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Thursday, July 28, 2005

Bush From A Stoned Perspective

What is it about Hollwood Actors that leads them to think that we should take what they say politically seriously?

In a story here, Hollywood movie producer, Oliver Stone has decided that we all need to benefit from the wisdom of his opinion regarding how President Bush is doing regarding the war in Iraq.

It seems, according to Oliver Stone, that President Bush is guilty of abusing his position of power by creating a war in Iraq, (an over-reaction to 9/11), that has done nothing more than cause a civil war where there once was none, and cause the American economy to plummet.

So, the pompous Oliver Stone wishes to lecture us about the abuse of power does he? Let's see, he is a Hollywood movie producer, the top of the heap in the Hollywood world. He makes the movies that Amercians will pay to see. Movies like, "Natural Born Killers".

If you haven't seen Oliver Stone's "Natural Born Killers" you are missing a movie that is filled with senseless, bloody violence from start to finish. You are missing a movie whose main characters are bloodthisty murderers who murder indiscriminiatly, for the sheer hell of it.

Oliver Stone apparently has no problem, whatsoever, shoving mindless bloody violence down his movie goers throats. Murder and blood, for the hell of it, is captured on film by Mr. Stone and touted as "art".

However, murder, torture, and blood spilt at the hands of a brutal, satanic dictator and his sons against his innocent subjects is off-limits for a director such as Oliver Stone.

In the twisted mind of Mr. Stone, a couple who traverse the country leaving a trail of murdered bodies in puddles of blood is appropriate. [ref. "Natural Born Killers"]

What is inappropriate for Oliver Stone is a military who charges forth to defeat the reign of such a bloodthirsty dicatator like Sadam Hussein. The amount of innocent lives that happen to be saved by such military action is irrelevant.

Mr. Stone, if anyone has abused the scope of his power over Amercians it would be you. No decent American should ever have had to have been exposed to such filth as your film: "Natural Born Killers".

So, before you attempt to lecture us all on the "abuse of power", you should examine your influence over young Americans who watch your "works of art". Particularly our youth who just happen to be tomorrow's leaders and guardians of the American way of life.


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