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Monday, July 25, 2005

The Return of Hanoi Jane. No Wait, Make That Vegetable Oil Jane!

After a rather lengthy hiatus from stabbing U.S. soldiers in the back, Jane Fonda has announced her return to the anti-war protest racket.

It would seem that Ms. Fonda is pining for at least one more taste of the "good ole’ days" when she was part of the hippie protest movement "making a difference".

The only problem is, time hasn’t been necessarily all that good to her, at least not in the mental department. Ms. Fonda has announced that she is going to take her anti-Iraq war protest across country in a "Magical Mystery Tour bus" fueled by, well, um…vegetable oil.

The last time Ms. Fonda got involved was back in 1972 when she felt it incumbent upon herself to visit the enemy, North Vietnam for a "Kodak moment" on top of a North Vietnamese Anti-Aircraft gun in order to encourage an end to the Vietnam War.

Of course this time, Jane won’t be visiting the Abu Muab al-Zarqawi and his band of bloodthirsty, demon-possessed terrorists in Iraq to pose for a picture shoot with them in protest of the U.S. military’s atrocities and presence there in Iraq. Jane is a little fond a having her head remain on her shoulders.


Blogger John said...

I'm adding you to my blogroll, after reading your post on the ACLU below, I think you might want to add me to yours.

Sop The ACLU blog

7:30 PM  
Blogger Derek said...

Jane Fonda is a moron after the apologizing regretting yadda yadda she spues some more bullshit from her mouth with this stupid stunt

8:45 PM  

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