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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

How's My Driving?

Soldier! Lay down that weapon and concentrate on what the rest of the world must be thinking about you.

Leave it to the “intellectual left” pinheads in this country to place form over substance. It’s not about how we fight the war on terror so much as it is on how we fight to maintain a good image in the eyes of the international community.

Washington Times columnist, Diana West’s latest column posted at points out that liberals in this country believe that it’s high time we let all of the prisoners go at Gitmo and close it down. After all, we are causing serious damage to the world’s image of us:

“Why? It’s an “international embarrassment,” says Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.), who should know. His colleague, Sen. Richard Durbin, (D-Ill.), is himself so internationally embarrassed that he compared the terrorist detainee facility to Nazi death camps, Communist gulags and Khmer Rouge killing fields.”

I don’t know about you, but I sure am glad we don’t have liberals running military planning over at the Pentagon. Here we are in the thick of hunting down and eradicating demon-possessed, bloodthirsty, hate filled vermin -who by the way, are bent on killing all of us in the name of Allah - from the face of the earth and the liberals want us to pause and reflect on how the other nations of the world must think about us and how we are behaving. International embarrassment? Bah!

First of all, if anyone is ensuring that we are the laughingstock of the international community (and more specifically, terrorists and the rest of the Muslim world) it’s the liberals themselves. Just consider the amount of damage old Senator “Turbin Durbin” has done. Imagine the chuckles going on amongst the staff of al Jazeera, and their Arab listeners, not to mention al Qaeda themselves. Thanks a lot Dick!

Secondly, why should we give a flip what the rest of the world community thinks? Let’s see, are they fighting with us side by side to root this human vermin out? I think not. But, liberals would have us believe that we should let the anti-America ranters in Europe, and the Arab world play “armchair general” with us. I don’t think so! Unless those hotshots want to commit their blood and guts to this fight they can just “talk to the hand”. It is the U.S. military fighting this war against terrorists not UN forces, and certainly not U.S. forces subjugated to UN forces.

Of course, then there’s the appeasement approach toward gaining a better image. You know, the “if we would just close Gitmo and free all of the prisoners we are holding there why, it would go a long way toward improving diplomatic relations between us and Muslim world” option. This idiotic idea comes to us from the liberal House Minority Leader, Nancy Pelosi. West opines:

“That’s because closing the detention center would “give us a clean slate in the Muslim world,” as Nancy Pelosi said, revealing an ignorance of history so vast and untamed that facts alone would perish there. Clean slate – like on Sept. 10.”

Perhaps one of the most outrageous liberal solutions in West’s column comes from NY Times columnist Tom Friedman:

“And so what if closing Gitmo lets hundreds of jihadists out of their prison cages and into their terror cells? “Sure a few may come back to haunt us,” writes Friedman. But being haunted – which presumably requires some additional number of American dead to do the haunting – is apparently a risk worth taking in order to win the war.”

Uh, did he just say what I think he said? Exactly just how would letting terrorist prisoners free to kill again another day help us win the war against them? I doubt very seriously, that this would be Mr. Friedman’s position if he suddenly found himself a part of a Marine regiment, or an Army battalion in Iraq.

No image makeover would be complete without the advice of a prominent American Muslim. For this, West’s column turns our attention to the esteemed American University professor Akbar Ahmed:

“After all, reverence and respect, even surrender, only go so far. More sensitivity is needed as well. In a recent meeting with Daniel Sutherland, head of the Civil Rights and Civil Liberties division of the Department of Homeland Security, American University's Akbar Ahmed had some suggestions, beginning, according to an online report in the Pakistani Daily Times, with pretty much eliminating Muslim profiling at airports. This, of course, would do nothing to spare my own white-haired mother and white-haired mother-in-law from the next checkpoint body search, but the boost to world image would be colossal. "You simply cannot humiliate Muslims like this," Akbar said, describing a "peak level of anger" in "the young generation on the edge." Just one more pat-down and they'll blow. He also suggested "more social and cultural contacts" between government officials and American Muslims, and an unspecified reading list on Islam.”

Is it just me, or is professor Ahmed the comedy relief portion of the liberal’s “Save America’s Image Show”? Way to go professor. Way to foster more goodwill and understanding on the behalf of today’s young Muslims – by painting them as hot-headed, would be terrorist who are waiting to snap at any minute now if the right button is pushed!!!

The bottom line in all of this is that the wacky left in this country believe that our military needs to worry more about what the Muslim community and the rest of the world thinks about how we are treating these murderous terrorists than, on how we actually go about the business of ensuring they don’t turn America, from “sea to shining sea” into one big bloodbath.

If it wasn’t for the valuable intelligence we need from these vermin at Gitmo and all of the other prisons we have them jailed in, I’d be for appeasing the left and ceasing the taking of prisoners. In fact, I’d suggest we adopt “a take no prisoners” approach to these murderous terrorists and send them home to Allah in fiery rampage of American justice! But that's just me.


Anonymous pkent said...

Agree!!! What gets me is that we have so many people who have made up their minds on how wrong President Bush is and how the Administration's policies are wrong for America when all they really have to go on is what the likes of Durbin, Kennedy, Biden and others are saying. I don't know anyone who has attended ANY of the high-level security briefing that President Bush attends every day and yet these people claim to understand what we should do about the war on terrorism! How naive!! I'm just thankful that these brainyac's aren't calling the shots.

7:57 PM  

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