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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Mrs. Harris Needs To Be Fired - ASAP!!!

An elementary school teacher in the state of North Carolina has crossed the line. Mrs. Harris, a teacher of a 5th grade class in a school in North Carolina, decided to expose her "Obama Mania" to students in her class room.

Apparently, Mrs. Harris thought that it was for some reason, important to impose her political views on her 5th grade students. Unfortunately one of her students admitted to being in favor of John McCain. The girl's father is also deployed in the War Against Terror. And this made her a target for her teacher's "Obama Mania" zeal.

You can search on "You Tube" to find the video of the teacher's harassment against her students.

What really bothers me about all of this is the fact that, as soon as the teacher encountered a "McCain fan" she decided it was time to attack the poor child. Mrs. Harris began to attack the little girl and used a lie to ensure that she was successful. She told the girl that, by the way, the candidate you would vote for is really is committed to keeping the troops (your father included) there for 100 years.

What an out right lie! McCain has never said that. In fact, no one has ever said that...except for the far left anti-war propagandists. So, not only did the teacher lie, but she lied deliberately to a young innocent student of hers.

A hundred years in Iraq?! Who in their right mind would actually believe such irresponsible claptrap?!

In my opinion, Mrs. Harris should be fired. It would serve to send an important message to the teachers of our children across this nation that they weren't hired to indoctrinate our children in their personal political viewpoints, but, rather they should focus on what matters in the realm of education.

If she is not fired, it will serve to embolden more unhinged liberal teachers to push forward with their brainwashing campaign.

Barak Obama has won. He is the President-Elect and we need to give him a fair shot. But, Mrs. Harris' elation over some one of her own race being elected should remain in her own mind. It has no place in her classroom.

Shame on her and shame on the school board if they don't punish her as she so deservedly deserves!!!

Friday, November 07, 2008

Shame On Fox News & Carl Cameron

The Fox News Channel has always had as it's mottos: "Fair and Balanced" and "We Report, You Decide". And I have to say for the most part, they have remained true to their slogans. However, Fox News reporter, Carl Cameron, has tainted, at least in my view, Fox News Channel's reputation as being fair and balanced.

A couple of days ago, Carl decided to report on, (what really is nothing more than gossip), negative views from within the McCain campaign regarding Sarah Palin. I am not going to expound upon what was alleged about Mrs. Palin. Thanks to Carl Cameron it is all over the news. I, for one. don't believe a word of it. I smell a rat.

If Carl Cameron had any good journalist sense, (Is there is such a thing in these days and times when the media is no longer a watchdog for the people of a democracy), he would have told his source that if he/she wanted to report on Sarah Palin they were more than welcome to appear on camera and on microphone. If the source balked, I would have walked away.

After all, if all that the source alleged against Sarah Palin is true, then there shouldn't be any problem, whatsoever, in appearing on camera before the nation and making those allegations against Sarah Palin. Right?

Of course, if they are nothing more than "cover your butt" lies because your candidate lost and you need a scapegoat, well then, of course, you need reporters like Mr. Cameron who will take you at your word and not actually require you to appear on camera and own the lie that you are telling.

Thanks alot Carl Cameron, for being "fair and balanced".

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Things That Puzzle Me About The 2008 Presidential Election

While the election is now over, there are a few things about it that still bothers me.

1. Pennsylvania: What were this constituency thinking? First off, they voted for Barak Obama. This is the candidate who characterized them in a speech in San Francisco, California as being a state comprised of hicks who cling to their guns and bibles and have no tolerance for anyone who thinks differently from them. What an insult. Would you vote for a candidate who insulted you and your fellow citizens?
I sure wouldn't! Then there is Obama's attack against the coal industry, declaring that his administration would definately bankrupt any one in the coal industry who tried to continue mining and developing coal. The coal industry is very important to Pennsylvania's economy and jobs. Yet, these idiots vote for him nonetheless. I am perplexed. And then there is there keeping John Murtha in office. This lout has not only made treasous, slanderous statements against our military, but, if that wasn't enough, he insulted his constituents as being racists. When he was called out on that outrageous characterization, Murtha simply substitutes the word "red necks" for "racists", which is a pejorative for: ignorant, hayseed well... racists. And yet they ensure that the man who insulted them remains in power. Go figure.

2. Ohio: Why isn't anyone challenging Obama's win in that state when we all know that ACORN was really busy there with their usual voter fraud tactics with questionable voter registration tactics, coupled with a state official who managed to get the Supreme Court's approval in her not implementing any measures to ensure that voter fraud wasn't occuring there? Hmmmm... I wonder if Obama really won that state "fair and square".

3. "8 more years of Bush": One of the successful mantras that the Obama campaign used was the maligning of the Bush Administration for running up the nation's debt into the trillions. That sounds reasonable, except.... Obama is also planning on running up our deficet into... the trillions. Can any one say "hypocrite"?!!!

4. Campaign contributions: McCain approached Obama early on in the race to agree to not accept campaign contributions from certain sources. They agreed. McCain kept his end of the bargin, Obama lied and did the complete opposite. What does this say about Obama's character? Can anyone really trust him at his word?

5. Radical, anti-America, Black Racist, home grown terrorists, Communist associations: Barack's ties to racists like Rev Wright, Louis Farrakahn, and terrorists like Bill Ayers makes me wonder why I should really want this man as the President of our country. I wonder why this makes me nervous....

6. First African-American President of the United States: As I have pointed out several times before, Barak Obama is NOT an African-American. He is half white and half black. To call him black is at worst racist, at least ignorant. Yes, of course on the outside he appears to be obviously black but he is still half white.
He does ironically serve to be a symbol of reconciliation between the whites and blacks in this country and their ridiculous history of anamosity. However, based upon the caliber of people that he has surrounded himself with in the past and the contents of his books, I don't see any wish on his part for reconciliation between the races. I hope that I am wrong on this, but I am not holding my breath.

7. "The first time that I could be proud to be an American": Michelle Obama has none of my respect whatsoever. She benefited from a top notch education in an Ivory League college, Princeton I believe, and yet she has no pride in the country who provided her with such an opportunity?! You have got to be kidding me! Very few americans have such an opportunity. Yet she doesn't even appreciate it. This ungrateful woman has nothing to say to me to gain my respect. First Lady? How about First Disgrace.

This post was an honest attempt to enumerate my concerns about our new President. Although these concerns of mine are real, I am willing to give Barak Obama a chance and hope that he will take this mandate from the people to be President with the ultimate respect and gratitude, and not over-reach and think that he has a mandate to force his Leftist, Socialistic, Radical beliefs on this great country.

Let's wait and see and not rush to any conclusions about Barak. And let's pray for him and hope that he winds up being the President this country needs in its dire hour.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

The People Have Spoken

Barak Obama will be the 44th President of this great nation. How did he get to this office in our great land?

Well, in no particular order:

1. The media, who is suppose to be unbiased and "the watchdogs" of our nation were unquestionably "in the tank" for Obama. By the media, I am referring to the main stream media, (ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC, PBS, NPR etc.) With the exception of the Fox News Channel and conservative talk radio, the main stream media were nothing more than cheerleaders who were all the way on board the Obama political campaign. Not once did the expose any of the flaws that Obama had. Instead, they covered up any and all negative points against Obama and his relations and positions.

2. Disturbing, is the fact that Barak Obama surrounded himself with racist, America hating figures not to mention an American terrorist, (i.e. Rev Wright, Louis Farrakhan, Bill Ayers etc.). Yet, the main stream media never commented on this fact, nor even once, challenge the validity of his campaign mantra of "8 more years of Bush" who raised the national debt by trillions, while the hypocrite, Obama, proposes trillions more, just like Bush.

3. A vast amount of Obama followers who were mesmerized by the charisma that Barak Obama exhibited, (at least on script). These supporters of Obama were mesmerized by his "Change We Can Believe In" mantra, without even once asking themselves: "What does he mean by change? Change into what?" Nope. They just voted like lemmings running off a cliff for the promise of a "change" undefined.

4. Like it or not, race was, in fact, a factor in this Presidential Race. For some, it so important to have an "African-American" President that it was, for them, a no-brainer. While I would agree that it is well past the time for this nation to have a minority as President, whether it be a Black person, an Asian, an Hispanic, an American Indian, or even a woman, I believe that at worse, it is racist to vote for an African-American simply because he is an African-American and at least, it is ignorant. Voting for someone based upon their race doesn't make any sense whatsoever. I would love to see a black person become President, but I would never vote for that candidate solely on the idea that he is black. (I voted for an authentic African-American twice in primary elections, the first time in the Republican primary election of 2000, and again in this year's Republican primary for Alan Keyes). I vote on a matter of who that person is, what his/her character is and what they have to offer in relation to my political viewpoint. In other words, as much as this nation would benefit by having a minority for President, I think that is foolish to vote for a minority candidate simply because he or she is a minority.

5. By the way, I am really getting sick and tired of hearing pundits and others keep saying that this is the first African-American President of our country. Barak Obama is NOT an African-American. He is, in fact, half black and half white. If it wasn't for his Marxist/Socialist view points he would stand as a symbol for the real healing between the black and white disparities in our culture. He is, after all, half black and half white. I didn't vote against Obama because he is black but, because his political ideology is too far left, too much socialist, and his friends are too radical, racist, and Anti-American for me.

6. ACORN. Need I say more? Where is the proof that the votes weren't fixed in states like Ohio for Obama? Especially when the state official, (I can't remember her name or what her position was), appealed to the Supreme Court to not force her to ensure that voter fraud wasn't happening in her state.

Despite all of the above points, the American people have spoken. That being said, it is in my opinion, time to accept our newly elected President and give him a fair chance. Who knows? Maybe Barak Obama is the best choice for us at this juncture in our nation's challenges? I believe that we owe it him to give him a fair chance to prove himself worthy of the task.

As a conservative, I don't think it is in our best interest to act like the Democrats since 2000 who, have done nothing but whine and apply ad hominem attacks to America's choice. Let's see what Obama has to offer. Not with blinders on our eyes, but let's give him a fair shot at it. ODS - Obama Derangement Syndrome is not becoming of the conservative character. Let's leave such behavior to the Democrats, who clearly own such despicable behavior.

My next post will be about how I believe that Obama will more than likely, move to a centrist position for reasons that I will point out.