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Sunday, June 26, 2005

The Ultimate Rock Concert To End Poverty, Take 2

It was twenty years ago that Bob Geldof, front man for the Irish rock band The Boomtown Rats, organized "Live Aid" to help raise money to alleviate the poverty situation in Ethiopia. In terms of the monies donated, "Live Aid" was a huge success! In terms of the monies actually delivered to the very poor that it was aimed at, well, that was a dismal failure.

As it turns out, it doesn’t matter how much food and supplies you raise for the poor and the starving in the continent of Africa. If you don’t get rid of the dictatorial regimes that are standing in the way of actually delivering said food and supplies to the intended starving recipients, it does absolutely, no good. In other words, real aid, comes from a well thought out plan that actually delivers results…not just good intentions. After all, "the road to hell is paved with ...."

I guess, who better than those in "show business" to put on such a "dog and pony show" as "Live Aid" was. The big question is, why is Bob Geldof trying it again? Sir Geldof obviously didn’t learn anything from his first try. Apart from providing a platform for every entertainer in the music industry to parade his/her "concern for the poor" to the world on stage, what actual difference did they make the first time around? None.

But, hey, we’ll just wait twenty years and try it again. This time, our target will be the leaders of this world. Surely, they will listen to rock stars! Uh, Bob. Excuse me, Sir Bob? Maybe you should listen to the advice offered from a fellow rock star, who has stated that your "Live 8" scheme won’t work. You see, your peer, Noel Gallagher, is astute enough, to at least recognize that rock stars don’t actually make the world go around. Is he the only one among your peers that is smart enough to notice this and stop this madness?

As much as I would love to see the poor in Africa have enough to eat, as well as be provided a good education and a prosperous future, I am not looking at "Live 8", nor any rock musician, as the guarantor of that.

By the way, Bono you definitely "rock" at singing and playing some great rock music, but, it ends there. You’re just a rock star. Ok? Isn’t that enough? Can't you and your peers just get over yourselves enough to lose you messiah complex? You're freaking your fans out!!!!


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