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Thursday, March 12, 2009

More Hypocrisy From The "Compassionate" Left

I was watching the "O'Reilly Factor" tonight and came across a case where commenters on the MSNBC program's internet site were lamblasting the daughter of Sarah Palin. Apparently, she and her boyfriend have broken off their engagement and so, now, she will be left to care for their illegitimate offspring by herself. Of course, she probably won't be left alone in this, as her parents will more than likely provide assistance.

A sampling of the comments left on MSNBC's site regarding this situation from liberal posters was presented on Bill O'Reilly's show. They were all disgusting.
One of the comments was trying to link the consequences of this, highly private and personal decision, to the "GOP's Cathedral Of Morals".

Since when do liberals care about morals?

This is, after all, the group of "enlightned intellectuals" who embrace sexual freedom, homo-sexual validity and any number of immoral lifestyles as a sacred right of all Americans' "pusuit of happiness". Yet, here they are pontificating on the moral ramifications of one of Sarah Palin's daughters predicament.

Liberals can't have it both ways. Either a women's body is her own, or it is a moral matter in the public eye.

If it had been Bill and Hillary Clinton's daughter, Chelsea, in this predicament - not a word would have been spoken about it. Or, if anything was said, it would have been posts full of praises for Chelsea's ability to carry on without the biological father's cooperation.

But, let it be a daughter of a conservative, and it's all about the need for the "scarlet letter, A" being applied.

This is blatant hypocrisy on the part of some of the left.

That's right, I said "some" of the left. I don't really believe that all who subscribe to the liberal idealogy are as unhinged as the rest of the majority of their kind.

My take on this is this: All of this is really none of our business. While, due to my Christian beliefs, I do have to say that what Sarah Palin's daughter did with her boyfriend to result in pregancy is immoral, there are some silver linings in that cloud.

First off, they didn't rush to the liberal solution of murder of the child via abortion. So, the conservative values in that family are obviously, real and valid.
Second, the break off of the engagement may not be a bad thing in the long run. What good is it for them to marry as a result of a pregnancy if they really don't belong together in marriage? What kind of a life would the child have in a forced marriage of two people who really don't want to be together in the first place?

I am so sick and tired of liberal hypocrites opining on topics where they should be silent. What kind of a person rejoices in the misfortunes of another person who they don't even know in the first place? So much for being the ideology of "compassion" and "tolerance".

Chelsea Clinton serves as a good hypothetical proof as to how morally and truthfully bankrupt the liberal positon really is.

Who would want to identify with people of this ilk?

Not me.

I am confidently content with being a conservative. The unhinged left offers me nothing to admire. I think that I will stay on the conservative right. At least, we don't pull for the murder of "accidents" resulting from our sexual trysts, and accuse others single moms who don't choose murder of their children with immoral behavior for not marrying the biological father.


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