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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

I Care More! No, I Care More!! No, I Care Moorrre!!!

According to an article posted on the Evening Standard’s This Is London web site, Bono, lead singer from the Irish rock group U2, appears to have his messianic complex all in a wad. It seems that Sir Paul McCartney has been given "Top Bill" by being selected to be the opening and closing act of the upcoming Live8 concert:

"A Live 8 source said Sir Paul's headline slot had ruffled a few feathers. 'Some of the more fragile egos are upset,' he said. 'Bono, in particular, was quick to demand a share of the opening number and sees what he has done politically over the years as a bit more relevant to Live 8 than what Paul has to offer. Remember, these are the biggest rock stars around. Whatever order they sing in there is going to be friction."

Ok, these entertainers expect us to believe they genuinely care about the plight of the millions starving in Africa when they can’t even get over themselves long enough to get along with one another while they are performing for the benefit of Africa? This is another example of the hypocrisy and shallowness of the "loony left" in the entertainment world. Does anyone still seriously doubt that these entertainers are more interested in "face time" on the stage to demonstrate their concern for the poor?

There is a solution that would improve the plight of millions of starving, abused, and downtrodden people in Africa, but these entertainers would not even want to consider it. The best way to help these unfortunate people in Africa is military action. Good old pre-emptive strikes against the thug regimes that are keeping these people down under their oppressive boot heels. Talk about a chance for the world to be united in a cause!

For those who want to hold hands around the world and "make a change", how about this; how about each nation contribute its fair share of troops to march into Africa, kill the bloody dictators and gangs that are holding the starving in Africa captive, and set these people free. Then all of the aid donated would actually make a difference. But, alas this is not to be.

Bono would rather whine about the choice of Paul McCartney as headliner act, because after all, "he sees what he has done politically over the years as a bit more relevant to Live 8 than what Paul has to offer." Exactly, what have you accomplished Bono?

Do you think, because you flown over to Africa and shook hands with some of the unfortunate people there that you are really making a difference? If you, and the supporters of your cause are making any real difference, why can’t we see it? Why is there still starving millions over there, despite the proclaimed "success" of Live Aid and Band Aid?

I think we know the answer to these questions. Bono, his peacenik friends, along with the other "hippy-dippys" who follow this movement, all think "it’s the thought that counts". No actual solution is necessary. We can’t threaten the thugs that are causing all of the trouble in the first place. No, we must "take the high road" and "lead by example".

Well, I submit to you, Bono, that for the starving children in Africa tonight, the thought doesn’t really count. Nourishment does. Freedom from fear does. But, you aren’t prepared to do anything about that are you?


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