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Saturday, June 25, 2005

No Timetable For The Benefit Of Terrorists

Much to journalists around the world’s dismay, Bush has declared that we are not going to release any timetable for the withdrawal of our troops from Iraq. This is yet another reason I am glad we have George W. Bush for our President right now and not John Kerry. If Kerry was president right now, he would be relying on a "global consensus" to inform his military decisions. In other words, the U.S. would be a puppet, and the rest of the world would be constantly pulling our strings.

If you think UN security forces are ineffective, try U.S. forces under the control of the rest of the world’s opinion and whim. There is no shortage of anti-American sentiment these days. Most of this, is based on sheer jealousy. During the Cold War, there were two super powers in the world. After the Soviet Union collapsed, that created a rather unique situation. Now, the U.S. is the only super power left, and that has caused the rest of the world, particularly Europe, to distrust and hate us. Nations that once depended on our protection now spit in our general direction.

I’m sure the rest of the world would just love for America to ultimately fail in Iraq. Why else would they be demanding a timeline for withdrawal? Obviously, if we announced when we were going to withdraw our troops from Iraq, the terrorists, (I refuse to call al-Qaeda terrorists, and other terrorists pouring into Iraq, to thwart Iraq’s freedom from across the Syrian border "insurgents"), would be able to lay low until we left. Then, after the threat of our military was gone, they could then proceed to undermine the very freedoms that our brave men and women soldiers have fought so hard to secure for the people of Iraq.

It is to America’s credit that her current leader is a man of great courage and conviction. George W. Bush is not worried about how popular his decisions are with the rest of the world. He has "drawn a line in the sand" and he intends to stick by his convictions, by God, no matter what!

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a real Texan in the White House, (not the wimpy kind we had with Lyndon Baines Johnson), but an honest to goodness, Texan cowboy. The kind of guy who "says what he means, and means what he says". Thanks to President Bush, Osama and his blood-thirsty minions, now know that America is not the "paper tiger" that Clinton made us out to look like under his watch. Osama, you smug bastard, it looks like you miscalculated. Where's that pesky Allah when you need him?

So, no. We are not going to announce any timeline for the departure of our troops from Iraq. We will leave when we are ready to leave. That is, we will leave Iraq when we can leave Iraq a free country. Free from tyranny. Free from violence. Free to decide for itself what it wants to be as a new nation and culture. If this doesn’t suit world opinion, well that's just too bad!

Hat tip: President George W. Bush.


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