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Friday, January 29, 2010

Is Obama Really Listening?

President Obama stated during his State Of The Union Address a few nights ago that he was willing to sit down with the Republicans and listen to what they have to say about national healthcare solutions. Today, he made a start at making good toward his offer, sort of.

I was watching during lunch time a conference President Obama had today with some Republicans in Baltimore. Beneath his calm, pleasant sounding demeanor was a continued display of his arrogance. Obama may want the nation to believe he’s ready to listen to the other side, but his reaction to the Republicans who questioned him today demonstrated that he really has no real intention of taking their solutions or concerns seriously. He just made his offer to fool those who see him as something new and fresh in DC politics.

He was questioned by a Republican about what they should say to their constituents in response to his administration’s repeated accusations that the Republicans didn’t have any solutions to offer. Instead of actually stepping up and either defending that outrageous claim or admitting it was not true, he just tapped danced around the question without ever really answering it. Instead, he wanted to apply the need for an “independent” professional look at the Republican’s solutions.

As for the Republican plan for Tort Reform, Obama claimed that an “independent expert” had concluded that the overall effect of unnecessary law suits on the fees that doctors have to charge to compensate for their malpractice insurance costs was minimal at best. He produced some miniscule percentage of its effect and claimed that in the long term it wouldn’t really help to lower healthcare costs.

Really? If lawsuits have such a small impact then why have we being hearing differently from doctors for years? Doctors have complained for years that the high price of malpractice insurance necessary to defend them against greedy frivolous lawsuits has almost made it not worth the effort, and forces them to charge much more for their services than they would prefer. The idea that there isn’t a problem with frivolous law suits in this country, especially in the medical field, and that it isn’t resulting in the rise of the cost of medical services is ludicrous at best and down right falsehood at worst.

So, this is the best Obama can do to refute tort reform, a nefarious statistic from an unknown expert? Sorry I am not buying it.

Next, Obama tried to take on the Republican solution for interstate insurance purchase being possible. What was his problem? The unproven claim that insurance companies would find a way to “cherry pick” and only offer insurance to the healthy leaving the unhealthy without insurance. To the contrary, if insurance is expanded to a wider free market of competition there would plenty of opportunities to find affordable insurance from those companies that are looking for clients, particularly clients that other insurance companies allegedly wouldn’t want.

Before I get to the most arrogant and telling example that demonstrated today that Obama’s offer was bogus and that he really has no intention to listen to the other side, there was a common factor that all of his non-answers to the Republican’s question to him mentioned earlier. For Obama, in order for the Republican’s solutions to be consider they must be submitted separately to “independent experts” to approve of. Of course, there has never been such a litmus test for Obama and the Democrats’ healthcare plans.

He lectured the Republicans on the need for their solutions to be not just those of politics but rather well thought out, practical doable solutions. Yet, for his side and his plans, it is different. It is ok for the Democrats to meet behind closed doors and create their own non-vetted solutions and then turn around and claim they haven’t heard anything from the Republicans for alternative solutions to consider. Do you see the hypocrisy of this stance? It was yet another example of Obama doing his best to obfuscate it by a barrage of pompous lecturing to the Republicans about what real solutions should look like.

Finally, there was his threat to the Republicans that if they insist on accusing his and his party’s solution as an attempt for the Federal Government to expand and own even more, the health care market, this time (even though that is exactly what he is after), then they would have no clout with him no matter what they came up with.

Is Obama really listening and reaching out to the Republicans in a bi-partisan way? No. He just uses nice sounding promises to fool those in our citizenry who are incapable of seeing through his insincere flattering words. Obama is a great orator no doubt. But if the listener pays attention to the difference between his words and his actions, especially after a year of evidentiary proof, it becomes clear that he talks out of both sides of his mouth.

Obama has change in mind for America alright. It is the change that progressives/socialists/Marxists want. He’s not listening America. He doesn’t care. He has his agenda and vision for America and he is going to do his damned best to inflict it upon us amidst a flurry of pleasant sounding oration.