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Monday, April 13, 2009

Obama's "Apologize For America Tour 2009"

Recently Obama toured throughout Europe and parts of the Middle East in an attempt to present to them "a new America". One common theme in all of his speeches in the different countries was an apology for America's past reputation and behavior. As the leader of our country, is he suppose to be advocating America's interests or is he suppose to be apologizing for our interests? Does he really have America's best interest in mind?

I would agree, as would any sane person who has been paying attention to American history, that sometimes America has acted...well wrong, or even maybe, arrogant. But is his tour of the world really the place to state that? Or are there better venues for such a confession. The better question might be, hasn't the vast amount of sacrifice we have made for the welfare of these nations overshadowed our moments of arrogance?

Apparently Obama isn't even the least bit interested in asking that question. Instead, he thinks that by undergoing some sort of twisted "confession" before the world it will somehow, atone America's past misdeeds in the eyes of the rest of the world who, quite frankly hate us anyway and are blinded by jealousy.

As it turns out, he was dead wrong. In Great Britain, his groveling was met with howls of derision from the British press from all backgrounds of view. One particularly leftist newspaper carried an editorial column that basically called him nothing but a huge bore, and wondered why he hadn't left the country yet.

Obama's bow to the King of Saudi Arabia hasn't been lost on his many critics from the right. Since when does the President, of a country whose very existence was founded on contempt for monarchy, bow before another King?

Of course, the White House instantly began fabricating excuses for why he did such a thing, (which does nothing more than reinforce the fact that he did, in fact, bow.)

Now, I personally don't care whether his bow was protocol for cultural respect or not. It does however, send an unintended message of weakness to our Islamic-Fascist terrorist enemies. It tends to reinforce Osama Bin Laden's claim in the late 1990's that we are really nothing more than "paper tigers", thus emboldening them in their cause.

Obama's idiotic notion that talks can calm the whole situation down, is at best, naive, at worse, treasonous. I personally go with the former, but, nonetheless, I am not confident that he is really capable of preserving the liberty and safety of our union.

He, along with the far left peacenicks in this country, doesn't seem to grasp the fact that we are engaged with an enemy whose main goal is the toppling of Western Civilization and replacing it with the bonds of slavery to their 1500 AD, backwards, repressive religious-legal view. Their murderos goals don't stop with the entire genocide of Israel.

I hope that Obama will wake up soon. If not, God forbid that we have to all endure the damage of an 8 year term under this extremely misguided, liberal oaf of a President.

Hey, but at least, we have America's first black President. ; )


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