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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Tomorrow, April 15th: America's Second Tea Party Protest

Tomorrow, April 15, 2009 - some 236 years after the first Tea Party protest held in America back in Boston, Massachusetts, on December 16 1773 - American citizens in various cities across our great nation are once again going to express their outrage over taxation that isn't fair.

Of course, in the original protest, loads of tea was actually tossed into the harbor, never reaching its destination Great Britain. No tea will be ruined tomorrow. These Tea Party protestors are just symbolically protesting a government that is unfairly taxing the citizens of its country.

Some are quick to point out that the original Boston Tea Party protest was about "taxation without representation" and that that, is simply not the case today in our Democratic Republican form of government.

I beg to differ.

The era of great statesmen in our government is long since over. Today, our Congress and other government officals are filled instead, with greedy politicians who only really care about one thing: power. Most politicians today only care about staying elected. They only pretend to listen to their constituents when election time comes near. This goes for politicians of both parties, Democrat and Republican.

If you still think you have representation in government, just try writing to your Senator or House Representative. You will quickly learn two things. First, you will receive a "form letter" that is nothing more than a canned response that is not coming from your representative in government, but rather from a paid staff member who acts as a buffer between you and your Congressman, who can't be bothered by your concerns. Second, the form letter will be full of meaningless thanks for your "concerns", but will never once address your concerns in any way. You can even try and write to your Congressman again, only to get the same meaningless form letter.

So, you see, "representation" is definatley no longer anything you have with respect to today's modern American government.

So, here we are once again. American citizens are outraged at being taxed without any appropriate representation. Our children and their children are going to drown in taxes to pay for the government's trillions of dollars, raised on their backs through taxation to pay for its irresponsible bail out or irresonsible and greedy corporations and for its ludicrous "economic stimulus" solution to "help save our economy".

AIG, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, GM, and others should never have been bailed out from their greedy, irresponsible business actions. They should have been allowed to fail, go bankrupt, along with the greedy unions associated with them, (with respect to the car companies involved in this unfair bail out).

My hope is that the turnout tomorrow will far exceed the apathetic Americans watching this, like the actor Dennis Leary, who think that it will be only a small showing and we have to "pay our taxes".

The Tea Party protests tomorrow are America at its best. Citizens exercising their
1rst Ammendment rights to address their greivances toward a government that has become corrupt and unjust.

God bless those brave and patriotic Americans who turn out tomorrow to protest against a government that is threatening to plunge this great nation into economic ruin and dependancy on socialism - something that our Founding Fathers, along with all of the many brave and heroic Americans who gave their lives for our liberty - would find detestable. And rightfully so.

And all of this on the IRS's deadline to pay your taxes. The irony shouldn't be lost on anyone.


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