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Thursday, August 04, 2005

ACLU Defends The Rights Of Terrorist Homicide Bombers

The Atheist Communist Litigation Union (ACLU) is at it again. This time they are concerned about preserving the average terrorist’s right to walk into a New York subway and massacre countless thousands with a bomb conveniently hidden in a backpack, purse, or any other such item which could provide concealment.

Of course, as usual, they disguise their real mission under the veil of "protecting American citizen’s civil rights to be free from "unlawful search and seizure". In other words, the prevention of a citizen’s aggravation at being stopped and searched is far more important than the prevention of a non-citizen, Islamic, demon-possessed terrorist from
massacring hundreds, or thousands of innocent American citizens in his quest for a paradise of 70 virgins.

Here are some of the highlights of the article:

The suit, which filed in U.S. District Court in Manhattan, will claimed that the two-week old policy violates constitutional guarantees of equal protection and prohibitions against unlawful searches and seizures, while doing almost nothing to shield the city from terrorism.

It argues that the measure also allows the possibility for racial profiling, even though officers are ordered to randomly screen passengers.

"While concerns about terrorism of course justify -- indeed, require -- aggressive police tactics, those concerns cannot justify the Police Department's unprecedented policy of subjecting millions of innocent people to suspicionless searches," states the suit.

Ok, so how does the random screening of passengers (i.e. searching a 70 year old grandmother in a wheelchair, followed by the search of a black man, followed by the search of a U.S. soldier, followed by the search of a white male business man constitute "racial profiling"? Racial profiling? Oh. I get it. You see, the random system, would eventually target all known races of humans, therefor, it is obviously nothing more that a system of racial profiling? [Don't you just love liberal reasoning?]

The only reason why these random searches and seizures do nothing to "shield the city from terrorism" is because while we are playing the liberal PC search game, the real terrorists are slipping through. You know, the men and or women of Arabic race. After all, the list of terrorists involved in 9/11 didn’t include any people other than middle eastern Arabs. There wasn’t a little old white-haired granny in the whole bunch. Imagine that!

And now for some of ACLU’s supporters:

Among five plaintiffs was Brendan MacWade, 32, of Brooklyn, who escaped the World Trade Center towers after they were struck by hijacked planes on Sept. 11, 2001.

"I want to catch terrorists as much as any politicians or officials but this policy does not work," he said.

Another plaintiff, Joseph Gehring Jr., who identified himself as a lifelong Republican, said he was disappointed to find subway riders accepting the police inspections so docilely.

"Here we were giving up our rights to what was obviously a publicity stunt," he said. "We are becoming accustomed to having our civil liberties taken away."

How Mr. MacWade could fail to see the need to stop another 9/11, (which he miraculously survived), at all costs is beyond me. Was he so drunk or stoned at the time that he doesn’t remember the terror, intense heat and death that was all around him that day? Were those people who leapt from windows, (stories and stories above the street below), head first, to escape death by fire nothing to him?

As for Mr., "I’m a lifelong Republican" Gehring Jr. It is obvious from his comments that he is nothing more than a RINO. He’s nothing more than a Democrat liberal in disguise.

The policemen in London are spot on when they declare that they aren’t interested in searching little old ladies. The ACLU, however, doesn’t get it.

Or maybe they do.

Maybe, their agenda is to facilitate more and more brutal and devastating, bloody, terrorist attacks. Maybe what they want is more and more confusion and panic. That is the right environment for a Marxist revolution.

There are no doubt, countless numbers of American citizens who can be easily manipulated by the media and fear. They will gladly trade their liberty for the protection of any one who will promise security and restoration of order. Perfect fodder for the ACLU and their communist vision of power.

What is more telling about the ACLU is that they are bold enough to use the "trade liberty for security" proposition as spin to support their legal activity. After all, those who oppose the ACLU and their "admirable" legal actions to preserve American civil liberties, are "trading liberty for security". When all along, what is really happening is the reverse. Those that support the ACLU are trading liberty for the "security" of communist rule, all the while thinking that they are preserving American liberty.

It’s a real shame, but it’s not really all that surprising. There’s a reason that classes such as American Civics has disappeared from the public school curriculum. There is also a reason why public schools aren’t interested in teaching their students the discipline of "critical thinking".

The ACLU needs sheep.

I, for one, am praying fervently that there are more informed citizens than brainwashed sheep left in America today. I look forward to the day when the ACLU has no more influence or power than the KKK does in America today.


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