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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Something To Think About

I recently received an e-mail from my dad that raises some concerns about Obama and our country. Here it is in its entirety:

A friend of mine (a small business owner who’s been struggling to stay afloat since the new congress and administration came into office, 2007 and 2009) sent me this email. As I pondered over the meaning of this email I've come to a few conclusions that seem to make a lot of sense to me. Maybe you'll agree or perhaps you'll disagree but, although we don't hear much from the media about this scenario of mine, it brings up possibilities to be considered.

Think about Obama's success and what he overcame to beat out a very strong political machine called the Clinton's. Everyone, in the early part of the primary stage, gave the nomination to Hillary, hands down. They all thought she’d win very easily. Obama was just a “flash in the pan”. However, Obama put together a political “money raising machine" unlike anything this country has ever seen. Obama was able (last I heard) to successfully raise nearly a billion dollars with which to outspend not only Hillary but the Republican contender, John McCain, both put together. As far as I can tell Obama still had hundreds of millions of dollars left over after he won the presidency.

Now has any one of us ever heard where the money actually came from? We heard about his successful usage of the internet and were led to believe that the young voters (including very excited blacks) supported him like no other candidate has ever enjoyed. I, for one, don’t buy all of that. In general, most young voters don’t seem to have very much money to give, especially for political donations and most blacks don’t usually donate large sums of money to any thing that would seem to be useful. (Please notice that I said “Most”)

Obama waged a very effective campaign as a “rock star” promising anything that would appeal to his new base. He spent money like no one else has ever done. But, where did the mountain of money really come from?

Here are my thoughts:

Back when Bill Clinton first ran for president something I hadn’t noticed before began to happen that greatly involved the Chinese. Their government was donating large sums of money to Clinton’s campaign, something I had never noticed before; foreign countries attempting to directly shape the outcome of our elections. I had been voting in these national elections since 1961 but this particular election was the first time I had ever known of any thing like this happening. Do you remember the trouble Al Gore got in over raising money from the Chinese having something to do with his attending services at a Buddhist Temple? How about renting out rooms at the Whitehouse (e.g. Lincoln’s bedroom) to the Chinese during Clinton’s second campaign?

If you think back to the time of the first Clinton run for the Whitehouse, in general, China was really struggling to make it. Their economy was in the toilet and at the time I thought it strange that they could afford to “help us” get our president elected. Think about China now! Which country is LOANING the USA the most money? Why it’s the same country who decided to “invest” in our national elections! It appears that China made a very, very handsome investment doesn’t it?

Now, which foreign country do you think was donating to Hillary’s campaign? Why China of course!

How in the world did Obama manage to out do her in his fund raising? Which foreign country did he use? Well you might say: I don’t know of any foreign country that donated to his campaign. Well then, WHERE’D HE GET THE MONEY????

My friends, not from a foreign country at all but from a world-wide religion (Muslim)!

And since it apparently came in via the internet I’m not too sure there’s any way for us to track it, at least as far as who the money was from.

Now, if my theory is true, what in the world are we going to do? Obama has already achieved gaining control of our banking system, automobile industry, healthcare, and on and on. Folks it’s time to take account of our situation and decide on what action we must take if we want to preserve this country for our children and grandchildren.



Dear Larry,

President Obama hosted a jobs summit at the White House recently, inviting corporate CEOs and union chiefs to participate in a forum on accelerating job creation, but one major business group was left of the guest list.

The National Federation of Independent Business was not invited to share our ideas at the event featuring 133 guests.

As noted by the Washington Times' Kara Rowland, the list of summit attendees "lacks a diversity of opinion." Labor unions and liberal economists, who supported Obama's election and the stimulus bill, are among the honored guests. At a time when unemployment is at 10 percent and the president expects it to rise, it's troubling that some of our top job creators have been shunned.

Less than 12 months from now, voters across America will go to the polls and determine the future direction of our country. The 2010 vote, more than any election in recent history, will determine the future of our families, our businesses and our freedoms ... even our way of life.

Those now in control of the government in Washington, D.C. are great at promising "change" and making utopian promises to win votes. But according to a September survey by the NFIB Research Foundation, there is little optimism on Main Street that the recession will soon be over.

They found that: "More firms plan more inventory reductions than plan to invest, and more owners plan to trim their workforce than plan to increase employment."

Why isn't our nation's small business engine roaring to life? One reason the Foundation noted is that "Legislative activities in Washington undoubtedly dampen the outlook with talk about healthcare mandates, cap and trade, card check, and new taxes on all sorts of goods and services."

Simply put, fear of what's to come is seriously dragging down our economy. And why shouldn't it?

Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Henry Waxman, Barney Frank, Barbara Boxer and so many misguided, wrongheaded leaders in control in Washington have put their radical social agenda ahead of any common-sense effort to cut taxes, cut the deficit, and cut regulations--all barriers to economic recovery and job growth.

Washington simply does not understand that small business owners don't need more government programs. What they need is lower taxes and fewer intrusions by government. It's America's small business owners that create real, lasting jobs ... not politicians voting to spend and print more taxpayers' money.

That is why the NFIB SAFE Trust needs you front and center in the 2010 election battles. The labor unions, trial lawyers and other radical special interests will invest heavily to strengthen their power next November. We need to block their efforts whenever and wherever we can.

Your generous support is essential if we're going to build the well-financed political operation that will bring us victory in November.

We must raise the largest campaign war chest in NFIB history. Please help the NFIB SAFE Trust meet our fundraising goals by making a generous contribution of $35, $50 or perhaps even $100 today. Click here to contribute.

You and I believe in the economic miracle that is American small business. It is at the heart of America's future and freedom. Please let me hear from you today.


Dan Danner
NFIB President and CEO


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