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Monday, April 13, 2009

Kudos To President Obama

I am about to post something that might surprise like-minded readers as well as those who opposed to my viewpoint. I actually have a bit of praise to extend to President Obama.

President Obama did two great good things during this past Somali pirate incident against an American merchant ship.

First off, he kept his composure, and his mouth shut throughout all of Captain Phillips' hostage ordeal with the Somali pirates who had him captured on a life boat in the ocean in that area for the duration of 5 days. If he had been stupid enough to start speaking publicly with bravado, he might have gotten Captain Phillips killed.

Secondly, his authorization for the Navy Seals to use deadly force to resolve this situation cemented the Amercian position, that not only do we not negotiate with terrorists but, that if you mess with one of our own, you do so at peril to your own life.

Some, like Sean Hannity have criticized President Obama for taking credit for something that he was legally bound to do anyway, but, I say cut him some slack this time! Is Sean Hannity right? Maybe. But, the better point is that Obama did ultimately do the right thing with both his silence and restraint and his permission for the death of those subhuman, criminal pirates.

As Conservatives, we have a great opportunity to show that we are not the losers that the left were during George W. Bush's term, who even if he had single handely cured cancer would have still been calling him all kinds of names from, "Hitler" to "idiot", "monkey", and "War Criminal" for example.

I expect conservatives to act at a level much higher than the hate-filled, idiotic members of the "intellectual" (a stretch), "compassionate" (yet another stretch) left.


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