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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Sourkraut, Bitter Bier & The Kyoto Polka

America is trying to recover from the horrible tragedy left in the aftermath of hurricane Katrina. Possibly hundreds of Americans are dead. The damages that Katrina left in her wake are probably in the billions of dollars. For a German politician and some journalists timing is everything. And they have decided that now is the time to blame the devastation caused by hurricane Katrina on America’s resistance in signing the Kyoto Treaty.

The Kyoto Treaty is touted by jealous European nations as being an urgent solution to the dangerous threat that "Global Warming" brings to the environmental health of the world.

The Kyoto Treaty would ensure that the major industrial nations, stop or reduce their use of industrial plants that are emitting harmful levels of carbon dioxide and 5 other gases that are allegedly responsible for the "greenhouse effect" within the earth's atmosphere and causing global warming.

The common mantra that these German critics of American economic success echo goes something like this:

America is the worlds richest nation. It's industry produces the most of these "greenhouse gases", [they conveniently leave out China's production levels], Therefor, it is America's responsibility to "take one for the team" and shut down these plants that are producing these harmful gases. If it means it hurts America's economic growth, well so be it.

Because America has refused to join with the rest of the earth's concerned nations about stopping Global Warming from bringing about dire environmental consequences, Mother Nature has sent us a warning: Hurricane Katrina.

If America doesn't abandon its stiff necked opposition to the Kyoto Treaty, it is going to be responsible for the waves and waves of coming hurricanes and violent storms that are sure to follow. Of course, they will only increase in violent capacity and frequency as Global Warming does more and more damage to the Earth's atmosphere.

That's right. We brought hurricane Katrina upon ourselves. If we don't play along with the rest of Europe, why we're going to get everyone killed.

Here's a quote from the article that supports the urgency of adopting the Kyoto Treaty:

The left-leaning Die Tageszeitung also delivers a punchy plea for more attention to global warming, saying politicians should pay more attention to Katrina's alarming images than to election polls and economic forecasts. "Hurricane Katrina has delivered terrible photos. Experts are already calling it the worst hurricane of all time. But this year's hurricane season has only just begun. Flooded villages, mud slides, sandbags....Scientists are quite calmly saying that we will see this kind of thing more often. After all, this is what they have been forecasting for years -- climate change, human-caused and irreversible. But a change of policy is not in the cards. Politics is trapped between voters and industry lobbyists. And of course, there is the killer argument: Protecting the environment impedes economic growth." This is not how it should be, the paper opines. Indeed, more "pictures from New Orleans should encourage us to follow science's advice on climate protection."

Aside from the comical notion that Katrina has "delivered terrible photos", (that would make it the world's first hurricane that not only brought extremely high winds, large amounts of water, spawned tornadoes, but also took pictures with a camera, developed them and dropped them off as it passed over), we get the threat of the apocalypse if we don't sign up with the Kyoto treaty and stop Global Warming.

Never mind the fact that scientists are divided over whether or not the global warming theory is even true. Never mind the fact that hurricanes have been smashing into land and causing terrible destruction for centuries before humanity was even advanced enough to produce an industry that produced these "greenhouse gases".

The conservative German newspaper, Die Welt makes this excellent point:

Whether the frequency and intensity of these storms has truly increased in recent years has not yet been proven with statistics." Whether humans have aversely affected the Earth's climate or not, the paper says, one thing is clear "we have modern technology to thank that Katrina was not able to do more damage." Indeed, thanks to early warning systems, the people of New Orleans were evacuated before the storm hit. "One hundred years ago, a tropical storm as strong as Katarina would likely have caused many deaths, because it would have hit people unawares." Now, says the paper, we should be grateful technology allows us to save so many lives.

The bottom line here is that all of this, "concern for the environment" talk behind the Kyoto Treaty is just a bunch of claptrap. The real motivation is one of greed and jealousy. What the Europeans want is to drag America, economically, down to their level.

You see, Europe is jealous of the superpower status of the U.S. They are jealous of the fact that America is more prosperous than they are. So, they decided to create a European Union to pose a challenge to America's economic dominance. Many European nations, (with the exception of England), tossed out their currency in favor of the "one Europe, one currency", the Euro. The Euro was suppose to be a serious threat to the U.S. dollar.

However, when it came time to adopt the Euro-Constitution, it all fell flat. It seems that these Europeans just can't get along with each other "in one accord" after all.

So, instead of striving to better themselves, they would prefer to bring America down to their level, under the guise of a treaty designed to save the world from environmental destruction.

It's pathetic really. It was America who came to the aid of Europe to save them from German tyranny not once but twice. It was America who invested its money and troops to keep the Soviet Union threat to Europe and the world at bay and that eventually caused the collapse of the Communist Empire. It was America who kept up the pressure on Soviet Premier Gorbachav to tear down the wall separating west and east Berlin, which ultimately led to the freedom of those Germans living in the east of Berlin.

Instead of German gratitude, we get German interference in America's coalition of military forces mission to take out the Hitler of the Middle East, Saddam Hussein. Why? It was all because they had their greedy German hands deep in the pockets of that tyrant.

Now, instead of demonstrating some gratitude for America's concern for their freedom, and sending aid to help with disaster relief, the smug Germans have the damn gall to blame the tragedy on us.

You can bet on one thing, if some great tragedy befalls the German people in the future, and God forbid it does, you won't find American politicians and journalists rubbing salt into the wound of the German people by blaming them for their tragedy. Instead, you will find, quick and generous American aid.

It's a good thing that America is the world's largest and only Super Power. Because of this status, America has the wherewithal to be able to send military protection, or economic relief when another nation's sovereignty is threatened or disaster and tragedy strikes.

History has repeatedly demonstrated what the consequences are when a European nation seeks to gain Super Power status: Total Global Dominance and tyranny. [Greece (Alexander the Great), Rome, (the Caesars), France (Napoleon), Germany (Kaiser Wilhelm II, Adolph Hitler), Italy (Mussolini)].

It's a shame that those Europeans who are against the U.S. are either, too stupid, or
disingenuous to see it and accept it.


Blogger 13 Fox said...

What I'd like to know is why are all our victims being treated like animals? No one has come to our aid, except our own people. I don;t see any other countries throwing millions at us like we do to them. Where's the concert with the big name bands?

3:00 PM  
Blogger Clay said...


There won't be any such concert, and I for one don't actually want one. I had a hard enough time with the hypocrisy of the last one. God forbid, they should taint America's tragedy with their self-righteous hypocrisy.

The standard routine for the nations that are ungrateful recipients of America's help in the past is to bad mouth us as much as they can until they are again in need, and then demand that we rush to their aid.

If we don't, they will then resume their critical tirades against us with the new theme of: "See? We told you America was evil."

It's not so much that we actually are in need of their financial assistance, it's more about the principle behind it all.

6:32 PM  

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