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Thursday, April 30, 2009

President Obama's First 100 Days

The whole, "First 100 Days" is a media creation. For me, it makes no sense. How can you possibly hold a newly elected President accountable for fixing every thing wrong within the country in only 100 days? Come on, there is the whole transition issue, and many more concerns.

However, be that as it may, Obama is an example of a President who has come out swinging for "change that we can believe in".

Except it is not at all "change that we can believe in", nor is it change that is good for this nation. Below, are some "changes" that Barrak Obama has instituted for this nation that aren't anything "that we can believe in", as Americans. At least not for Americans who believe in the Founding Fathers' vision for America.

In no particular order, here are the "changes" that Obama has in mind for America:

Administration choices:

Tim Geithner - Secretary of Treasury.

A "tax cheat" who is not only not qualified to run the IRS, but is hell bent on ensuring government intervention in, not only those private corporations that have accepted "bail out" money, but any, and all businesses who "might be on the verge of failure". A clear move to socialism, or better yet fascism! Goodbye, to the sucesses of capitalism and the free market and hello to the era of failed socialist/fascist economy.

Eric Holder - Attorney General.

A racist black man who is accusing white americans of not intermixing with the black populace on weekends. Who, by the way, segregate themselves naturally. What? Because black americans don't want to hang out with white people on weekends, it's somehow the white americans fault? Paleeeze!

Janet Napolitano - Secretary of Home Land Security.

This appointee has decided that Veterans, and any one who wants limited government, is conservative in their political views, and anyone who agrees with The Founding Fathers, is a terrorist threat to this nation. I am flabbergased by her thinking, and a tad bit worried. Are we heading toward a Fascist State?

Rahm Emanuel - Chief Of Staff.

Apart from his tendancy to mail dead fish wrapped in newspaper to his political opponents, he thinks that "there is no crisis that should be allowed to go to waste" because, it can be exploited to take advantage of to further his political aims.
That says all we need to no about this snake.

Foreign Policy:

Obama's "Apologize For America Tour" in Europe:

As President of The United States of America, Obama decided to call us "arrogant" and never once, defended our nation's noble role throughout the world particularly, Europe, in ensuring that those people were free and enjoyed human rights protection. I mean, come on! We all know that had America not intervened in WWII those very European nations that he was cowardly apologizing to would have been either lamp shades or speaking German. Where was his head?

Was Obama rewarded for his anti-American screed? No. In Great Britain, he was insulted from even their most liberal press, by them asking the question as to why a bore like Obama was still in their country".

Obama's representation of America in the "Americas Summit":

As if his performance in Europe wasn't bad enough, here he was embracing Raul Castro in Cuba, erroding America's policy with that pathetic communist country by suggesting that we relax certain foreign policies with them.

He didn't just stop there, he sat through Daniel Ortega's hate filled diatribe against America without registering, not even once, any defense of America's stance against him and his murderous philosophy.

Obama then moves on to Venezuela and allows that murderous thug, Chavez, to run shod all over him with a "photo opportunity" just to hand him an anti-American book, which Obama accepts without comment. Later we see Obama shaking Chavez's hand and yucking it up with him. This is traiterous and disgusting on Obama's part.


Lastly, we see Obama cozying up to Iran's crazed, Holocaust denying, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. As if this loser is really going to be able to be "sweet talked to".
What is Obama thinking? What is the left thinking? Does he and his like minded leftists really think they can talk our way out of the potential nuclear threat that a loose cannon like Ahmadinejad poses?

National Security:

Obama, in his infinte wisdom, has decided that the Guantamo Bay prison facility, where we are housing the terrorist captives that pose a very real threat to our security, needs to be shut down. Oh really? What does he propose we do with the vermin that is housed there? Bring them to the U.S. for trials conducted under laws that are meant for legal U.S. citizens? Locate them in prisons here in the U.S.? Set them free in America because they might be mistreated in their own countries? Only a wrong headed liberal could come up with such a disaterous plan.

Obama has decided that there is some sort of urgent need to reveal classified documents to the public, hence the whole world, hence our enemies, providing the details about our interrogation techniques. This is by far, the most dangerous of his foolish moves.

Now al Queida, and other terrorists organizations out there who hate us have all they need to know about what to expect from the U.S. if they are captured. Actually, now that they know what we were doing, and won't do any more. Talk about a recruiting tool for terrorists! Obama has just aided our enemies greatly. Now, they are laughing at us, and are most certainly emboldened more than they were before, under Bush's administration. Now, thanks to Obama, we look more like "the paper tiger" that Osama bin Laden thought we were prior to 9/11.

Of course, Obama is not even handed in all of this. The classifed documents that demonstrate the benefits we recieve from extended interrogation processes like, water boarding, will remain removed from the public view. I think any thinking American can readily recognize the scam in all of this.

Obama has decided, all on his own, that water boarding is somehow "torture" and is above the dignity of our country. Valuable intelligence gained from this practice, (which by the way, never once threatens the participants life at all, but only makes them think it does), and has definatley deliverd valuable intelligence which has kept us safe under Bush's watch will now be sacrificed for Obama's tendancy to want to appear nice to our enemies.

Of course, Obama arrogantly believes that we can achieve the same effect using "other methods", (of which methods he doesn't specify). But, of course, we are all just suppose to go along with this fantasy of his, regardless of the details. Of which there aren't any.

Fear Tactics:

I'm not saying for sure that Obama approved of this, but there is that whole "photo op" with the jet flying really low in New York City with two Air Force fighter jets flying towards it in apparent chase for the "photo op".

WTF? You have genuinely frighened New Yorkers, panicking for their lives, all for a photo op?

What about the thousands of tax payer dollars wasted in fuel for this bone-headed moment. Does Obama really think that the common tax payer is going to tolerate this obscene waste of tax payer money when they themselves are told to tighten their belts and make sacrifices?

What a tool Obama is.

He did mention in his "mock press confrence" last night before the nation his metaphor of the government being like a, what was it? Oh yeah, maybe a cruise liner ship. That is just perfect. Because it brings to mind the arrogantly designed, Titanic. If Obama's ultra-liberal vision for America and the Democrat Party dupes that go along with it are allowed to proceed, America is about to hit the mother of all icebergs, and sink.

I'm not saying that it is going to happen - only that it just MIGHT happen.

God help this once great nation!


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