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Monday, August 01, 2005

Forget How about Google.un?

In the midst of scandal after scandal, calling into question the validity of such a corrupt, impotent organization as the UN, what do they do? The UN has decided that the best course of action is to try to take over the role of regulating the Internet.

This is not a joke. According to a story found here, there are two senators, Norm Coleman and Dick Lugar who have stepped up to address the sweeping corruption that has become such a prevalent factor in the UN’s makeup through the "Coleman-Lugar UN Reform Bill". As for the UN's outrageous goal of assumption of ownership of the US invented and developed Internet, Sen. Coleman has this to say reagarding such a ridiculous suggestion:

"My probe of the U.N. as Chairman of the Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations revealed management that was at best, incompetent, and at worst corrupt," said Coleman. "The first priority for the United Nations must be fundamental reform of its management and operations rather than any expansion of its authority and responsibilities. The Internet has flourished under U.S. supervision, oversight, and private sector involvement. This growth did not happen because of increased government involvement, but rather, from the opening on the Internet to commerce and private sector innovation. Subjecting the Internet and its security to the politicized control of the UN bureaucracy would be a giant and foolhardy step backwards."

"Recently, I introduced UN reform legislation with the Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations, Senator Dick Lugar (R-IN), known as the Coleman-Lugar UN Reform Bill, to help put an end to a culture of corruption that was exposed by the Oil for Food scandal, peacekeeping sexual abuse scandals, and other instances of organizational failures at U.N.," Coleman said. "Putting the U.N. in charge of one of the world's most important technological wonders and economic engines is out of the question. This proposal would leave the United States with no more say over the future of the Internet than Cuba or China-countries that have little or no commitment to the free flow of information."

"In light of this report, I also plan to consult with experts and stakeholders regarding Internet governance, and will assess whether legislation is needed as a remedy," Coleman continued. "The U.S. is willing to work with other countries that have an interest in the management of their own country code domains but UN control is out of the question. We will continue a dialogue with the rest of the world on these issues as we go forward."

Should the UN, who can’t escape their culpability in the "oil for food" scandal, much less the numerous sexual crimes committed by their own peace workers against the very poor victims that they were suppose to be helping, be allowed to steal Internet control away from the U.S, (the country that invented and developed it in the first place)?

Not no, but hell no!

This sick joke of an international organization needs to be abolished. It’s a good thing that the U.S. will have an ambassador with the mettle of John Bolton to call "a spade a spade". Once again our president has proven the fortuitous position we as a country enjoy because he, instead of his opponent is at the helm.

Instead of allowing the Democrats to stall Bolton’s appointment ad nausem, Bush as done the smart thing and exercised his right to appoint him anyway, in spite of the congressional recess.

Not only should such a cowardly, immoral organization as the UN not enjoy US support, but it definitely has no right to even suggest that it is time for an American invention such as the Internet be handed over to them to regulate.

If the UN has no compunction to refrain from sexually molesting the poor victims it claims to exist to support, just imagine the level of child pornography and other horrible immoral acts its controlling use of the Internet can facilitate.

Also, it is important to point out that if the UN owned the Internet, it would be a safe bet that al Qaeda would have free reign of use of the Internet. After all, as we have seen time and time again, Europe, unlike the US and Great Britain, is a community of cowardly appeasers who are scared to death of al Qaeda.


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