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Sunday, August 14, 2005

Grieving Mom or Liberal Puppet?

Cindy Sheehan is a grieving mother, whose son lost his life in Iraq fighting against "insurgents" or "bloodthirsty demon possessed terrorists" (whichever title you prefer). In the later stages of her grief she has decided that President Bush murdered her son (previously she thought highly of President Bush, but has since changed her mind).

Mrs. Sheehan has managed to make quite a spectacle of herself. She’s camped out outside of President Bush’s private ranch in Crawford, Texas demanding a second meeting with the "killer of her son". Hippy nutcases, who started protesting during the Vietnam war and just can’t stop, are joining her craving a "photo op" from the media.

Meanwhile, members of her family have came out with a statement that basically says she is on her own with her anti-Bush protest rhetoric. The rest of her family support the troops and their Commander In Chief, and wish she would just grieve in private, and not continue to smear her son’s good name through the mud.

You’d think she would respect the wishes of the rest of her family, apparently not.

In a Drudge Report today, Mrs. Sheehan has decided that not only is President Bush guilty of murdering her son, but he should be impeached for war crimes. And, furthermore, brace yourself, she is has the solution to stop terrorism: Israel must withdraw from Palestine and the U.S must withdraw from Iraq. Then, all will "peace and flowers".

Are you thinking what I’m thinking? None of these observations that Mrs. Sheehan is making are unique to her. She doesn’t possess any particular brilliant insight to the situation in Iraq. In fact, she is just vomiting out the talking points that Michael Moore, Move, and the myriad of other liberal pro-appeasement, anti-U.S., anti-war minions have been chanting all along.

For a while, I have resisted commenting on Mrs. Sheehan’s foolish rants. After all, she has paid a heavy price to enjoy the freedom of speech that she is exercising, the sacrifice of her own son on the battlefield.

So, I felt she’s "just letting off steam", its best to just respect her grief and let it go.

However, these latest rants from Mrs. Sheehan now affirm to me that "all bets are off".

Just because she has lost a son, does not give her blanket protection from criticism when she makes comments that are anti-U.S. Military.

Here are her recent statements:

"You get America out of Iraq and Israel out of Palestine and you'll stop the terrorism," Sheehan declares.

Sheehan, who is asking for a second meeting with President Bush, says defiantly: "My son was killed in 2004. I am not paying my taxes for 2004. You killed my son, George Bush, and I don't owe you a give my son back and I'll pay my taxes. Come after me (for back taxes) and we'll put this war on trial."

"And now I'm going to use another 'I' word - impeachment - because we cannot have these people pardoned. They need to be tried on war crimes and go to jail."

Wow. So she’s not going to pay her taxes? Furthermore, she threatens President Bush with putting "war on trial" if he tries to make her pay her taxes. Who does she really think she is? Surely, she doesn’t think that President Bush, much less the rest of us, believe that she is really all that powerful and influential?

It’s one thing to accuse the President of the death of your soldier son. It’s quite another to attempt to black mail the President with such a silly threat. [Pssst. Mrs. Sheehan, that’s no way to garner support from American citizens.]

I suspect, that Mrs. Sheehan is being manipulated. I bet Michael Moore and a few other liberal propagandists have taken advantage of her emotional state, and have managed to channel her emotional state into emotional protests against the Bush administration.

It’s a shame really. Not only has she lost her son, no one wants any of our men and women to pay the ultimate price for freedom. We all want in our "heart of hearts" for all of them to come back home. Unfortunately, that’s not the way war plays out.

What people like Mrs. Sheehan don’t get is that the enemy knows that it can’t really match the power and size of the U.S and Coalition military forces. Instead, the enemy believes it can win the propaganda war.

Just like the North Vietnamese, (who knew that they could count on the American media and hippies to cause the American public to get "weak at the knees" and lose the nation’s resolve to continue fighting), even demon possessed ghouls like al Qaeda, have access to "the lesson learned" from the U.S. military’s failure in Vietnam.

All you have to do is wait for America’s "useful idiot" appeasers and peaceniks to start up their chanting in the media, and America will withdraw their forces. Then, Iraq is ripe for conquering.

And of course, then Cindy Sheehan’s son, and others like him, will have been killed for nothing. Paraplegic soldiers will have to spend the rest of their lives learning to adapt to life without limbs, that they sacrificed all for nothing.

If the wishes of Cindy Sheehan and other liberal appeasers prevail in this "War Against Terror", then there will be something of actual substance to get angry about and protest!

I’d be the first to join protest lines against those who will sell out our nation’s dignity.

I’d have no problem, whatsoever, in expressing my outrage at those who would cheapen the sacrifice that those brave men and women who have given their lives, (as well as those who have sacrificed huge amounts of time away from their families), in fighting the bloodthirsty bastards who threaten our very way of life.

Yes, I’m aware that Cindy’s explanation for her stance rests on the fact that "her son was lied to by recruiters", and that he didn’t really believe in the war from the start but was just trying to help out some friends. What a crock!

Wow, Mrs. Sheehan’s son was the very first to be a victim of the "lies of the military recruiter"? Yeah right. If her son didn’t believe in the war to start with, then why would he be stupid enough to enlist, even if it was to help out friends (I’m not sure what his enlistment into the armed forces has to do with helping out friends)?

These excuses have nothing to do with excusing the amount of damage our new "Hanoi Jane", Cindy Sheehan, and those who share her positions are causing our armed forces that are in harm’s way. But, Mrs. Sheehan and her manipulators don’t care about the U.S. GI’s plight.

It’s the cowardly, appeasement agenda stupid!


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Blogger ~ange said...

Looks like you have an anonymous ad poster problem here. You can change your settings in the control panel.
I think she's (Sheehan) being selfish and needs professional psychological help. Glad to read a semi-conservative blog-thanks!

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