are four or five dissidents only who are currently in prison," he said with disconcerting ease. "Even you, in the United States, have journalists in prison, probably the same amount, and some currently under threat. There are some human rights issues, then we have to solve that. In the United States, your Guardian Council are the rich. It is not so different." In the days to come, the younger Rafsanjani’s words would be put to the test. He had posed a balance between Iranian treatment of free press and that in the United States. I chose to diligently consider this proposition, and was mindful of the cases against Matt Cooper and Judith Miller, and separately, the suspicious umbrella over Robert Novak back home. (Iranian law demands journalists reveal their sources upon government request. Our own 1972 Supreme Court decision effectively demands the same of journalists in the United States.) While the language of the court decision may have been gray, today Miller sits in jail for refusing to reveal a source.

Obviously, Sean doesn’t know how to be a journalist, much less a "tough journalist". No, the intrepid actor turned journalist allowed Rafsanjani plenty of unchallenged leeway to turn the interview into a PSYOP opportunity.

Penn obviously didn’t complete any preliminary homework about his interviewee and his likely "modus operandi" when being interviewed by an American, (particularly, that most gullible and malleable of American types: the "Great American Hollywood Idiot" ).

More from Penn:

Of course, we wanted the interviews if we could get them. These were two major figures, one of whom, it appeared at the time, was likely to be returned to a presidency he’d relinquished in 1997. But we wanted to be careful not to be led into something by one, and there are many, of those who, for their own purposes, would design circumstances simply to create a sense of Iran as an unstable place.

Here we catch a glimpse of Penn’s agenda. He feels he has to be careful to engineer his interviews to steer clear of getting any kind of response that might possibly hint at Iran being an "unstable place".

Well, by all means we certainly can’t have that happening on Penn’s watch can we?

After all, he is in the business of "understanding our enemies".

First, Mr. Penn went over to Iraq to defend the "Butcher of Bagdad" and now he is over in Iran defending the crazed mullahs in Iran and their desire for nuclear weapons.

Here is some more of Penn’s delusional crap:

There is a love for our nation that is palpable on the street. There is a deep desire for our respect in return. And this seems very crucial to the psychology of Iranian politics, both hard-line and reformist. For all of the bad blood between our nations, you can't help observing that Iranians also love us, and what they know of America. I'm not talking now of the minority militant bastions of hatred but, in my limited experience, of Iranians in general.

Yeah right Sean. Young men in Iran just love the U.S. That’s why they are pouring into Iraq, and joining up with other terrorists whose express purpose is the killing of as many U.S troops and Iraqi troops and Iraqi policemen as possible to prevent any possibility of a free Iraq.

Yeah, they just love America.

This is a country where over half the population is under 26 and, given a chance, would indeed move their nation toward a more secular democracy. It isn't just their declarations of love toward this traveling American. There is proof of it in their knowledge and excitement about our country. This interest was not created for my benefit. It was there when I arrived. Yet if the United States continues to pursue inflammatory rhetoric, like the "Axis of Evil," or worse, increased sanctions and potentially unjustified military action, you can't help wondering if it may move a heterogeneous country, well on its way to new ideas and pursuits of freedoms, into a homogenous monolith of hatred.

Ok. Sean. First, we are expected to swallow your dubious, "tap and dance routine" about how Iran’s youth is on our side, and then you expect us to be prepared to "walk on eggshells" when we talk of Iran and it’s actions. We wouldn't want to lose their friendship and support would we.

While the regime's behavior has been suspicious, Iran consistently claims compliance with the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (of which it is signatory), and the International Atomic Energy Agency seems to concur. Any reckless action on the part of the United States or Israel may lead to Iran dropping out of the treaty. For the moment, Iran's greatest concern is a possible Israeli attack on Natanz or Bushehr, its primary nuclear facilities. (It should be noted that only weeks prior to its inclusion in the Axis of Evil, Iran invested $560 million in support of U.S. actions in conjunction with pro- Iranian Afghans against a declared, mutual enemy in the Taliban.)

Sean Penn just can’t defend Iran enough can he?

Can somebody please explain to me why it wouldn't be best for Sean to just immigrate over to Iran permanently? Is there any chance he could convince Alec Baldwin, and any other Hollywood traitors to join him?

Friday, August 19, 2005

Crazy Cindy's Memo To Drudge, et al

Here is Cindy Sheehan’s memo to Matt Drudge and anyone else who doesn’t agree with her extreme left wing rants and posturing, under the guise of a "mourning mother":

Memo to Drudge, et al: It’s Not About Me, It’s About the War

Even after my repeated attempts to keep the focus of my protest on the war, the Drudge Report and others continue to try to make the issue about me. But I am not the issue. The issue is a disastrous war that's killing our sons and daughters and making our country less secure. They attack me because they can no longer defend this war.

I've come to Crawford to bring to the president's doorstep the harsh realities of a war he's been trying so hard to avoid. But no matter what they say or how many shotguns they fire or how many crosses they destroy, they're not going to stop me from speaking out about a war that needlessly killed my son.

What a joke! Especially her delirious claim that she is being attacked "because they can no longer defend this war".

Cindy has said:

The whole world is damaged. Our humanity is damaged. If he thinks that it's so important for Iraq to have a U.S.-imposed sense of freedom and democracy, then he needs to sign up his two little party-animal girls. They need to go to this war.

Our humanity will certainly be damaged if we should happen to take Cindy’s lunatic message to heart.

So, we can’t defend the war? Well then, let’s just let Sadaam go free so that he can re-institute his "rape rooms", and his heinous torture chambers. After all, the victims will only be Iraqi people. What are they after all? Chattle? Sub-human? Non-Leftist Americans? Cindy? Care to answer any of these important questions?

How would turning our back on the struggling Iraqi people’s quest to define their own government (not as you lie by calling it "U.S. imposed sense of freedom and democracy"- they are designing their own constitution) and allowing the terrorists to conquer these people and thrust them into a Taliban style dictatorship make America look more humane?

Cindy can’t and won’t answer such questions. Primarily, because she can’t. She’s just a brainwashed, manipulated "useful idiot" for the extreme leftists like Michael Moore and other "enemies of the state". She hasn’t as of yet expressed much, if anything, original. She is good at repeating past liberal sound bites.

Cindy, if there is anything left of your brain and mind to listen, we can easily defend this war. We can easily demonstrate that you are backing the "wrong horse" in all of this.

Perhaps, the saddest part of all of your whoring to be in the spotlight is the fact that you are a mother who is more than willing to dishonor her son’s memory by standing up for everything he was, himself, opposed to. Casey did re-enlist. Casey did volunteer for the duty that unfortunately resulted in his death. Why can’t you get behind your son’s vision and purpose?

What kind of a mother are you?

Thursday, August 18, 2005

The Ball Is Now In The Palestinians' Court

So, Israel is caving in. Israel is going to give those bloodthirsty vermin, the Palestinians (formerly known as Philistines) the Gaza strip after all. The Palestinians have been whining about the unfairness of Israel’s occupation of their property for decades. Never mind the fact that previous to Israel’s taking possession of this land the Palestinians weren’t occupying the Gaza Strip, much less existing as a group of people called "Palestinians".

Despite all of this, Israel’s Prime Minister, Ariel Sharon has decided that it is high time to give the Gaza Strip over to the Palestinians. My first reaction to this news was "WHAT THE...?" How in the world, does giving a bunch of terrorists (the "Father of Terrorism" was the late Palestinian, Yasser Arafat) land that they never owned in the first place make any sense?

These vermin have been murdering innocent Israeli men, women and children via terrorist tactics for decades under the leadership of their chief demon-possessed lunatic Arafat for decades over Israel’s occupation of the Gaza Strip. Giving to the terrorists what they want seems to be a foolhardy thing to do. Surely Sharon doesn’t believe that this will cause terrorist groups like the PLA or Hamas to suddenly fold and call it quits.

What in the world is a former military general like Sharon thinking? Surely, he is not stupid enough to believe that giving up territory to the enemy will end all of the violence. Has this once brilliant military strategist general underestimated the enemy? Is he oblivious to the Palestinian goal of wiping every Jew off of the face of the earth?
As I stated before…."WHAT THE...?"

That is until I read an article posted here by Max Boot, a scholar with the Council on Foreign Relations.

Here are some of Max's viewpoints from the article:

Now the Israeli decision to remove its settlers from the Gaza Strip and a small portion of the West Bank should provide a further test of the belief that Jewish settlements are the root cause of this conflict. If this were in fact the case, you would expect that a partial pullout would lead to at least a partial melting of Arab hostility toward the Jews. Maybe this will occur; and maybe the Gaza Strip will overnight become as peaceful as Switzerland.

The early signs are not good — literally. Gaza City is decked out with green Hamas banners proclaiming, "Resistance wins, so let's go on." The banners from the supposedly more restrained Palestinian Authority reveal the same mind-set: "Gaza today, the West Bank and Jerusalem tomorrow." Far from being sated by Israeli concessions, the Palestinians are emboldened to demand more. Many will not be satisfied until — in the words of a 15-year-old would-be suicide bomber quoted in the San Francisco Chronicle — there are no more "Jews on this world."

Mr. Booth goes on to point out the fact that it was very costly to Israel to maintain their occupation of the Gaza Strip. He also makes the point that, while Israelis living in the Gaza Strip may feel that it was their right to live there, it certainly doesn’t follow that it was fair for them to think that it was their right to put the lives of Israeli soldiers in extreme danger, just in order to protect these Israelis who stubbornly wish to maintain their existence near a bunch of blood thirsty Arabs who want to kill them via mortars and gunfire.

He also makes the brilliant observation that some approximately 8.500 Jews were unable to live in safety amidst 1.3 million Arabs in the Gaza Strip, while on the other hand, 1 million Arabs have been able to live safely among the 5 million Jews in Israel. Who are the bad guys here? It looks like the Arabs are.

By removing the settlements on his own initiative, Sharon has helped to regain the initiative — moral and political — for the Jewish state. The international opprobrium into which Israel had sunk was not fatal to its existence, but it was not good either. Israelis feel themselves part of the West, and it is deeply dispiriting for them to be shunned by every Western country except the U.S. The pullout, on top of the concessions offered by Ehud Barak at Camp David five years ago, eases (if not erases) the onus on Israel and puts pressure on the Palestinians to get their own house in order.

Up until now, Western Europe has been able to maintain their allegiance to the Palestinian Arabs based upon the Arab claim that Israel has stolen their land, the Gaza Strip. Never mind the fact, as Max Boot points out, that the Palestinian Jews were able to live in Israel in peace and safety, while they returned such hospitality with bloodshed against Jews living in the Gaza Strip.

Thanks to Sharon’s gesture toward peace, now the world will get a good glimpse of how the Palestinians behave now that they have the Gaza Strip as they have whined for all of these years.

My guess is that this isn’t going to be enough. The terrorist, bloodthirsty, demon-possessed Arab Muslims won’t rest until they are able to slit the throats of every Jew living in the Middle East, and toss their carcasses into the sea.

For the anti-Semitic Europeans who would be more than willing to "turn their heads" while such a massacre occurs, they will be in for a shocking surprise.

You see these whining Arabs will simply turn the focus of their attention on converting Europe and the rest of Western Civilization to Islam.

I wouldn’t be surprised in the least if the Muslim citizens residing in these countries, (including the U.S.), wouldn’t suddenly abandon their silent, peaceful role, and rise up in treachery to assist the cause of Islam dominance.

Of course, these demons won’t be satisfied with the conquest of Western Civilization. Next they will turn their attention toward Asia.

Max Booth ends his article by declaring that, even though Europe has waited for the day that the Israelis would finally do the right thing and cede the Gaza Strip to the Palestinians, they will in the end come to deeply regret their wrong headed position against a fellow nation who has embraced Western Civilization in order to throw their support toward a bunch of demon possessed, violent and treacherous, murderers.

What a shame!

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

But, Jihad Is His "Constitutional Right", Right?

I was watching the O’Reilly Factor last night. Bill and Judge Andrew P. Napolitano were discussing the FBI’s role in the order of the deportation of Shabbir Ahmed, an Islamo-facist cleric, who is a Pakistani nationalist admitted here in the U.S. via a "religious-work" visa.

As it turns out, Mr. Ahmed, who filled the position of cleric for a mosque in Lodi, California, felt that it was time to establish a terrorist camp in California to train adherents to the Islamo-facist faith on how to kill innocent American citizens "in the name of Allah".

Here is some of the background from the article:

An FBI agent testified last week that Ahmed was acting as an intermediary for Usama bin Laden and other terrorists. The agent refused to testify whether Ahmed was a member of a terror group, saying that information was classified.

Defense lawyer Saad Ahmad said his client has no connection to terrorism, but that Ahmed decided not to contest the immigration charge because he could have been incarcerated for years while fighting the allegations.

Ahmad said his client grew to love America but now fears for his safety after being labeled a terrorist. Ronald LeFevre, chief counsel for the Immigrations and Customs Enforcement bureau in San Francisco, said it served America's interest to have Ahmed deported, rather than charged criminally.

With Monday's development, Ahmed becomes the third of the five men to be removed to Pakistan. Muhammad Adil Khan, another Lodi religious leader, and his son, Muhammad Hassan Adil Khan, stopped contesting immigration charges and were deported Monday.

The other men arrested, Hamid Hayat and his father, Umer, are charged in federal court with lying to authorities.

The son is charged with lying to the FBI about attending a terrorism camp in Pakistan in 2003 and 2004. His father is charged with lying when he denied his son had attended such a camp. Both have pleaded not guilty.

Judge Napolitano felt it incumbent upon himself to point out that the rush to deport Mr. Ahmed would result in nothing more than a terrible injustice. After all, we shouldn’t just ship him out of the country without due process.

According to Judge Napolitano, Mr. Ahmed has the constitutional right to a trial before he is deported. We must always remember that hate speech is "protected speech" by the Constitution.

This kind of thinking is very dangerous. Unfortunately, this is the liberal mantra. It is going to get us all killed!

It’s time for some common sense. If you are lucky enough to be granted a visa to visit our country, the absolutely worst thing you could do is announce your plans to kill all of us via your "constitutional right to freedom of speech".

Of course, it is only a matter of time before the ACLU rushes forward to point out to us, (like Judge Napolitano), that hate speech is protected speech by the Constitution.

Ok. Which constitution? The constitution that Judge Napolitano is referring to is the U.S. Constitution. Not the "World-wide Constitution."

How about this, if you are lucky enough to be granted admittance to this country, and enjoy its freedoms, don’t turn around and threaten to murder its citizens, and then not expect to be tossed out on your ass, back to the miserable country that you came from in the first place. This isn’t being "mean-spirited". This is being "real".

I’m sorry, but there aren’t any "constitutional rights" for demon-possessed, Islamo-Facist, blood-thirsty terrorists.

I say, deport this terrorist back to Pakistan where he came from. If they decide to saw his head off to the cries of "Allah Akbar!" so be it.

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Grieving Mom or Liberal Puppet?

Cindy Sheehan is a grieving mother, whose son lost his life in Iraq fighting against "insurgents" or "bloodthirsty demon possessed terrorists" (whichever title you prefer). In the later stages of her grief she has decided that President Bush murdered her son (previously she thought highly of President Bush, but has since changed her mind).

Mrs. Sheehan has managed to make quite a spectacle of herself. She’s camped out outside of President Bush’s private ranch in Crawford, Texas demanding a second meeting with the "killer of her son". Hippy nutcases, who started protesting during the Vietnam war and just can’t stop, are joining her craving a "photo op" from the media.

Meanwhile, members of her family have came out with a statement that basically says she is on her own with her anti-Bush protest rhetoric. The rest of her family support the troops and their Commander In Chief, and wish she would just grieve in private, and not continue to smear her son’s good name through the mud.

You’d think she would respect the wishes of the rest of her family, apparently not.

In a Drudge Report today, Mrs. Sheehan has decided that not only is President Bush guilty of murdering her son, but he should be impeached for war crimes. And, furthermore, brace yourself, she is has the solution to stop terrorism: Israel must withdraw from Palestine and the U.S must withdraw from Iraq. Then, all will "peace and flowers".

Are you thinking what I’m thinking? None of these observations that Mrs. Sheehan is making are unique to her. She doesn’t possess any particular brilliant insight to the situation in Iraq. In fact, she is just vomiting out the talking points that Michael Moore, Move, and the myriad of other liberal pro-appeasement, anti-U.S., anti-war minions have been chanting all along.

For a while, I have resisted commenting on Mrs. Sheehan’s foolish rants. After all, she has paid a heavy price to enjoy the freedom of speech that she is exercising, the sacrifice of her own son on the battlefield.

So, I felt she’s "just letting off steam", its best to just respect her grief and let it go.

However, these latest rants from Mrs. Sheehan now affirm to me that "all bets are off".

Just because she has lost a son, does not give her blanket protection from criticism when she makes comments that are anti-U.S. Military.

Here are her recent statements:

"You get America out of Iraq and Israel out of Palestine and you'll stop the terrorism," Sheehan declares.

Sheehan, who is asking for a second meeting with President Bush, says defiantly: "My son was killed in 2004. I am not paying my taxes for 2004. You killed my son, George Bush, and I don't owe you a give my son back and I'll pay my taxes. Come after me (for back taxes) and we'll put this war on trial."

"And now I'm going to use another 'I' word - impeachment - because we cannot have these people pardoned. They need to be tried on war crimes and go to jail."

Wow. So she’s not going to pay her taxes? Furthermore, she threatens President Bush with putting "war on trial" if he tries to make her pay her taxes. Who does she really think she is? Surely, she doesn’t think that President Bush, much less the rest of us, believe that she is really all that powerful and influential?

It’s one thing to accuse the President of the death of your soldier son. It’s quite another to attempt to black mail the President with such a silly threat. [Pssst. Mrs. Sheehan, that’s no way to garner support from American citizens.]

I suspect, that Mrs. Sheehan is being manipulated. I bet Michael Moore and a few other liberal propagandists have taken advantage of her emotional state, and have managed to channel her emotional state into emotional protests against the Bush administration.

It’s a shame really. Not only has she lost her son, no one wants any of our men and women to pay the ultimate price for freedom. We all want in our "heart of hearts" for all of them to come back home. Unfortunately, that’s not the way war plays out.

What people like Mrs. Sheehan don’t get is that the enemy knows that it can’t really match the power and size of the U.S and Coalition military forces. Instead, the enemy believes it can win the propaganda war.

Just like the North Vietnamese, (who knew that they could count on the American media and hippies to cause the American public to get "weak at the knees" and lose the nation’s resolve to continue fighting), even demon possessed ghouls like al Qaeda, have access to "the lesson learned" from the U.S. military’s failure in Vietnam.

All you have to do is wait for America’s "useful idiot" appeasers and peaceniks to start up their chanting in the media, and America will withdraw their forces. Then, Iraq is ripe for conquering.

And of course, then Cindy Sheehan’s son, and others like him, will have been killed for nothing. Paraplegic soldiers will have to spend the rest of their lives learning to adapt to life without limbs, that they sacrificed all for nothing.

If the wishes of Cindy Sheehan and other liberal appeasers prevail in this "War Against Terror", then there will be something of actual substance to get angry about and protest!

I’d be the first to join protest lines against those who will sell out our nation’s dignity.

I’d have no problem, whatsoever, in expressing my outrage at those who would cheapen the sacrifice that those brave men and women who have given their lives, (as well as those who have sacrificed huge amounts of time away from their families), in fighting the bloodthirsty bastards who threaten our very way of life.

Yes, I’m aware that Cindy’s explanation for her stance rests on the fact that "her son was lied to by recruiters", and that he didn’t really believe in the war from the start but was just trying to help out some friends. What a crock!

Wow, Mrs. Sheehan’s son was the very first to be a victim of the "lies of the military recruiter"? Yeah right. If her son didn’t believe in the war to start with, then why would he be stupid enough to enlist, even if it was to help out friends (I’m not sure what his enlistment into the armed forces has to do with helping out friends)?

These excuses have nothing to do with excusing the amount of damage our new "Hanoi Jane", Cindy Sheehan, and those who share her positions are causing our armed forces that are in harm’s way. But, Mrs. Sheehan and her manipulators don’t care about the U.S. GI’s plight.

It’s the cowardly, appeasement agenda stupid!

Friday, August 12, 2005

The NARAL Spin

After receiving the justified amount of grief they deserved for airing their slanderous television ad against President Bush's recent Supreme Court nominee John Roberts’ character, which has been exposed as a pack of outright lies, the National Association for the Repeal of Abortion Laws, no…the National Abortion Right Action League, no….wait….the National & Reproductive Rights Action League, no…two many R’s…..let’s just drop the acronym all together…Ok. We are the - "for a pregnant woman’s right to murder her child" - group… have withdrew their ad.

Are they ashamed of the blatant smear campaign of bald face lies they have been caught as being guilty of?

Well, not actually:

We regret that many people have misconstrued our recent advertisement about Mr. Roberts' record," said Nancy Keenan, president of NARAL Pro-Choice America (search).

"Unfortunately, the debate over that advertisement has become a distraction from the serious discussion we hoped to have with the American public," she said in a letter Thursday to Sen. Arlen Specter (search), R-Pa., who had urged the group to withdraw the ad.

Oh I see. It’s everyone else’s fault that they "misconstrued" NARAL’s propaganda that intentionally "misconstrued" John Robert’s association with radical pro-life terrorists who bombed an abortion clinic.

Furthermore, calling NARAL’s blatant lies into question only serves to disrupt the "serious discussion that NARAL hoped to have with the American public".

NARAL obviously doesn’t understand the simple fact that it is a little too late for them to hide the fact that the NARAL Empress "has no clothes on" from the public.

Whoops! Too late. It has been exposed to the American public as to what she and her court are really all about: a group of desperate liars, on top of being mothers who wish to murder their children.

Gloria Feldt, former President of "Planned Parenthood", (which should be referred to as: "Planned Avoidance of Parenthood"), further exemplifies the shamelessness and absurdity of this group of losers.

First, Ms. Feldt vehemently upheld the "integrity" of the ad on Fox News Channel's: "The O'Reilly Factor". Then, once it had been exposed for the lie that it is, she announced on "The O’Reilly Factor", that it’s all about the fact that there could be a problem with John Robert’s alleged personal view against abortion.

The central concern for Ms. Feldt is that John Roberts might be a…gaaaaassssssp...activist judge! You know, the conservative type that just might threaten to overturn the liberal’s most sacred tenent: "the right of a mother to murder her child before it is born!!!!!"

What a bunch of sad, pathetic hypocrites!

Activist judges that are liberal pawns are to be accepted. Conservative judges who don’t agree with the liberal: "atheist, communist creed" are to be fought against "tooth and nail", using "desperate lie on top of desperate lie".

The more that apathetic voters get an accruate glimpse of the liberal agenda's true goal, the more likely we are to save our Constitutional Republican form of Democracy from the liberal Democrat's goals of mudering our unborn children and replacing our Constitution with their socialist/communist manifesto.

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Human Rights For Demon Possessed, Sub-Human Vermin?

The Blair administration in Great Britain is making good it’s resolve to toss any Islamic, demon possessed murders out of their country. Here are some highlights from a story found here:

British authorities arrested 10 foreigners Thursday with plans to deport them as a "threat to national security," authorities reported. Those detained apparently include a Jordanian-born cleric accused of having links to both al Qaeda and the terrorists who carried out the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks on New York and Washington.

Home Secretary Charles Clarke, who overseas domestic security, did not identify those detained or the precise reasons for their detention in a written statement. But the BBC and other media reported that the group included Abu Qatada, the radical cleric whose taped sermons were found in a Hamburg, Germany, apartment used by several of the Sept. 11 attackers.

"The circumstances of our national security have changed. It is vital that we act against those who threaten it," said Clarke, who oversees domestic security. He was referring to last month's train and bus bombings in London, which killed 56 people and wounded 700 more in the deadliest attack on British soil in a half-century.

Wow. You know, if the stupid American voters start to feel sorry for the democratic whiners, who just can’t get over the fact that they aren’t the dominant force in Congress or the White House, and vote them back into power, then you and I will be a whole lot safer moving to Great Britain.

There is no way a liberal dominated government in the U.S. would ever put their appeasing PC posture aside and actually weed out the terrorists from our country. [Note: a liberal will only become concerned about the terrorist threat when the sword blade is at his or her throat, the family members of victims of terrorist violence are admonished to "take the moral high ground" i.e. the appeasement position]

At least Great Britain recognizes the imperative to maintain their freedom and get rid of the terrorists in their midst!

Officials in the United States and Britain believe Abu Qatada, 44, is an important al Qaeda figure in Europe. He was once described by a British judge as "a truly dangerous individual at the center in the U.K. of terrorist activities associated with al Qaeda."

Qatada, whose real name is Oman Uthman Abu Omar, was arrested on suspicion of terrorism under emergency laws passed by the British government following the Sept. 11 attacks. British officials wanted to deport him to Jordan, but British human rights laws forbid sending people to a country where they might face mistreatment or the death penalty.

What? Human rights for sub-human vermin like Qatada? Please! Qatada and the rest of the Islamo-fascist terrorists surrendered their humanity when they began worshiping a demon god who demands rivers of blood from innocent people. Hacking innocent people’s heads off, and sending "homicide bombers" to massacre hundreds upon hundreds of innocent people is not a characteristic of a creature that deserves human right considerations.

Instead the government used the new anti-terrorism laws to jail Qatada and ten other men indefinitely without charge, leading human rights activists to label Belmarsh Prison, where they were being held, as "Britain's Guantanamo," a reference to the U.S. military detention facility in Cuba.

Last December a panel of British justices ruled that the anti-terrorism policies violated human rights and were discriminatory because they applied to foreigners only. Qatada and seven others were released in March after Qatada had served about 2 1/2 years and others had served more than three years without being charged.

Oh, goodness me. We can’t possibly discriminate against a bloodthirsty terrorist who only wants to murder as many of our citizens as he possibly can to appease his demon god!

The special immigration appeals judge who freed the men ordered them held under "control orders," a form of house arrest under which they were subject to curfews, electronic tagging, regular searches of their homes and a ban on the use of cell phones and computers.

That’s right. Impose curfews, and take away cell phone and computer access and the terrorists among your midst will cave in, change their "naughty ways", and become good little British citizens.

Thursday's detentions come a day after Britain and Jordan reached an agreement that includes assurances from Jordan that those deported would not be mistreated. British officials are also in negotiations to reach similar accords with nine other countries, including Lebanon and Algeria, where others detained today are reportedly citizens.

"If these men can be safely deported now, why has the Home Office claimed for so many years that that was impossible?" said Gareth Peirce, a lawyer who represents several of the men detained Thursday, calling the detentions "insane and dangerous government at its worse."

Peirce issued a statement saying that the men have been "deliberately put out of reach of lawyers who represent them." She said the government was wrong to rely on assurances from Jordan or Algeria that they have changed their practices "overnight" and said "Jordan and Algeria are at the top of every list of countries known to use the most brutal of forbidden measures."

Other than Ms. Peirce and other idiotic cowards like her, who cares whether or not Jordon will play nice with these terrorist thugs. It wouldn’t bother me the teeniest bit if the Jordanian and Algerian governments decided to saw these terrorists heads off to the chants of "Allah Akbar".

Human rights officials expressed concern Thursday.

"The assurances of known torturers -- many of whom deny the use of torture even when it is widely documented -- are not worth the paper they are written on," said Mike Blakemore, a spokesman for Amnesty International in the United Kingdom. "We have seen no indication of any monitoring to ensure that these promises are honored."

Blakemore said Amnesty believes that the British government must prevent more attacks and bring those responsible for last month's attacks to justice. "But going soft on torture is not the answer to terrorism," he said.

Once again, we get to witness the standard liberal lie that they believe we must do everything in our power to prevent any more terrorists attacks, while at the same time, complaining about each and every reasonable attempt to do just that.

Shami Chakrabarti, director of the British human rights group Liberty, said, "What separates us from the terrorists is that we do not torture people or send them to be tortured. It should take more than self-serving assurances to demonstrate that countries with a human rights record such as Jordan's are safe."

No. What separates us from the terrorists is that we don’t condone forcing people to view our screwed up view of religion at sword point. We don’t treat our women like chattle. We don’t make it our policy to murder innocent civilians in cold blood in the name of our demon god. Committing genocide against the people of Israel, and Jews around the world is not one of our goals.

There’s a good reason that Western civilization has advanced while Arabic civilization remains in the 11th century. Western ideas like freedom, respect for the individual and his or her rights, freedom of expression, freedom of religion, freedom to be whatever you desire, study what you want, invent, dream etc. have enabled our civilization to progress.

On the other hand, the barbaric ideas of Wahhabists like Osama Bin Laden and his demonic army, al Qaeda, have ensured that Arabic culture remains one that is depicted as being comprised of picnic blankets wrapped around the heads of men, women so veiled that you can’t tell whether or not they are women, tents, camels, desert heat mixed together with hatred and jealousy.

It’s really ironic that the people who introduced the concept of the number zero have exactly zero contributions toward the advancement of human kind's potential in making the world a better place.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Nuclear Jihad Anyone?

So, Iran is pushing ahead in its uranium conversion and enrichment activities. They are hoping to exploit nuclear technology only to make power plants. Yeah right. And the word Islam means "peace".

Nuclear jihad anyone?

A week from this past Tuesday, August 4 was the 60 year anniversary of the U.S.'s dropping of the atomic bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. What ashame no one at the Pentagon thought of commerating the event that effectively ended WWII with a spectacular extravaganza.

We could have nuked Tehran. Fireworks compliments of the U.S. Department of Defense!

Alas, the answer to the potentially nuclear weapons armed Islamic terrorist nation of Iran is to sick the UN on them. Yeah. That'll do it. Nothing says deterrence like a sanction imposed by the UN.

I wonder which American or European city will be the first "ground-zero" for a nuclear attack launched in the the name of Allah?

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

The Multiculturalism Blues

Columnist Michael Barone has brilliantly exposed the horrible consequences of bowing to the wishes of liberal "multiculturalism". One important danger of such wrong headed thinking is that a society that embraces such claptrap opens itself up to a 9/11, or a 7/7.

Here are some of the highlights from Barone's column:

Multiculturalism preaches that we should allow and encourage immigrants and their children to maintain and celebrate their own culture apart from the national culture. Society should be not a melting pot but, in the phrase of former New York Mayor David Dinkins, "a gorgeous mosaic." That mosaic, of course, looks less gorgeous as people surveyed the work of the British-born-and-raised bombers.

In the past, Tony Blair has spoken favorably about multiculturalism. But on July 7, he struck a different note. "It is important, however, that the terrorists realize our determination to defend our values and our way of life is greater than their determination to cause the death and destruction of innocent people and impose their extremism on the world."

Multiculturalism is based on the lie that all cultures are morally equal. In practice, that soon degenerates to: All cultures are morally equal, except ours, which is worse. But all cultures are not equal in respecting representative government, guaranteed liberties and the rule of law. And those things arose not simultaneously and in all cultures, but in certain specific times and places -- mostly in Britain and America, but also in various parts of Europe.

Multiculturalist intellectuals do not think our kind of society is worth defending. But millions here and increasing numbers in Britain and other countries know better.

For the cowardly, liberals out there who are having trouble comprehending why Britain is "acting the way that they are", let me just say that coddling terrorists, and terrorist supporters via "multiculturalism" is the same thing as volunteering funding and logistical support for their cause.

After all, what is a better boon for terrorists than providing your enemy an environment that facilitates their diabolical cause by ensuring that they can plan and prepare for their attacks in peace and quiet in the very camp of the enemy that they wish to behead?

The ACLU exists for opportunities such as this!

Monday, August 08, 2005

Come Mr. Tallyman Tally Me Black Racism

Black entertainer/activist, Harry Belafonte, who previously made the news by defending Cuban communist dictator, Fidel Castro, has apparently decided that defending Castro isn’t enough. By golly, President Bush and his administration must be attacked at all costs!

Here are two problems for "Mr. Banana Man":
1. President George W. Bush
2. The blacks in his administration

As for the embarrassing presence of black people in the Bush Administration, well that’s simple…according to Belafonte, they are tyrants.


Belafonte goes on to claim that Adolph Hitler had Jews in places of high power in his Third Reich. So, therefore, people of "color" in places of power doesn’t indicate "people of quality".

Aside from his obvious, "made up" assertion that Hitler had Jews installed in positions of power within his organisation, It is clear that a con-artist such as Harry Belafonte will stop at nothing to hear himself speak. Especially, if it means that other blacks are "dissed" in the process!

In other words, for Belafonte, blacks who disagree with his communist dream for America are traitors. They are useless. They aren’t worthy of any respect. Belafonte is a racist who aims his vile at people of … well, is own race!

Maybe someone should point out to "Mr. Banana Tally Man" that his influence remains in singing "Island Songs" as opposed to trying to shame "whitey" by slandering people of his own race!

Sunday, August 07, 2005

Hit The Road Mohammed, Don't You Come Back No More

Here is some good news coming out of the War on Terror, the government of Great Britain is apparently bound and determined to weed the bloodthirsty, demon-possessed Islamo-Fascists out of their country:

On Friday, the government announced plans to deport foreign nationals who glorify acts of terror, bar radicals from entering Britain, close mosques linked with extremism, ban certain Islamic groups and, if necessary, amend human rights laws. The measures appear to have cracked the spirit of consensus.

Wow! I hope our government is sitting up straight and paying attention to what the British government is proposing and are taking notes.

Not everyone in England is in agreement though:

Liberal Democrat leader Charles Kennedy warned that the crackdown could alienate the law-abiding majority of Britain's 1.8 million Muslims and inflame tensions.

Of course, just like here in the U.S., Great Britain has it’s share of cowardly liberal appeasers who just don’t get it.

That’s right, Mr. Kennedy, (what a coincidence, we have a pain in the neck Kennedy of our own, although ours is a drunk who got away with murder to boot), you need to be very, very careful not to offend any of these bloodthirsty goons, otherwise they’re liable to carry out their plans, to carry out their plans to keep murdering innocent British citizens even faster!

Just like the stupid liberals in our country, and the useful idiots who follow their philosophy, Kennedy and his ilk failed to get the message that the terrorists left on 7/7. Let me spell it out for him.

Your country is at war with Islamic terrorists. Your country didn’t pronounce it was at war, they pronounced it for you. They don’t care whether you agree or not. They aren’t going to wait until you get it either. They are going to keep on slaughtering innocent civilians until they are stopped.

The only type of message they will understand is one written with bullets into their brains. You can't reason with demon-possessed, hate-filled, killing machines. You can't fight savages with civility. Your only recourse is to send them all straight to hell where they belong.

If you don’t want to have your head sawed off, the heads of your family, the heads of your fellow citizens hacked off to the cries of terrorists’ praise to their demon god, you had better drop the appeasement line and back those in your government who don’t ever want another 7/7 again.

Freedom of speech and civil rights are all well and good for citizens and resident aliens who are peaceful and deserve such freedoms, but they are not to be defended for people who don’t deserve such consideration. The only consideration these Islamic goons deserve is swift eradication from the face of the earth.

As if having to put up with the pansy liberal complaints is not enough, those Muslims who support the terrorists’ actions on 7/7 are complaining too:

The Islamic Forum Europe warned that the measures could jeopardize national unity in Britain.

"If these proposed measures are allowed to see the light of day, they will increase tensions and alienate communities. The measures are counterproductive and will encourage more radicalization," group president Musleh Faradhi said. "Many Muslims will perceive our prime minister as playing into the hands of the terrorists."

He criticized the government's plans to ban Hizb ut-Tahrir - the radical Islamic group that calls for the formation of an Islamic caliphate and is banned in several central Asian countries. Supporters insist it is a nonviolent group persecuted by corrupt governments.

"Proscribing it will be counterproductive," Faradhi said. "It will give a green light to despotic leaders in the Muslim world to silence political dissenters."

Faradhi must think we are all very stupid if he really expects us to buy this load crap.

How is Prime Minister Blair "playing into the hands of the terrorists" by weeding them out and banning them from entering his country? Banning violent pro-terrorist groups like Hizb ut-Tahrir is not a form of unfair persecution. Stamping out violent terrorism before it starts is the sanest thing to do. As for British government’s tough stance against Islamic terrorism that might encourage despotic leaders in the Muslim world to persecute and silence political dissenters, what dissenters?

There hasn’t been any dissent in the Muslim community from the terrorist’s dogma and tactics. The only noise coming from the Muslim community has been the constant warnings that they might be unfairly persecuted after every terrorist attack occurs.

It’s good to know we have the British government as an ally in the global War on Terror. Their tough, no nonsense approach to the terrorist threat is exactly what it will take to stop Islamic terrorism in their country. A good message for the British government to send to the liberal cowards and the terrorist supporters in their midst would be: "duly noted, now piss off!"

But, that’s just my opinion.

Saturday, August 06, 2005

How Do I Kill You?...I Mean Help! I Can't Breath!

Those nasty Russian are still trying to "one up" us, only this time they blew it and need help. Oxygen is running out.

In a story here, we learn that one of their "spy" submarines is embarrassingly stuck, and so, is in the attention of world-wide news.

Russian military recently exercised with China's military in a joint mission. Hmmm... what do you think we should take away from that?

I think we all get it. They are training with "fellow Communists" China, to one day be able to overthrow America and topple it's role as "Super Power" in the world.

I think we should do all that we can to rescue the crew of this submarine, but, we should later ensure that Russia, learns nothing from their efforts.
We should also never ever trust Russia again. Ever.

A Jihad Burger With A Side Order Of French Fries

The French are so frightened of the demon-possessed, bloodthirsty Islamic terrorists that they took one look at what happened in London on July 7 and decided they needed to build a Burger King restaurant for the Muslims living in their midst.

Yeah, after all nothing says, "please don’t kill our people with homicide bombers, or saw our citizens’ heads off" like saying, "Hello and welcome to Burger King for Muslims. May I take your order."

Here are some excerpts from an article describing this latest version of French appeasement:

The menu at Beurger King Muslim, or BKM, is standard fast-food fare: burgers, fries, sundaes and doughnuts, and prices are comparable to those at major chains. But the beef and chicken burgers are halal — meaning made with meat slaughtered according to Islamic dietary laws.

Waitresses wear Islamic head scarves, as do many of their customers.

Mouna Talbi, 24, traveled 55 miles to Clichy-sous-Bois with her husband and two small sons to try it out.

"I was so happy to come here that I had tears in my eyes when I walked in," she said, watching her sons climb on colored blocks in the play area as she ate a halal burger.

After the success of Mecca Cola, a soft drink marketed to French Muslims, it was perhaps only a matter of time before a Muslim-themed, fast-food restaurant opened in the country with Europe's largest Islamic population.

Talbi's children always clamor for fast food, but this was the first time they've been able to order something other than fish, she said.

"A woman in Muslim dress feels at home here," she said, sitting in a red tunic and matching head scarf.

How’s that for French hospitality. Obligatory head scarves for the women working there, as well as food prepared according to strict, Islamic dietary standards.

Despite all of the ways this restaurant bends over backward to appease the French Muslim population, there is, of course, no pleasing the Muslims completely:

In an area with high unemployment, people are grateful to find work. Some female employees said they took the job because they were allowed to wear head scarves, unlike workers in other French fast-food restaurants.

Female customers also seemed happy. Cherifa Halimi, 19, sat in a booth sipping drinks with four friends, all dressed in black flowing gowns covering all but their hands and faces.

"There are a few changes they could make to give the place a completely Muslim image," Halimi said. "The television is OK, but there shouldn't be any music.

"But I'd like to work here."

The "Muslim image" approves of TV in restaurants, but not music? Go figure.

Overall it would appear that the French Muslim community seems content with this gesture, however:

Muslim diners said they felt more misunderstood in France since last month's terror attacks in London.

"Even the media demonizes the image of Islam in this country," Ahmed Talbi said, sitting in a booth opposite his wife. "People are afraid of terrorist attacks here, too."

Customers, including non-Muslims, said the restaurant was not segregating Muslims but showing a normal, peaceful Muslim activity that was open to all.

"Both Muslims and other people feel at ease here," Talbi said. "Maybe this kind of place will help to correct the bad image of Muslims and tell the world to stop talking nonsense about us."

People will stop "talking nonsense" about Muslims when Muslims like Talbi begin to denounce the bloodthirsty Islamic terrorists as heretics that don’t represent true Islam, and futhermore, organize to take steps to weed these demon-possessed stooges from among their midst.

Instead, all we ever get from them is whining about their unfair image in the media and their condescending warnings about the rest of society’s responsibility to ensure that their civil rights are protected.

The world-wide Muslim silence regarding al Qaeda’s, (as well as other supporters of their cause), demonic activities is telling. If anyone is talking nonsense, it is Talbi and the rest of the silent Muslim community world-wide.

Friday, August 05, 2005

An Apology From The Wrong Person

CNN's "token conservative" Robert Novak has apologized for his behavior the other day in an interview with Democratic loudmouth James Carville.

While it is certainly regrettable that Novak behaved the way he did, it is certainly understandable. The liberal/socialist Democratic Party's pitbull is James Carville.

Anyone who has ever had the displeasure of hearing him rant knows that he is nothing more than a rude, offensive, and arrogant loudmouth. He's the kind of guys at parties that you avoid. You know, the crude idiot that always manages to embarrass everyone in the room.

If anyone should apologize it should be Mr. Carville.

After watching the exchange, it's my guess that Novak had had enough of Novak's relentless interuptions. If you get a chance to watch the encounter, you will quickly notice the arrogant smirk on Carville's face as Novak walks off, as well as the interviewer's apathy toward Novak and his desire to "brush if all off" and continue with his real goal, "a liberal echo chamber" interview.

What I would pay to see is a televised interaction between James Carville and Ann Coulter. I would be willing to bet that Ann Coulter would make James Carville look like the jack ass that he is on public TV. Now that would be entertaining!

Thursday, August 04, 2005

ACLU Defends The Rights Of Terrorist Homicide Bombers

The Atheist Communist Litigation Union (ACLU) is at it again. This time they are concerned about preserving the average terrorist’s right to walk into a New York subway and massacre countless thousands with a bomb conveniently hidden in a backpack, purse, or any other such item which could provide concealment.

Of course, as usual, they disguise their real mission under the veil of "protecting American citizen’s civil rights to be free from "unlawful search and seizure". In other words, the prevention of a citizen’s aggravation at being stopped and searched is far more important than the prevention of a non-citizen, Islamic, demon-possessed terrorist from
massacring hundreds, or thousands of innocent American citizens in his quest for a paradise of 70 virgins.

Here are some of the highlights of the article:

The suit, which filed in U.S. District Court in Manhattan, will claimed that the two-week old policy violates constitutional guarantees of equal protection and prohibitions against unlawful searches and seizures, while doing almost nothing to shield the city from terrorism.

It argues that the measure also allows the possibility for racial profiling, even though officers are ordered to randomly screen passengers.

"While concerns about terrorism of course justify -- indeed, require -- aggressive police tactics, those concerns cannot justify the Police Department's unprecedented policy of subjecting millions of innocent people to suspicionless searches," states the suit.

Ok, so how does the random screening of passengers (i.e. searching a 70 year old grandmother in a wheelchair, followed by the search of a black man, followed by the search of a U.S. soldier, followed by the search of a white male business man constitute "racial profiling"? Racial profiling? Oh. I get it. You see, the random system, would eventually target all known races of humans, therefor, it is obviously nothing more that a system of racial profiling? [Don't you just love liberal reasoning?]

The only reason why these random searches and seizures do nothing to "shield the city from terrorism" is because while we are playing the liberal PC search game, the real terrorists are slipping through. You know, the men and or women of Arabic race. After all, the list of terrorists involved in 9/11 didn’t include any people other than middle eastern Arabs. There wasn’t a little old white-haired granny in the whole bunch. Imagine that!

And now for some of ACLU’s supporters:

Among five plaintiffs was Brendan MacWade, 32, of Brooklyn, who escaped the World Trade Center towers after they were struck by hijacked planes on Sept. 11, 2001.

"I want to catch terrorists as much as any politicians or officials but this policy does not work," he said.

Another plaintiff, Joseph Gehring Jr., who identified himself as a lifelong Republican, said he was disappointed to find subway riders accepting the police inspections so docilely.

"Here we were giving up our rights to what was obviously a publicity stunt," he said. "We are becoming accustomed to having our civil liberties taken away."

How Mr. MacWade could fail to see the need to stop another 9/11, (which he miraculously survived), at all costs is beyond me. Was he so drunk or stoned at the time that he doesn’t remember the terror, intense heat and death that was all around him that day? Were those people who leapt from windows, (stories and stories above the street below), head first, to escape death by fire nothing to him?

As for Mr., "I’m a lifelong Republican" Gehring Jr. It is obvious from his comments that he is nothing more than a RINO. He’s nothing more than a Democrat liberal in disguise.

The policemen in London are spot on when they declare that they aren’t interested in searching little old ladies. The ACLU, however, doesn’t get it.

Or maybe they do.

Maybe, their agenda is to facilitate more and more brutal and devastating, bloody, terrorist attacks. Maybe what they want is more and more confusion and panic. That is the right environment for a Marxist revolution.

There are no doubt, countless numbers of American citizens who can be easily manipulated by the media and fear. They will gladly trade their liberty for the protection of any one who will promise security and restoration of order. Perfect fodder for the ACLU and their communist vision of power.

What is more telling about the ACLU is that they are bold enough to use the "trade liberty for security" proposition as spin to support their legal activity. After all, those who oppose the ACLU and their "admirable" legal actions to preserve American civil liberties, are "trading liberty for security". When all along, what is really happening is the reverse. Those that support the ACLU are trading liberty for the "security" of communist rule, all the while thinking that they are preserving American liberty.

It’s a real shame, but it’s not really all that surprising. There’s a reason that classes such as American Civics has disappeared from the public school curriculum. There is also a reason why public schools aren’t interested in teaching their students the discipline of "critical thinking".

The ACLU needs sheep.

I, for one, am praying fervently that there are more informed citizens than brainwashed sheep left in America today. I look forward to the day when the ACLU has no more influence or power than the KKK does in America today.