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Thursday, July 07, 2005

God Bless the UK

We can't thank the British enough for their support as allies in this "War On Terrorism". They have fought bravely, side by side with America against the barbarians who wish to impose their extremist, demonic viewpoints upon the rest of the world. Americans, like myself, certainly grieve at the news of England's tradgedy today at the hands of Islamist cowards.

That's right. I said cowards! I am confident that England will not "cave in" like Spain did. In spite of this feeble attempt by al Qaeda, once again, against Western Civilization, a clear message will be sent to the actual "Great Satan": al Qaeda (and other Islamist terrorists who support that demon, Osama Bin Laden) regarding their stupidity. Western civilization will not cower and submit to Arabic cowardly acts of treachery!

Even though I am an American, I say: England, roll up your sleeves and show the Islamist bully who is really the toughest. Long live Britannia!



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