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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

But, Jihad Is His "Constitutional Right", Right?

I was watching the O’Reilly Factor last night. Bill and Judge Andrew P. Napolitano were discussing the FBI’s role in the order of the deportation of Shabbir Ahmed, an Islamo-facist cleric, who is a Pakistani nationalist admitted here in the U.S. via a "religious-work" visa.

As it turns out, Mr. Ahmed, who filled the position of cleric for a mosque in Lodi, California, felt that it was time to establish a terrorist camp in California to train adherents to the Islamo-facist faith on how to kill innocent American citizens "in the name of Allah".

Here is some of the background from the article:

An FBI agent testified last week that Ahmed was acting as an intermediary for Usama bin Laden and other terrorists. The agent refused to testify whether Ahmed was a member of a terror group, saying that information was classified.

Defense lawyer Saad Ahmad said his client has no connection to terrorism, but that Ahmed decided not to contest the immigration charge because he could have been incarcerated for years while fighting the allegations.

Ahmad said his client grew to love America but now fears for his safety after being labeled a terrorist. Ronald LeFevre, chief counsel for the Immigrations and Customs Enforcement bureau in San Francisco, said it served America's interest to have Ahmed deported, rather than charged criminally.

With Monday's development, Ahmed becomes the third of the five men to be removed to Pakistan. Muhammad Adil Khan, another Lodi religious leader, and his son, Muhammad Hassan Adil Khan, stopped contesting immigration charges and were deported Monday.

The other men arrested, Hamid Hayat and his father, Umer, are charged in federal court with lying to authorities.

The son is charged with lying to the FBI about attending a terrorism camp in Pakistan in 2003 and 2004. His father is charged with lying when he denied his son had attended such a camp. Both have pleaded not guilty.

Judge Napolitano felt it incumbent upon himself to point out that the rush to deport Mr. Ahmed would result in nothing more than a terrible injustice. After all, we shouldn’t just ship him out of the country without due process.

According to Judge Napolitano, Mr. Ahmed has the constitutional right to a trial before he is deported. We must always remember that hate speech is "protected speech" by the Constitution.

This kind of thinking is very dangerous. Unfortunately, this is the liberal mantra. It is going to get us all killed!

It’s time for some common sense. If you are lucky enough to be granted a visa to visit our country, the absolutely worst thing you could do is announce your plans to kill all of us via your "constitutional right to freedom of speech".

Of course, it is only a matter of time before the ACLU rushes forward to point out to us, (like Judge Napolitano), that hate speech is protected speech by the Constitution.

Ok. Which constitution? The constitution that Judge Napolitano is referring to is the U.S. Constitution. Not the "World-wide Constitution."

How about this, if you are lucky enough to be granted admittance to this country, and enjoy its freedoms, don’t turn around and threaten to murder its citizens, and then not expect to be tossed out on your ass, back to the miserable country that you came from in the first place. This isn’t being "mean-spirited". This is being "real".

I’m sorry, but there aren’t any "constitutional rights" for demon-possessed, Islamo-Facist, blood-thirsty terrorists.

I say, deport this terrorist back to Pakistan where he came from. If they decide to saw his head off to the cries of "Allah Akbar!" so be it.


Blogger John said...

Completely agree! Excellent post!

6:43 PM  
Anonymous Phil in Florida said...

His Constitutional Right? WRONG!!! This dude (or is it dud?) has no constitutional rights as far as I'm concerned. Constitutional rights are only for citizens of America. That's not to say there aren't laws that cover protection of the populace of the country. Certainly we have to provide for the general welfare of all residing here BUT let's not denegrate the sacred rights of US citizens by attempting to make them common to all who come here. The judge needs to get a grip!

6:32 PM  

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