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Saturday, July 02, 2005

We've Come A Long Way Baby!

Too far to lose our right to choose whether our unborn children live or die at our convenience!

The retirement of Supreme Court Justice, Sandra Day O’Connor has caused a panic among the feminist group the National Organization for Women (NOW). According to an AP story, they’re declaring a "state of emergency". O’Connor’s retirement leaves a vacuum in the Supreme Court that could pose a threat to all of the hard work that has been dedicated to keeping the Roe Vs Wade ruling the law of the land.

For NOW this is what is at stake [pun intended]:

"NOW president Kim Gandy told about 800 NOW members Friday that women need to send a message that they won't tolerate "extremist" judges who set back women's rights."

" ‘This is our time. This is our challenge,’ Gandy said as the crowd replied by clapping and chanting, ‘Hell no, we won't go’ and ‘We won't go back.’ "

" ‘Twenty-four years ago, as president of the National Organization for Women, I testified for Sandra Day O'Connor before the Senate Judiciary Committee,’ Smeal said. ‘I knew then that O'Connor, although a conservative voice, would be one who would not permit the elimination of women's fundamental rights, including the right to privacy.’ "

"Gandy said the group fears ‘a nominee along the lines of some of the extremist judges that have been put on the appellate court by George Bush.’ "

Speaking of extremist judges, we have extremist judges to thank for legislating the execution order of millions of unborn babies in this country into the law of the land. A woman’s right to choose abortion was never a law passed by Congress, (which is how the Constitution dictates laws are to be passed), no, it became a law only when activist liberal judges on the Supreme Court of the land abused the people’s trust in them, usurped Congress’s role, and declared a women’s right to abortion the law.

This is all the more reason for President Bush to ensure that we fill the void that O’Connor leaves with a justice who will respect the Constitution and work to uphold its meaning and intent and not to try to change it. I for one, have had enough of extreme activist judges who have no respect for our Constitution.


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