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Saturday, July 02, 2005

Hey! We've Got Press Passes. So, Let Us Go.

According to a report by Matt Drudge, it seems that Time magazine’s reporter, Matthew Cooper, and New Times reporter Judith Miller feel that, when it comes to taking their punishment from a court of law, the fact that they are members of the press earns them more options to choose from, than the average law breaker would receive.

Mr. Cooper feels that since he’s not a violent man, or a criminal, a journalist like him should not have to be exposed to the possible harmful, and violent conditions that exist in the normal prison reserved for those who commit the offense of contempt of court. Mr. Cooper is suggesting home confinement. If that’s not possible, well then, at least send him to a more suitable, "club med" type of prison such as, the federal prison of his choosing. Ms. Miller is asking for the same special considerations.

As the Church Lady from Saturday Night Live would say, "Isn’t that special?".

So, Mr. Cooper, and Ms. Miller fear for their comfort and safety if they are incarcerated in the same prison as everyone else who is found guilty of contempt of court do they? Let’s see, they weren’t too terribly concerned about the health and safety of the CIA agent whose cover they blew were they?

This is either an example of arrogance or cowardice on their part. First off, despite their delusional estimations of self-importance, they aren’t any better than other court offender. Second, they ought to feel lucky that they are getting off with such a light punishment. Exposing the cover of a CIA agent, not only threatens his life and the lives of his family, but it also compromises a portion of the CIA’s mission that this agent was involved in.

Sabotaging the mission of a governmental agency that is involved in the highly dangerous, clandestine, business of obtaining the intelligence we need to successfully thwart the terrorists who threaten the freedom and existence of this country (let alone other free nations in the world) amounts to treason. If anything, these two should be made an example of by the court. Allowing them to walk off with a mere "slap on the wrist" for their treasonous actions sets a dangerous precedent.

It is one thing to express dissent against the government, a governmental agency, or its military actions. That’s ok. That definitely falls within our constitutional right of freedom of speech. However, putting one’s opinion and agenda, or concern for ratings above National Security is not a right. National Security is the solemn responsibility of every American citizen. Whether or not, Mr. Cooper and Ms. Miller agrees with the validity of the CIA and its actions is irrelevant.

If we allow arrogant, selfish reporters like these two clowns to get away with treason under the guise of, "don’t question my patriotism, I’m doing my patriotic duty in exposing the evil of the government through my constitutional right of dissent" claptrap, they will systematically sabotage our government’s war effort. And then, thanks to the efforts of anti-American people like Mr. Cooper and Ms. Miller, al-Qaeda and other terrorist networks who want to murder each and every one of us, will bring their terrorist bloodbath to our cities, and local towns.

Then, national security will finally become more of a priority to the lazy and the left in this country.Only thing is, it will be a little too little, and a little too late!


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