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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

An Open Letter To The Cowards Who Attacked London

Somebody posted an open letter to the terrorists who were responsible for the recent carnage in London. The author of the letter opens up the letter by proclaiming that he or she and their fiancee are Malaysians living in London. The fact that the author of this letter is from Malaysia is telling. Malaysia is a country that is mostly Muslim.

Whether or not the author is a Muslim is not known. However, the fact that he or she comes from a Muslim country adds more damning sting to his or criticism of the terrorist's actions:

I recount yesterday not because it is some self-therapy session. Nor is it to demonstrate any callousness on our part. If there had been something that any of us could do to help the emergency services, we would have done so.

Rather, I recount the day because we understand that your aim is to strike fear and to disrupt and eradicate our freedom and liberties. Well, no matter how many you kill or maim, I am afraid you are not going to succeed. I am, in all probability, actually wasting my time.

I don’t think you have either the emotional quotient or the mental capacity to understand this. If you had, you would realise that Madrid was a failure, just like Sept 11. Yes, the death toll and the emotional pain these incidents cause are great.

But we, the citizens of this world, the peace-loving people of every creed, colour, faith, age and background do not buy your morally and ideological bankrupt notion of courage. You are cowards.

That’s why you dare not show your face. That’s why you target innocent people whose names are John, Jane, Antonio, Yithzak, Wong, Kim, Thabo, Mohammed, Kumar etc. You know that were you to attempt to reason and rationalise your so-called struggle, you would show the complete lack of intelligence, logic, persuasiveness or righteousness on your part.

Therefore, you are only prepared to communicate through the language of fear. Just like the school playground bully.

Well, we understand fear. We fear living in a society where there are no freedoms or liberties. We fear hate. We fear irrationality. We fear that in physically protecting ourselves, we ourselves will strangle our souls.

For all of these reasons, we do not fear you because while you can take lives, you cannot take away the basis of our civilisation. That of freedom of religion, belief, expression, of liberty, of democracy and of the desire to better and improve ourselves through work, charity, and our personal faith.

If you were courageous, you would be building schools, hospitals, homes, roads, water pipes, power stations, mosques, churches, temples, synagogues and doing unto your neighbour as you would wish they do unto you. Because you cannot, or will not, you show your lack of comprehension of what is the true nature of diligence, sacrifice, righteousness and courage.

The citizens of London (and we come from every part of the world and are believers of every faith under the sun) today and in the days to come will mourn our loss. We will grief for a season. But even during this season, we will continue to live our lives as we did before.

And many others will continue to migrate to this city to better their lives, to fulfil their dreams, and to achieve their ambitions. But as for you, you can continue to run from safe house to safe house, from foxhole to foxhole, cave to cave, country to country.

You can continue to plot to maim and kill and at the same time demean your own human nature and destroy your soul. We pity you. We pray for God to have mercy on you and be gracious to you. And we forgive you because we do not want to be consumed by hate like you.

And on the day of reckoning, we do not want the account of our lives to be measured by the amount of hate we have for God’s creations and the number of eyes blinded, ears deafened, arms and legs maimed and amputated, and lives murdered.

Wow! I don’t think it could possibly be stated any better than that. It’s a real shame that this message, in its entirety, is such a waste of time.
After all, it is aimed at a bunch of bloodthirsty, demon possessed, dupes of Satan.

Anyone who spends more time slobbering and huffing with pure hatred in every breath, isn’t capable of understanding the message that has been brilliantly stated here. No, they are too busy planning their next unholy jihad for Satan…uh, I mean Allah.


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