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Saturday, August 06, 2005

A Jihad Burger With A Side Order Of French Fries

The French are so frightened of the demon-possessed, bloodthirsty Islamic terrorists that they took one look at what happened in London on July 7 and decided they needed to build a Burger King restaurant for the Muslims living in their midst.

Yeah, after all nothing says, "please don’t kill our people with homicide bombers, or saw our citizens’ heads off" like saying, "Hello and welcome to Burger King for Muslims. May I take your order."

Here are some excerpts from an article describing this latest version of French appeasement:

The menu at Beurger King Muslim, or BKM, is standard fast-food fare: burgers, fries, sundaes and doughnuts, and prices are comparable to those at major chains. But the beef and chicken burgers are halal — meaning made with meat slaughtered according to Islamic dietary laws.

Waitresses wear Islamic head scarves, as do many of their customers.

Mouna Talbi, 24, traveled 55 miles to Clichy-sous-Bois with her husband and two small sons to try it out.

"I was so happy to come here that I had tears in my eyes when I walked in," she said, watching her sons climb on colored blocks in the play area as she ate a halal burger.

After the success of Mecca Cola, a soft drink marketed to French Muslims, it was perhaps only a matter of time before a Muslim-themed, fast-food restaurant opened in the country with Europe's largest Islamic population.

Talbi's children always clamor for fast food, but this was the first time they've been able to order something other than fish, she said.

"A woman in Muslim dress feels at home here," she said, sitting in a red tunic and matching head scarf.

How’s that for French hospitality. Obligatory head scarves for the women working there, as well as food prepared according to strict, Islamic dietary standards.

Despite all of the ways this restaurant bends over backward to appease the French Muslim population, there is, of course, no pleasing the Muslims completely:

In an area with high unemployment, people are grateful to find work. Some female employees said they took the job because they were allowed to wear head scarves, unlike workers in other French fast-food restaurants.

Female customers also seemed happy. Cherifa Halimi, 19, sat in a booth sipping drinks with four friends, all dressed in black flowing gowns covering all but their hands and faces.

"There are a few changes they could make to give the place a completely Muslim image," Halimi said. "The television is OK, but there shouldn't be any music.

"But I'd like to work here."

The "Muslim image" approves of TV in restaurants, but not music? Go figure.

Overall it would appear that the French Muslim community seems content with this gesture, however:

Muslim diners said they felt more misunderstood in France since last month's terror attacks in London.

"Even the media demonizes the image of Islam in this country," Ahmed Talbi said, sitting in a booth opposite his wife. "People are afraid of terrorist attacks here, too."

Customers, including non-Muslims, said the restaurant was not segregating Muslims but showing a normal, peaceful Muslim activity that was open to all.

"Both Muslims and other people feel at ease here," Talbi said. "Maybe this kind of place will help to correct the bad image of Muslims and tell the world to stop talking nonsense about us."

People will stop "talking nonsense" about Muslims when Muslims like Talbi begin to denounce the bloodthirsty Islamic terrorists as heretics that don’t represent true Islam, and futhermore, organize to take steps to weed these demon-possessed stooges from among their midst.

Instead, all we ever get from them is whining about their unfair image in the media and their condescending warnings about the rest of society’s responsibility to ensure that their civil rights are protected.

The world-wide Muslim silence regarding al Qaeda’s, (as well as other supporters of their cause), demonic activities is telling. If anyone is talking nonsense, it is Talbi and the rest of the silent Muslim community world-wide.


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