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Sunday, August 07, 2005

Hit The Road Mohammed, Don't You Come Back No More

Here is some good news coming out of the War on Terror, the government of Great Britain is apparently bound and determined to weed the bloodthirsty, demon-possessed Islamo-Fascists out of their country:

On Friday, the government announced plans to deport foreign nationals who glorify acts of terror, bar radicals from entering Britain, close mosques linked with extremism, ban certain Islamic groups and, if necessary, amend human rights laws. The measures appear to have cracked the spirit of consensus.

Wow! I hope our government is sitting up straight and paying attention to what the British government is proposing and are taking notes.

Not everyone in England is in agreement though:

Liberal Democrat leader Charles Kennedy warned that the crackdown could alienate the law-abiding majority of Britain's 1.8 million Muslims and inflame tensions.

Of course, just like here in the U.S., Great Britain has it’s share of cowardly liberal appeasers who just don’t get it.

That’s right, Mr. Kennedy, (what a coincidence, we have a pain in the neck Kennedy of our own, although ours is a drunk who got away with murder to boot), you need to be very, very careful not to offend any of these bloodthirsty goons, otherwise they’re liable to carry out their plans, to carry out their plans to keep murdering innocent British citizens even faster!

Just like the stupid liberals in our country, and the useful idiots who follow their philosophy, Kennedy and his ilk failed to get the message that the terrorists left on 7/7. Let me spell it out for him.

Your country is at war with Islamic terrorists. Your country didn’t pronounce it was at war, they pronounced it for you. They don’t care whether you agree or not. They aren’t going to wait until you get it either. They are going to keep on slaughtering innocent civilians until they are stopped.

The only type of message they will understand is one written with bullets into their brains. You can't reason with demon-possessed, hate-filled, killing machines. You can't fight savages with civility. Your only recourse is to send them all straight to hell where they belong.

If you don’t want to have your head sawed off, the heads of your family, the heads of your fellow citizens hacked off to the cries of terrorists’ praise to their demon god, you had better drop the appeasement line and back those in your government who don’t ever want another 7/7 again.

Freedom of speech and civil rights are all well and good for citizens and resident aliens who are peaceful and deserve such freedoms, but they are not to be defended for people who don’t deserve such consideration. The only consideration these Islamic goons deserve is swift eradication from the face of the earth.

As if having to put up with the pansy liberal complaints is not enough, those Muslims who support the terrorists’ actions on 7/7 are complaining too:

The Islamic Forum Europe warned that the measures could jeopardize national unity in Britain.

"If these proposed measures are allowed to see the light of day, they will increase tensions and alienate communities. The measures are counterproductive and will encourage more radicalization," group president Musleh Faradhi said. "Many Muslims will perceive our prime minister as playing into the hands of the terrorists."

He criticized the government's plans to ban Hizb ut-Tahrir - the radical Islamic group that calls for the formation of an Islamic caliphate and is banned in several central Asian countries. Supporters insist it is a nonviolent group persecuted by corrupt governments.

"Proscribing it will be counterproductive," Faradhi said. "It will give a green light to despotic leaders in the Muslim world to silence political dissenters."

Faradhi must think we are all very stupid if he really expects us to buy this load crap.

How is Prime Minister Blair "playing into the hands of the terrorists" by weeding them out and banning them from entering his country? Banning violent pro-terrorist groups like Hizb ut-Tahrir is not a form of unfair persecution. Stamping out violent terrorism before it starts is the sanest thing to do. As for British government’s tough stance against Islamic terrorism that might encourage despotic leaders in the Muslim world to persecute and silence political dissenters, what dissenters?

There hasn’t been any dissent in the Muslim community from the terrorist’s dogma and tactics. The only noise coming from the Muslim community has been the constant warnings that they might be unfairly persecuted after every terrorist attack occurs.

It’s good to know we have the British government as an ally in the global War on Terror. Their tough, no nonsense approach to the terrorist threat is exactly what it will take to stop Islamic terrorism in their country. A good message for the British government to send to the liberal cowards and the terrorist supporters in their midst would be: "duly noted, now piss off!"

But, that’s just my opinion.


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Blogger Angie said...

I would say that Britain is definitely taking a stand and kicking ass doing it!!

4:15 PM  
Blogger John said...

Now if we would follow there lead...

4:25 PM  

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