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Thursday, July 07, 2005

Ex-KKK Senators, the Supreme Court and Senator Harry Reid

In a story published in the Reno Gazette-Journal, Senate Minority Leader, Harry Reid thinks it would be an excellent idea for Bush to fill Supreme Court Justice vacant positions with senators, not judges.

Here is what Reid says about the origin of his idea:

"I had lunch at the Supreme Court 10 days ago and at my table were (associate justices) Sandra Day O’Connor, (Antonin) Scalia and (Stephen) Breyer," Reid said. "They said what they would like to see is the president pick someone who has not been a judge. And what I have said to anyone who will listen is what I think he should do is pick one of the senators."

Ok, I’m not sure why justice Scalia would agree with such a foolhardy statement, but Reid’s rush to fill the void with a Senator is just brilliant, after all as he states:

"I think it is a great idea," Reid said about the possibility of appointing a senator to the Supreme Court. "Some outstanding people have come from the Senate. The last was an ex-Ku Klux Klansman who turned out to be one of the greatest civil-rights jurists of all time."

Yes, Senator Reid, an ex-Klansman senator who previously sat on the Supreme Court brilliantly proves the point that senators are better than actual judges to have on the highest court in the land.

The ex-Klansman senator that Reid is referring to is Hugo Black from Alabama who was appointed by FDR back in 1937, (as if I needed any other reason to dislike FDR). [Thanks a lot FDR. Not only did you manage to introduce socialist poison into our form of government (via your "New Deal"), but, you apparently also introduced the idiotic idea of appointing senators instead of qualified judges to the Supreme Court, and you chose an ex-KKK goon for your choice senator to boot!]

By the way, Senator Reid, I have a question for you. Since you think ex-Klansmen senators make excellent civil rights advocates, does that mean then, that we should look for a senator who is a reformed Islamic terrorist to provide us with a great Israel advocate?

Senator Reid, sir, with all respect to your position of office in this country and all that… do you really think we are all this stupid? Here’s a clue for you. When my house in on fire, I’m not thinking that the police are the best to handle the job, (and this is even if they are all ex-arsonists!). Firemen put out fires not policemen. Besides, ex-arsonists might be tempted to backslide if they are exposed to the illuminating, flickering view of my burning house in the night, or anyone else’s for that matter.

I believe the real reason behind Reid's idiotic "senator solution" is revealed through his hypocrisy:

"Reid, D-Nev., also said he and Bush have talked privately to ensure that the appointment of the successor for Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor does not reach the level of partisan squabbling that has epitomized the debate over recent judicial nominations."

You heard it right. Senator Reid wants us to believe that in order to tone down "the level of partisan squabbling that has epitomized the debate over recent judicial nominations", Bush should appoint a senator for the Supreme Court vacancy. And of course, it should be a senator that, he and his party approve of.

This is a continuation of the "sore losers" – Democrat Party’s - mantra that the minority should suddenly have a say in the selection of Supreme Court Justice appointees. Never mind the fact that it wasn’t their policy when they were in the majority position. Never mind the fact that Clinton appointed justices Ginsberg and Breyer without even consulting with the republicans.

If any party is guilty of partisan squabbling over Presidential Supreme Court appointments it would be the democrats themselves. Does anyone remember the Robert Bork and Clarence Thomas nominations?

If I were President Bush, I would ignore the advice of this pompous jerk, and press on with whom he wishes to appoint. I suspect that this is precisely what "W" will do. I just hope that his fellow party, the republican senators, will back him up and not stab him in the back, and then cower in the corner behind the democrats.

Unfortunately, the republicans tend to have a history of trying to appease the democrats only to be ignored by the democrats when they happen to be in power.

If the republicans do this again while they are in the position of power, they will find themselves in the minority after the next elections for control of Congress. Their reward from the democrats that they appeased, will be political life "under the democrat thumb". And they will lose the support of voters like me.


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