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Sunday, July 24, 2005

Whoops! The Bobbies Shot An Innocent Man. Oh, Really?

According to a story posted on Drudge, the man that the British police shot in a London subway on Friday was not a terrorist suspect after all.

In fact Jean Charles de Menezes was a Brazilian electrician living in London who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. His relatives are threatening to sue the British government for compensation.

That's nice. I just have few questions. Why was old Jean running from the police if he was indeed just an innocent electrician from Brazil? Why did he refuse to respond to police commands to halt? Why was he wearing a heavy coat in the heat of summer?

Even though Mr. de Menezes wasn't an actual terrorist, I'm behind the British police and their actions. We are in a war against terrorism. It has been firmly established that Islamic-Facists mean to murder innocent citizens of Western Civilization (9/11, Bali, 7/11, numerous beheadings etc.).

In the interest of saving innocent lives from the satanic, bloodthirsty acts of horror committed by these Islamic terrorists, we don't have the luxury of time sufficient enough to determine whether or not the person leading the police through a foot chase through a crowded public area is ignoring police warnings because he is just a non-conformist or a criminal or a terrorist.

A well-placed shot to the head is the best policy. A shot to the leg, or even the chest will still provide the suspect with the opportunity to "go out in a blaze of glory for Allah".

Mr. de Menezes' death serves to send a two-fold message. Part one is a stern warning to the demon-possessed "homicide bomber", [I will not refer to them in the media's PC vernacular of "suicide bomber"], that he or she is a valid target for a "head shot". If they really want to die, the police will be more than willing to make that happen.

The second part of the message is to the criminals or attention-getters. This is not the time for you to show your ass to everyone else. We will not sacrifice the security of a free society for your selfish desires.

It is my hope that the British police will ignore the cowardly voices of the Neville Chamberlains amongst their midst, and instead press on with defending the public, which is under their charge to protect, from the homicide terrorist bombers that are threatening to murder Britain.


Blogger Lawman said...

My comment on this is, as I've said before, INNOCENT people do not run from the police. Let's face it, British police officers are not noted for their "shoot first, ask questions later" mentality. Prior to 9/11, most bobbies didn't even carry a weapon other than the much recognized night stick.

Now, let me see..... Said deceased was wearing a long coat in the heat of summer. The deceased also did not head verbal commands to halt and submit to verbal interogation. Okay..... We in the law enforcement career call this... A CLUE!

I'm with the Brits on this one. If he truely was innocent as claimed, there would have been no need for lethal force to be used.

3:00 PM  
Anonymous A REAL COP said...

reports have since shown that the local police lied about the pursuit. witnesses have testified that he walked to the subway, stopped to buy a ticket, and boarded the train where he was shot dead. The police believed they were right. So they acted. This does not justify murder. The police admitted that he was in fact INNOCENT. all they could do is try and rationalize the story with a chase scene that no one else saw.

Remember an innocent man is dead. I just dont understand how so-called patriots could show such little respect for the lives of rights bearing citizens. The police fucked up and there is no justification for it. I'd like to hear how you all would react if it was your brother, father, son, friend who was killed. We have to be smarter than the terrorists not act just like them.

10:50 AM  
Blogger Clay said...

Since it has been demonstrated that there wasn't any proof that he ran from the cops, then, obviously, the point of my post is now inane. What I don't get is your knee jerk conclusion that we "patriots" are somehow happy that an innocent man was killed.

But, to flip it back around, how would you feel if your brother, sister, mother, father, freind, wife, children were killed by a terrorist because the police were too reluctant to act. I mean just because the person running from them is Arabic doesn't mean he's a terrorist. Maybe he's just jogging through the streets and didn't notice the police chasing him. Right?

12:24 PM  

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