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Sunday, July 17, 2005

McCain Lends A Helping Hand To Teenage Lust

Ok. I seem to be going through a "surprise streak". First it was the surprise of finding an American attempting to defend the honor of the French, now I’m surprised that I actually agree with Susan Estrich on something. You know her don’t you? She’s one of the liberal talking heads that appears on the Fox News Channel from time to time. She’s the one with the raspy voice that sounds like she may have smoked one too many cigarettes in her day.

I found an article she wrote, lampooning the decision of Senator John McCain to accept a cameo role in the R-rated movie "Wedding Crashers". Estrich reminds her readers that it was Senator McCain who launched an attack against Hollywood’s practice of cranking out R-rated filth and marketing it to teenagers. McCain’s campaign in 2000 against Hollywood did make some difference. Hollywood agreed to go back to following the guidelines established for the content of R-rated movies, although as Estrich points out that probably just made PG-13 movies raunchier.

Here we are five years later. Hollywood, being tired of the success they’ve had with making family friendly movies, has decided that we have all gone long enough without being exposed to the filth that they are more known for out there in the movieland. This summer, coming to a theater near you will be a movie that will guarantee to fulfill your desire to see endless amounts of topless females and endless amounts of gratuitous sex. Not only are they planning to make a big come back for "teenager in heat" movies, but, they have their once arch nemesis, Senator McCain participating in it. What an endorsement. It just goes to show you that you can't keep Hollywood smut down for long. Even U.S. senators like the sleeze.

Estrich ends her article wondering whether or not adherents from the political right will ignore McCain’s blatant hypocrisy in all of this or call him to task. I can’t speak for every other conservative out there, but as for me, I choose to call him out. Senator McCain, you are a hypocrite. It doesn’t really matter whether you did it to impress your kids. [Which begs the question, just what kind of values did you teach your children in the first place?]

I would suggest that McCain belongs in the looney Right category. But actually, McCain is more of a RINO than an actual conservative. Estrich thinks that according to the polls, McCain is a front-runner for the Republican nomination in 2008. He won’t get my vote. I appreciate your service record in the Vietnam Conflict Senator McCain, but I don’t appreciate the political dis-service you have done to this country. Let’s not forget the McCain-Feingold Act that you co-authored and its noble goal of eroding our citizen’s freedom of speech. You’ll never get my support or vote.

If I were Susan Estrich, I would be more worried that McCain is actually one her comrades. It’s probably just a matter of time before he makes it official and crosses over to the left. That’s ok by me. We need men like McCain on the battlefield, but we don’t need him in the conservative legislative field. The left can have him. Besides, the liberals could probably use an authentic war hero to replace that phony John Kerry.


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