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Monday, August 08, 2005

Come Mr. Tallyman Tally Me Black Racism

Black entertainer/activist, Harry Belafonte, who previously made the news by defending Cuban communist dictator, Fidel Castro, has apparently decided that defending Castro isn’t enough. By golly, President Bush and his administration must be attacked at all costs!

Here are two problems for "Mr. Banana Man":
1. President George W. Bush
2. The blacks in his administration

As for the embarrassing presence of black people in the Bush Administration, well that’s simple…according to Belafonte, they are tyrants.


Belafonte goes on to claim that Adolph Hitler had Jews in places of high power in his Third Reich. So, therefore, people of "color" in places of power doesn’t indicate "people of quality".

Aside from his obvious, "made up" assertion that Hitler had Jews installed in positions of power within his organisation, It is clear that a con-artist such as Harry Belafonte will stop at nothing to hear himself speak. Especially, if it means that other blacks are "dissed" in the process!

In other words, for Belafonte, blacks who disagree with his communist dream for America are traitors. They are useless. They aren’t worthy of any respect. Belafonte is a racist who aims his vile at people of … well, is own race!

Maybe someone should point out to "Mr. Banana Tally Man" that his influence remains in singing "Island Songs" as opposed to trying to shame "whitey" by slandering people of his own race!


Blogger John said...

I saw this quack on Hannity and Colmes. What an idiot.

4:12 PM  

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