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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Obama's "Hope & Change" One Year Later

I was amazed during the 2008 Presidential Campaign at the vast number of gullible people who were mesmerized by Obama's speeches about "Hope" and "Change We Can Believe In". Here was a guy speaking a bunch of pleasant sounding platitudes, without any real definition of what he meant. It was just empty, pretty sounding words. Now, one year later, he has shown us what he meant.

Change we can believe in? Hope? A new era in politics in Washington? Transparency? Hardly.

One of the first things that Obama and his progressive/leftist democrat congressmen did was to expand the bail out process. It started with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac being to "big to fail". Admittedly, it started under President George W. Bush's watch. I am not a sycophant of Bush and this was yet another example of his not really holding true conservative values.

I held my nose and voted for McCain. He could have done a lot toward his victory had he refused to suspend his campaign and return to Washington to help Bush bail them out. He should have taken a stand against this atrocity. In capitalism, no one is "too big to fail". For every business that folds, there are others that spring up to provide even better services.

But, Obama took it beyond that. He moved on to banks and managed to own them through his bail outs. Government controlling the banking industry, step one toward Fascism. Not Fascism yet, but a step in that direction. Government has no place in the private sector, much less trying to control it. The idea that the federal government sets the salaries and bonuses, if any, of bank CEOs is anathema.

Next came his administration’s focus on owning the auto industry. Only Ford, declined, Step 2. Now the government is controlling the banking industry and the auto industry. Before someone starts with the whole, "aren't you exaggerating" shtick, let's not forget tax cheat Geitner's warning that the government is watching all financial institutions that might be teetering toward failure. Yep. The slippery slope has begun and the federal government is chomping at the bit to own even more of the private sector.

Then there was the first stimulus package that Obama swore would be devoid of pork. It looks like he lied. It was replete with wasteful pork, not to mention sinking our nation into further debt. He is even talking about a second stimulus package, as if he hasn't already sunk our nation into a huge deficit. Even China, who is certainly not our friend, was warning him about irresponsible debt! Debt that we owe them nonetheless.

Lastly, on Obama's disastrous economical plans, is his "Universal Healthcare" scam. Let's see, the federal government controls banks and financial institutions, the auto industry and now he wants to dominate the medical industry? Step three towards Fascism. The idea of the federal government overseeing the medical industry is both frightening and ludicrous. It can't even manage Social Security, which is broke, nor Medicare, which is, you guessed it, broke. Who in their right mind would want government bureaucrats determining their worth for medical treatment?

Obama and the leftist/progressives' universal healthcare plans would sink this country into a over 3 trillion dollar debt. Someone, I don't know who, coined this as "Generational Theft". And that's precisely what it is. How can any American support the idea of pushing our debt on to our children, their children, and their children's children? Thomas Jefferson argued with George Washington about going into debt to support the war as being nothing more than a sin since it would pass the debt on to future generations to pay for. And Jefferson was, and is right!

How about Obama on foreign relations? He has made it his modus operandi to apologize to Europe and the world for America's "crimes". Isn't the President supposed to support his country and its people and not denigrate it? Then there were the embarrassing bows. It's hard to not be ashamed of this Neville Chamberlin like progressive as my President.

Then there was Obama's bone headed idea to close Guantanamo Bay and bring the terrorists there into our country for trials here within our shores, as if they were all American citizens that had constitutional rights! This is a very stupid and dangerous idea. But, it looks like Obama thinks that by appeasing the terrorists they will somehow appreciate his cowardly gestures and have a change of heart.

Lets not forget Obama's war on "man made diasters". Consider Afghanistan. Obama drug his feet for months before making a decision there despite having the reports from the military commanders there and their recommendations that victory would only be possible if he instituted a surge. Meanwhile more died there. Hmm. Obama hesitated and more were decimated.

Obama's latest spin is his refusal to see the Massachusetts vote last night in favor of Brown as a referendum against his party. Yet, now he is talking about the need to not cram his Universal Healthcare down our throats and wait until at least Scott Brown is seated. Yeah right! He was all for rushing it through until last night. This just exposes him in yet another lie.

And let’s not forget his pledge for transparency. Really? How were all those closed door meetings regarding the Universal Healthcare by the democrats, shutting out the republicans. transparent? They weren’t. And to add insult to injury, the democrats had the nerve to proclaim that the republicans didn’t have anything to bring to the table, no solutions. How could the republicans bring a solution to a room that was locked to them, denying their participation? Yeah, so much for a different tone in Washington, so much for a new era in politics that would change from the past partisan politics.

It is now past the point of irritation for us to continually hear Obama blame all of his failings on the Bush Administration. One or two times early on, could be overlooked, but now it’s his mantra to cover his ineptness at every turn.

We are now starting to see a lot of buyer's remorse when it comes to Obama. Let's hope that later this year the voters toss all the politicians out of DC, both republican and democrat. We need statesmen in Congress who are there to represent their constituents and not push their own personal agenda.

Let's hope that in 2012 we toss Obama out and send him back to Chicago. Maybe he can spend the rest of his days preaching his "everything is Bush's fault" claptrap to his sycophant progressive fans in ACORN and the other corrupt politicians in Chicago.

I didn't vote for him, so I don't have buyer's remorse. Nor am I surprised. It is time for change that we can believe in alright. It’s time for Obama, Pelosi, Reid, and the liberal, moderate republicans as well, to be shown the door. It’s time to take back America before the progressive/leftists succeed in running it off a cliff and destroy the best experiment in political governance that has ever existed in human history.


Blogger James said...

Right on, as always, brother. The leopard has shown his spots and the American people don't like what they see. Obama said he'd rather be a great one-term president than a mediocre two-term president. I predict he's going to settle for being a God-awful one-term president.

One things for sure, Jimmy Carter loves him. After all, when Barry's done Jimmy will no longer be "worst president in history."

7:59 PM  
Blogger Clay said...

Ain't that the truth James. Until Obama hit the scene, Jimmy Carter was the worst President in my life time. Now Jimmy is just the worst ex-President.

7:27 PM  
Anonymous ayalon@israel said...

this year was full of unplesant surprises from mr. obama. expecially i am dissapointed with his policy on middle east, he truly does not und whats going on here...

10:51 AM  
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