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Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Liberals All of a Sudden Love War!

When Saddam Hussein used chemical warfare against people in his country, there wasn't a peep of outrage, or call for military retaliation from one single liberal. In fact, they did nothing but bash Bush for trying to, and then going to war with Iraq. Somehow, though, when Syria does it to their citizens, its a serious outrage and all of the liberal media networks cover it non-stop, and the drumbeats of war commence. We have to go to war now! Bush made every precautionary move before he went to war with Iraq. He took his case to the UN and gained a lot of support. He took his case to Congress and waited for their approval. Once he received it, he proceeded. Obama, on the other hand, has not approached the UN for its approval. He has had to grudgingly wait for Congress' approval, despite his wish to go to war without them, and he only has what, France's support? Even our strongest ally, England has left our side on this one (what does that tell you?). And, oh by the way, guess who's on the side of Syria? Russia. This could get ugly. My question is, is it a smart idea for America to come to the aide of the Syrian rebels, who are comprised of al Qaeda terrorists? The very ones that sucker punched us on 9/11? What kind of President do we have? You see, liberals are not only hypocrites, they also aren't really peace lovers who detest war. They just detest wars that they themselves don't start. And they seem to be on the side of the Islamo-fascist terrorists. I don't know for sure, but I think they are cowards who think that if we just placate them, they will leave us alone. Wishful thinking. We do NOT need to get involved in Syria. We have enough of our own problems domestically to tend to. How about we listen to what George Washington warned us about in his farewell speech; to not get entangled in foreign alliances? How about we stop trying to be the policemen of the world? America was not founded to push the Democratic/Republican system of government onto the rest of the world. We were founded as a Democratic Republic for us to operate under as a nation. The other nations are free to pursue whatever government and way of life they wish, as long as they don't try and tread on us.