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Friday, April 17, 2009

Tea Party Fallout

On this past April, 15th, there were "Tea Party" protests all over our great country. The response from the left was nothing short of disengenous and out right lies. At the Atlanta Tea Party protest, CNN reporter, Susan Roesgan demonstrated on camera live, just what a leftist tool she really is.

She confronted a man who was holding his child in his arms and proceeded to ask him why he was there. What ensued was basically, her constantly interrupting him, not allowing him to express himself - with her eventually withdrawing with her camera man and making such statements of obvious lies as: "This is an anti-government demonstration that is not fit for kids, not "family friendly" in her words. This is, of course, a paraphrase of her libelous statements. But you get the point.

Once again, the left, and it's "Left-Wing Media", have exposed themselves for the actual hypocrites that they really are.

The very idea that the Tea Pary Protests were anti-government is ludicrous. The protests were comprised of average people of this country expressing their 1rst Ammendment rights to express their dissatisfaction with a government that is not operating along the lines of: "A government of the people, by the people", as the Constitution guarantees.

The very idea that the government can usurp our taxes to spend on bail outs, or whatever it wants to, without our actual say, is anathema!

Then, there is the accusation that Tea Parties weren't family viewing.

Oh, really?

I beg to differ.

These demonstrations from common Americans are, if nothing else, "family viewing" worthy. What better time to teach our children about the fundamentals of what America really is? What better time to honor our Founding Fathers, than to show them that we are a government "of the people and by the people" and that the peoples' voice really matters?!

Left Wing Media outfits like, CNN and MSNBC, to name a few, are guilty of hypocrisy in very aggregious ways. For example WHERE was the: "this is not family viewing" statement from them during the gay marches in San Francisco, which they all willingly covered, to include gays dressed up like clowns and invading, and disrupting Christian churches?

Where was the: "It's not appropriate family coverage" during the Code Pink, Anti-Bush protests? Where was this, all of a sudden, invented: "it's not family coverage", during the Cindy Sheehan media coverage? It wasn't there!

It wasn't there because the left in this country are hypocrites that want to fool you into believing that they are all about "tolerance" and what is "fair". Obviously, their "tolerance" ends whenever it involves the common American citizen.

This is obviously, a case where the Left in this country have a huge amount of egg on their faces.

The Tea Party Protests were, in the end, actually very American and very appropriate!

My wish is that this is just the beginning! Some on the left try to downplay it all with numbers, but keep in mind, these Tea Party protests were held on a a week day. The alleged small numbers don't account for others who agree with these protesters, but couldn't turn out on a week day due to work requirements.

Something tells me that, in the end, we are all going to learn that a vast amount of Americans don't want Obama's idea of "Change and Hope" They can smell the stench of socialism/communism from a mile away. And they are fighting mad!

We'll see.


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