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Thursday, August 18, 2005

The Ball Is Now In The Palestinians' Court

So, Israel is caving in. Israel is going to give those bloodthirsty vermin, the Palestinians (formerly known as Philistines) the Gaza strip after all. The Palestinians have been whining about the unfairness of Israel’s occupation of their property for decades. Never mind the fact that previous to Israel’s taking possession of this land the Palestinians weren’t occupying the Gaza Strip, much less existing as a group of people called "Palestinians".

Despite all of this, Israel’s Prime Minister, Ariel Sharon has decided that it is high time to give the Gaza Strip over to the Palestinians. My first reaction to this news was "WHAT THE...?" How in the world, does giving a bunch of terrorists (the "Father of Terrorism" was the late Palestinian, Yasser Arafat) land that they never owned in the first place make any sense?

These vermin have been murdering innocent Israeli men, women and children via terrorist tactics for decades under the leadership of their chief demon-possessed lunatic Arafat for decades over Israel’s occupation of the Gaza Strip. Giving to the terrorists what they want seems to be a foolhardy thing to do. Surely Sharon doesn’t believe that this will cause terrorist groups like the PLA or Hamas to suddenly fold and call it quits.

What in the world is a former military general like Sharon thinking? Surely, he is not stupid enough to believe that giving up territory to the enemy will end all of the violence. Has this once brilliant military strategist general underestimated the enemy? Is he oblivious to the Palestinian goal of wiping every Jew off of the face of the earth?
As I stated before…."WHAT THE...?"

That is until I read an article posted here by Max Boot, a scholar with the Council on Foreign Relations.

Here are some of Max's viewpoints from the article:

Now the Israeli decision to remove its settlers from the Gaza Strip and a small portion of the West Bank should provide a further test of the belief that Jewish settlements are the root cause of this conflict. If this were in fact the case, you would expect that a partial pullout would lead to at least a partial melting of Arab hostility toward the Jews. Maybe this will occur; and maybe the Gaza Strip will overnight become as peaceful as Switzerland.

The early signs are not good — literally. Gaza City is decked out with green Hamas banners proclaiming, "Resistance wins, so let's go on." The banners from the supposedly more restrained Palestinian Authority reveal the same mind-set: "Gaza today, the West Bank and Jerusalem tomorrow." Far from being sated by Israeli concessions, the Palestinians are emboldened to demand more. Many will not be satisfied until — in the words of a 15-year-old would-be suicide bomber quoted in the San Francisco Chronicle — there are no more "Jews on this world."

Mr. Booth goes on to point out the fact that it was very costly to Israel to maintain their occupation of the Gaza Strip. He also makes the point that, while Israelis living in the Gaza Strip may feel that it was their right to live there, it certainly doesn’t follow that it was fair for them to think that it was their right to put the lives of Israeli soldiers in extreme danger, just in order to protect these Israelis who stubbornly wish to maintain their existence near a bunch of blood thirsty Arabs who want to kill them via mortars and gunfire.

He also makes the brilliant observation that some approximately 8.500 Jews were unable to live in safety amidst 1.3 million Arabs in the Gaza Strip, while on the other hand, 1 million Arabs have been able to live safely among the 5 million Jews in Israel. Who are the bad guys here? It looks like the Arabs are.

By removing the settlements on his own initiative, Sharon has helped to regain the initiative — moral and political — for the Jewish state. The international opprobrium into which Israel had sunk was not fatal to its existence, but it was not good either. Israelis feel themselves part of the West, and it is deeply dispiriting for them to be shunned by every Western country except the U.S. The pullout, on top of the concessions offered by Ehud Barak at Camp David five years ago, eases (if not erases) the onus on Israel and puts pressure on the Palestinians to get their own house in order.

Up until now, Western Europe has been able to maintain their allegiance to the Palestinian Arabs based upon the Arab claim that Israel has stolen their land, the Gaza Strip. Never mind the fact, as Max Boot points out, that the Palestinian Jews were able to live in Israel in peace and safety, while they returned such hospitality with bloodshed against Jews living in the Gaza Strip.

Thanks to Sharon’s gesture toward peace, now the world will get a good glimpse of how the Palestinians behave now that they have the Gaza Strip as they have whined for all of these years.

My guess is that this isn’t going to be enough. The terrorist, bloodthirsty, demon-possessed Arab Muslims won’t rest until they are able to slit the throats of every Jew living in the Middle East, and toss their carcasses into the sea.

For the anti-Semitic Europeans who would be more than willing to "turn their heads" while such a massacre occurs, they will be in for a shocking surprise.

You see these whining Arabs will simply turn the focus of their attention on converting Europe and the rest of Western Civilization to Islam.

I wouldn’t be surprised in the least if the Muslim citizens residing in these countries, (including the U.S.), wouldn’t suddenly abandon their silent, peaceful role, and rise up in treachery to assist the cause of Islam dominance.

Of course, these demons won’t be satisfied with the conquest of Western Civilization. Next they will turn their attention toward Asia.

Max Booth ends his article by declaring that, even though Europe has waited for the day that the Israelis would finally do the right thing and cede the Gaza Strip to the Palestinians, they will in the end come to deeply regret their wrong headed position against a fellow nation who has embraced Western Civilization in order to throw their support toward a bunch of demon possessed, violent and treacherous, murderers.

What a shame!


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