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Thursday, June 30, 2005

A Response To A Traitor's Lament

Well, well, well. So, the NY Times publisher, Arthur Sulzberger Jr., is disappointed that another media organization is cooperating with a lawful court order, is he?

Drudge reports:

"Time Inc. said Thursday it would comply with a court order to deliver the notes of a reporter threatened with jail in the investigation of the leak of an undercover CIA officer's name...

Statement from Arthur Sulzberger Jr., publisher of The New York Times and chairman of The New York Times Company: Thu Jun 30 2005 10:08:04 ET

We are deeply disappointed by Time Inc.’s decision to deliver the subpoenaed records. We faced similar pressures in 1978 when both our reporter Myron Farber and the Times Company were held in contempt of court for refusing to provide the names of confidential sources.

Mr. Farber served 40 days in jail and we were forced to pay significant fines. Our focus is now on our own reporter, Judith Miller, and in supporting her during this difficult time.

Developing... "

Let's see if we understand you properly Mr. Sulzberger Jr. You think that it is perfectly ok to endanger the life of a government servant, (not to mention the lives of his family members, you know, his wife and children, mother and father, brothers and sisters etc.), by blowing his cover in highly circulated typeset for the whole world to see, (psst....terrorists included!). Yet, it is somehow a travesty of justice if, the slimy snake of a snitch on your payroll has to do any amount of time in prison for refusing to cooperate with a federal court?

Do you hate this country that much Mr. Sulzberger Jr.?

The problem with the poor agent who, along with his family members, now have a death warrant on their heads, (courtesy of Time Inc.), is that he works for the CIA. Oh, well, that explains it! He's one of those evil minons of the "Great Satan", America. He deserves to be killed. Right?

I'm sure that Mr. Sulzberger Jr. has been given the appropriate clearance, and has access to all of the intelligence that the CIA has. Of course, he also sits in on all of the CIA's mission planning sessions as well. That's why he can confidently approve of risking this agent and his family's life, by blowing his cover. After all, it is the journalist's duty to ensure that any chance to thwart the evil American government's actions, are his sacred duty as a "good American".

I don't know whether or not Mr. Sulzberger Jr. is just, yet another "useful idiot" who has drank the anti-establishment kool aid that the leftists have been doling out to the weak-minded since the 1960's, or if he is one of the kool aid mixers. Either way, his disappointment is anti-American.

Mr. Sulzberger Jr., maybe you have forgotten what happened to us on 9/11. Maybe you don't care. Maybe you think we deserved it. If so, that is your right.

However, much to your dismay, I hate to have to inform you that it is the mission of the CIA, to ensure that you will always have the freedom and safety to exercise your right to want to betray those who are actually risking all to support your freedom. Apparently, you and those who follow your warped viewpoint, are the sort of people that are prone to "bite the hand that feeds them." Shame on you all!

Since the atrocity of 9/11, the CIA has been about the business of thwarting the very terrorists who attacked us. These agents are risking their very lives to ensure that we have the intelligence that we need to defeat these blood-thirsty, demon-possessed, morons that are threatening our very freedom and way of life.

I could care less about your disappointment Mr. Sulzberger Jr, and even less about Ms. Judith Miller's discomfort through her "difficult time".

And that is my right!


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