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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Bush's Speech Last Night

Bush is right on this one. We cannot afford to abandon Iraq to be over run by Islamo-Facist terrorists. That will only embolden them to seize Iraq as their base of terrorist operations. Then they will be able to turn their violence upon us, via nuclear or WMD weapons. If we pull out now, we risk not only our safety, but, it will resound a message to the world that America is not really for freedom of the oppressed. It will let them know that America is nothing more than a hypocrite when it comes to the idea of the importance of liberty.

The only question I have is why did it take until now? Why weren’t we fighting this way in Iraq before?

Nonetheless, this is the right direction for us to pursue. I am NOT a Bush sycophant.
Domestically, he is too much to the left on his plans. But, nonetheless, since 9/11 he has definitely been the right man for the job. Thank God, we weren’t under a Al Gore, or John Kerry president.

Democrats seem to be stuck on appeasement as their response. You can’t appease these terrorists. They are devoted, until death to enslaving the world to their Islamo-Fascist rule. If liberty is to survive, we must squash this threat to our way of life. Handing them yet another defeat,(first in Afghanistan, now in Iraq). They must learn that their nihilistic goal for the world is not going to happen on America’s watch.

The most important thing about Bush’s plan is that it will finally transfer the onus of responsibility for Iraq’s freedom to Iraq itself. It is their time to step up to bat. And it is long overdue. America is still willing to help them in their fight against the enemies of their government, but, it is their time to put up or shut up.


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