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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

An Open Letter To Republican Congressmen

Sirs and Madams,

As a registered republican voter I have something to say to you all. I have been silent for far too long. Once again, the voters have given you majority control of Congress. Once again, you are now in a position to steer the course of our great country. Once again, you are able to repair the damage done by decades of domination by the Democrat Party and its love affair with hippies and socialism. Please don’t waste this great opportunity that "we the people" have given you.

Supreme Court Justice, Sandra Day O’Connor’s announcement of her retirement opens up the opportunity for President Bush to appoint a replacement. One thing is clear, the liberals will be prepared to fight against any of Bush’s nominations. In fact, based upon the established trend, we can expect the democrats to practice the "politics of personal destruction" against any Bush nominee.

Whomever Bush nominates is definitely going to face some really hard personal times. They can expect that the "tolerant" left will do everything in their power to trash their reputations in the public arena. Also, it is a given that the "impartial" media will do their part to assist. Of course, you do remember Robert Bork and Clarence Thomas don’t you? The least that any Bush nominee should be able to count on from you all is your full support. After all, you are now the majority and have the full power to vindicate their mistreatment at the hands of the hypocritical democrats by ensuring their appointment to office.

Just in case you all aren’t aware, let me submit for your consideration the following fact. Your voters are well aware of the pass that you have extended to the Democratic Party in allowing them to exercise filibusters during "banker’s hours" only. Just in case, you think that your constituents are all ignorant, let me inform you that all that we do, in fact, know that filibusters are suppose to be "round the clock" affairs. Filibusters are not suppose to be the "shows" with the easy, convenient, hours that you have allowed the Democrats to get away with - while trying to dupe your constituents into believing your complaints over democratic opposition.

As republicans, you claim to represent the conservative viewpoint. You claim to be against big government. Well, it is time to put your money where your mouth is. You now, once again, have the majority voice thanks to your voters. So, it is very important that you demonstrate your worthiness of our trust by ensuring that only those candidates for Supreme Court Justice, who will respect the Constitution, as it is, are appointed. This country has suffered enough under activist, liberal judges who see the Constitution as a "living document", a document that is flexible enough to squeeze their socialist agenda out of it – a document that can eventually be replaced with a new document, a socialist manifesto.

I am watching your actions very carefully. I’m fairly certain that I am not the only one. It’s time for you all to exercise the mandate that you’ve been given. If you don’t, then, don’t expect continued support from voters like me. If you won’t stand up to the liberals, the democrats, then it is time for me to look elsewhere for my political support. I have believed in you, please honor my vote and don’t let me down.



Blogger James said...

Excellent Clay! I'm considering printing this out and sending it to every one of my Republican "public servants."

James @ Right Face!

12:46 PM  

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