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Monday, July 04, 2005

Happy Independence Day America

229 years ago, some very courageous and determined men sent a very dangerous message to their King. They declared their independence from him and his rule over them.

It took a lot of guts to sign their name to such a document. It wasn’t a light-hearted decision. Once that document's message reached the King, there was no turning back. But, these men were made of strong stuff. They knew that they were pretty much signing their death warrant. In fact, many of them lost fortunes, property, even their lives to back up their signature on that document.

We can be very thankful today that these men didn’t back down. A lot of serious sacrifices were made just to ensure that America could be an independent and free nation. Many brave men left their farms, their businesses and their families to face the most powerful military force in the world at that time. But, they believed in freedom enough to stand up to the King’s army and fight for their independence. America was born out of much blood, bravery and personal sacrifice.

Today, while the nation takes the day off from work to barbecue with family and friends, or watch a fireworks show, it is my hope that we all will pause to seriously reflect upon just how wonderful the gift of freedom that our founding fathers gave to us really is. I also hope we will solemnly, respectfully, remember that the first Americans gave us this nation at a high cost to them and to their families.

We owe it them to never take their sacrifice lightly. We owe it to them to fight any idea, any nation, any enemy that would threaten this great nation that they passed on to us. We are free today because others paid the ultimate price for that freedom. Let us never forget where we came from.

We can be proud that our nation was founded by honorable, God-fearing men, (no matter what the revisionist historians try to dupe us into believing). We can be proud that America has inspired other nations of the world to shake off their chains of tyranny and adopt democratic governments. We can be proud to be Americans despite the jealous rants from anti-American European snobs and arrogant intellectuals.

It is with great pride and thanksgiving that I’m raising my mug up to toast this great country. Care to join me?


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