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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Whiny Atheist Is Back

Something tells me that atheist, Michael Newdow is not secure in his atheism. I heard today that he is entering the media spotlight once again. Boy, does this guy crave attention. As if it wasn't enough to use his own daughter against her own free will to try and topple Constitutionally protected 1rst Amendment religious expression, here he is again.

Mr. Newdow's shaky stance for atheism now has a problem with Pastor Rick Warren's scheduled prayer at Barak Obama's Inauguration.

What a complete loser Newdow is. If he wasn't such a "look at me" addict and was really secure in his atheism, we wouldn't be constantly hearing from him. But, since he is so insecure and addicted to attention, like Cindy Sheehan, here his sorry butt is again in the news.

Let's pray for him.

Monday, December 29, 2008

The Hypocritical Media: Too Little. Too Late.

Who does the main stream media (MSM) think it is fooling?

In the last couple of days, the liberal MSM have been attacking, of all people, Democrat, Caroline "Kennedy". This is a bit odd sense the MSM has been all about trying to paint the Kennedy Family has our "Royal Family".

This, of course, is ludicrous since America became an independant nation from Britan because we don't accept royalty in the first place. The whole "Kennedy Camelot" thing has always repulsed me. JFK was really no different than Clinton, and a myriad of other democrat politicians, i.e. pursuing adultery every chance they get. Bill Clinton had his Monica and is still idolized by liberal democrats and JFK had his Marilyn Monroe. But what do those silly liberals know about American history anyways? They usually try and re-write it to support their views anyhow.

But, I digress. Here is where the MSM's hypocricy comes into play. One reporter the other day was going on and on, on the Fox News Channel about how she had counted the number of "you knows" found in Caroline "Kennedy's" press speech and about how unqualifed she was for the job of taking over Hillary Clinton's Senate seat, having no experience.

No experience?

I have a question that just begs to be asked. Where was this scrutiny on the part of the MSM against Obama during his campaign for President?

Every idiotic gaffe that he and his running mate Joe Biden made were summarily ignored. Barrack's gaping lack of experience was ignored while they tried to pin inexperience on Sarah Palin, who at least, had the experience of two administrative jobs as mayor, and then, governor of the state of Alaska.

Yet, now we are supposed to be impressed with the MSM's rough treatment of Caroline "Kennedy"? Yeah right!

Personally speaking, while I don't agree with her political views, I do believe she should be given a chance.

After all, given the highly questionable views and past surronding Barrak Obama's rise to the presidency, at least Caroline rises above all of that highly suspicious evidence.

Hamas & Obama

Recently, Israel has started a bombing campaign in the Gaza Strip against those blood thirsty terrorists, Hamas. President Elect, Barak Obama weighed in yesterday with the comment that for Hamas to stop attacking Israel would be the same as the United States ceasing to attack al Qaeda.


Now, either this is yet another gaffe that has escaped the lips of Obama, or something much worse, a glimpse into his true allegience.

Let's start first with the possibility of this just being yet another idiotic gaffe on his part. You know, like his statment on the campaign trail that he had visited 57 states so far and had a few more to go.

Let's see, in Obama's gaffe, the U.S. (a Western Democratic Nation) is the same as Hamas (an Islamic extemist terrorist organization). While, al Qaeda (another Islamic extremist terrorist organization) is somehow equal to Israel (a Western Democratic Nation).

Does anybody see a problem with this analogy?

For those liberals who are incapable of seeing anything beyond the echo chamber of liberal sound bites that they have been indoctrinated with; here's a breakdown of what is wrong with this analogy.

The analogy would make more sense if it lined up the appropiate players. It should have the same Western Democratic Nations on each side of the analogy pitted against the same Islamic extremist terrorist organizations on the other side.

In other words, for the analogy to make sense it should have been stated thusly:

For Israel (a Western Democratic Nation) to cease attacking Hamas (an Islamic extremist terrorist organization) would be the same as the U.S. (a Western Democratic Nation) ceasing to attack al Qaeda (an Islamic extremist terrorist organization).

Was it a gaffe on Obama's part? Or, was it a true glimpse into what side he is actually on? If the latter is true then the American voter has been duped into voting into power America's own version of Britan's Neville Chamberlain.

God forbid! Many, many innocent lives were lost due to Chamberlain's foolish cowardness.

There is no doubt that al Qaeda and the rest of radical Islam has declared war on Israel, the U.S., and the rest of Western Civilization. There is also no doubt what their plans are for us.

Let's hope and pray that this is just yet another gaffe out of Obama's mouth. If it isn't we are headed for serious trouble.

I am still of the mind that we have to get behind our new President, but now I am leaning towards Ronald Reagan's phrase: "trust but verify".

Just one more thing is bothering me about Barak Obama. For the first time in American political history, the "Office of the President Elect" has been established, complete with press covered speeches. Sorry, but this smacks of incredible arrogance on Obama's part. He isn't even in power yet. Yet, he wants to bully his way into the spotlight as if he even matters yet. In the words of his own staff, "we are a nation that has one President at a time." Once again, we see Obama in a rather obvious hypocrital position. I guess it is "Chicago politics" as usual. (And yeah, I know, too many yets)