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Monday, November 27, 2006

Reinstate The Draft?

Well, now that the Democrats have gained control of Congress, they have decided to take a step in their “new direction” on the War Against Terrorism: reinstate the draft. Democrat Senator, Charles Schumer, soon to be the head of the House Ways And Means Committee has vowed that he plans to revive a bill he drafted to reinstate the draft. This is yet another bone-headed idea that liberals have in mind for our country. If the push to reinstate the draft is any indication of the type of nonsense that Democrat leadership has to offer then we are in for one bumpy ride.

I heard radio talk show host Glen Beck say on his TV show the other night that he thinks this is a scare tactic that Rangel and the Democrats are using to get us out of Iraq. MTV tried to use the draft as a scare tactic during Bush’s reelection campaign with their “Vote or Die” hysterics. They were obviously hoping that their audience would fall for the lie that if Bush got reelected, their viewers would likely die, as Bush would reinstate the draft and drag them all into “his war” in Iraq. Of course any informed MTV viewer had the luxury of having a good laugh at MTV’s badly botched ploy. Somebody at MTV failed to inform the “Vote Or Die” campaign masterminds that, Psstt! It’s not Bush or the Republicans who want to re-instate the draft. It’s the liberal Democrats. Whoops!

It’s too bad that fact wasn’t pointed out. Had it been clearly advertised that it was the Democrats who wanted the draft, MTV’s “I love liberal Democrats” “Vote or Die” campaign would have backfired on them as voters indeed rushed to vote. Vote against the Democrats and their desire to drag people involuntarily into military service. Vote or die indeed.

Glen Beck speculated that what Rangel and the Democrats are using the reinstatement of the draft for is to scare people who support the war in Iraq into changing their mind and come over to the appeasement party’s side with a threat. Either abandon the war in Iraq or face the draft! Glen Beck could be right, but I don’t know. It sounds like an expected liberal tactic.

Thankfully, Rumsfeld and the Bush Administration wisely shot down the idea of the need for a draft. Charlie Rangel needs to pull his head out of his….well you know. He is apparently stuck back in 1940. We fought World War II, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War under a military draft. The latter war demonstrated just how bad an idea the draft really is. Rangel needs to come and live in the 21 Century with the rest of us.

As a result of the abandonment of the draft, America’s military has developed into a military comprised of very professional, technical savvy, bright men and women. The best military force in the world. The military attracts bright men and women who enlist in the military of their own free will. There’s no one in the military who didn’t choose to be there. Not only that, but the military is very picky about who can join in the first place. Not just any Tom, Dick, Sally or Susan can join.

If Rangel and the Democrats get their way and reinstate the draft it will drag the military down in quality and ability. It would then be a conglomeration of professional, (those that are willing to put up with riffraff) and a bunch of malcontents who don’t want to be in the military in the first place. So much for us having the finest military in the world. It is very hard to work with a bunch of malcontents who are liable to thumb their noses at orders. Reinstatement of the draft would be damaging to our military and its ability to perform its mission. In fact it would be damaging to our national security posture.

You can also expect Rangel and the liberal Democrats to reduce the quality of life and pay of military members once the draft has been re-instated. After all, the incentives that have previously been offered to attract the best and brightest will no longer be needed now that the government can force people to enlist. The liberal Democrats will see the money saved in these cuts as money that could be better spent in new failed socialist/vote buying programs. Once the quality of life and pay incentives are abolished, I would suspect that the number of former quality soldiers would dwindle down dramatically leaving us with a military that will no longer be on top, but dragged down considerably.

And that is dangerous for our National Security. But then again, Democrats, at least liberal Democrats, don’t really care that much about National Security. After all, according to them, America got what she deserved on 9/11. They would be all too happy to see America dragged down a notch or two.

I am praying really hard that the moderate Democrats send Rangel and his dangerous bill packing or else we are all in big trouble.


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