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Monday, July 11, 2005

Hey Hoser, 9/11 Is Your Problem, Eh?

I was watching Fox News this afternoon. They were covering a story about our northern neighbor Canada’s, practice of providing a safe haven for known terrorists. In fact, there are large areas of the Canadian-U.S. border that are completely unguarded.

Great, that sure is good to know! I mean, I can sleep good tonight knowing that there are gaping holes in our country’s borders, particularly when it comes to our neighbor Canada.

As if this news wasn’t bad enough, I had the pleasure of hearing a Canadian diplomat explain that 9/11 happened to the U.S. and not Canada.

New York was hit, not Winnipeg. Furthermore, it is of paramount importance for Canada to demonstrate to the terrorists, and to the world for that matter, that they are "nice people", [implication: Unlike the U.S.?].

That’s right. You heard it right. Apparently, this diplomat believes that al Qaeda will see Canada as the great, wonderful, peaceful, "gentle people" that they are, and spare them from the annihilation that the "holy jihad" from Allah demands. What are these Canadians? Alpacas?

What else should we expect from a country that has a maple leaf as their national symbol, embroidered on their flag?

Never mind a fierce lion, or a noble eagle. No, a maple leaf does the trick for Canadians. After all, they’re not fierce. They’re not brave. No, Canada is nice. Yeah right, nice and sticky!

Canada has every right to refuse to help protect the United States of America’s borders, even though the U.S. shouldered the burden of protecting Canada from the Red Threat during the Cold War [think NORAD].

But, equivocally, the U.S. has every right to ignore Canada’s cries of help when the demon possessed, blood thirsty, Islamic jihad scourges "syrupy, sweet land" leaving a trail of easily spilled blood. After all, crocodiles love the weak and tend to take them out first.

Of course, on the other hand, what real assistance could Canada offer us after all?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Fargo High School 4H club could take over Canada with plastic sporks. Their collective military is beyond pathetic, but I'm guessing that is a source of pride for some Canadians.

9:14 PM  

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