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Saturday, June 25, 2005


Phil from Florida was kind enough to point out an error I made in my post entitled: "Rove Owes No Apology":


I noticed a slight inaccuracy in your blog "Rove Owes no Apology".

"From their constant repetition of the mantra “selected not elected” to protest Bush’s election to President, to their assertion that the minority party should have a say (their justification for the recent filibusters against Bush’s nominees for Supreme Court Justice position) the Democrats have been playing politics."

President Bush hasn't yet had an opportunity to nominate anyone for a Supreme Court position. These nominations are for other judicial positions needing to be filled.

... Just remember that it's only the truth that matters in the end, but, it's the truth that seems so hard for most folks to recognize. Liberals are just so delighted with themselves that they couldn't care less whether it's the truth or not.

Thanks Phil. I don't always get it right and I appreciate you keeping me straight on my facts.


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