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Monday, May 15, 2006

President Bush To The Illegal Aliens In America Today, "Shame On You. But, Somos Amigos. Vale?"

Ok. I listened to President Bush’s address to the nation regarding his plan to deal with both our open borders and the illegal alien situation. I will applaud him on at least paying attention to the issue and coming up with a plan to deal with it. But, there is where we part ways.

As I stated in the last post I made to my blog, I voted for him. I don’t regret the vote, (can you imagine the pickle we would be in under President Al Gore, or President John Kerry? I thought so.). Nonetheless, I am not a “W” sycophant. I disagree with quite a few of his stances. On this issue I definitely disagree with his position. However, I am not about to go around screaming for his impeachment either. Unlike the hypocritical democrats who have forgotten the rules regarding impeachment charges, I don’t see any “high crimes and misdemeanors” in the fact that Bush’s plan doesn’t match mine.

That being said…

Right off the bat in his speech he referred to the illegal aliens in our country as “decent”, “hard-working” people who are a “part of American life”. How is someone who sneaks into our country illegally to be considered “decent”? If these vermin are decent, what are the ones who are making and have made the financial sacrifices to immigrate to this country legally?

How are illegal aliens a “part of American life”? Is the fact of their illegal invasion here in large numbers a part of American life that we just have to deal with? Or, is it the normal American way of life to welcome those who ignore legal immigration means to enter this country with open arms as “decent hard working people who are willing to do the work that American citizens refuse to do”?

Bush then went on to announce his administration’s plan to add 6,000 bodies to the border patrol to help turn back the tide of the flood of illegal aliens into this country.
With borders thousands and thousands of miles long, how are a mere 6,000 more bodies going to make a difference?

The President went on to outline his ideas for physically securing the border. It turns out that his plan includes some hodge-podge mixture of: fences in city areas, physical barriers in rural areas, infra-red monitors, and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs).

Bush also promised to deploy the National Guard to the borders to help build fences and monitor sensors for a period of one year until modern technological discoveries can fill in the void. Does he mean until Star Trek technology exists? Pretending that technology will provide an answer within one year of the deployment of National Guard troops is naive at best.

President Bush offered his criticism of the country’s past “capture and release program” that occurred when captured illegal aliens had to be released back into society with new court dates when it became clear that their countries of origin wouldn’t necessarily take them back. What did these illegal aliens do? They escaped and moved somewhere else. Of course, what did our stupid government expect them to do? Volunteer for incarceration until their country agreed to take them back? Since when did criminals play by the rules?

President Bush also affirmed his resolve to proclaim to the countries that these illegal aliens came from that they must “accept them back”. Ok. And if they refuse, then what?

Bush stated that many cross our borders illegally in search of work and will continue to do so “no matter what”. Well, they won’t be able to do so if it is physically impossible, now will they?

Bush went on to describe his Guest Worker Program as, a legal path for these illegal aliens to enter here for a limited time to do jobs that, “Americans are not doing”. Oh, really? First off, Americans aren’t doing these jobs because they are being filled by illegal aliens. Second, I see a potential never ending illegal alien cycle here. First come here illegally (AKA sneak across the border). Then, when you have spent your allotted government approved free time here, you go back home and wait until your turn on the US government sanctioned, illegal alien merry-go-round comes again.

Our President declared that he was against any “free path to citizenship” for these illegal aliens. Ok so far, so good. His “Guest Worker Program would require that these illegal aliens pay all back taxes to the government based on the illegal wages that they have earned during their illegal employment here. And that they should then be prepared to wait in line behind all of those immigrants to our country who have applied for entrance via the legal way. Ok. I can buy that. However, he then goes on to confound all of this.

Bush then goes on to state something along the lines of: “Every human being has dignity and value, no matter what his citizenship papers say.” Oh really, so those who break our nation’s immigration laws and sneak in here across the border, evading our border patrol have dignity and worth?

Our President then goes on to propose that immigrants to this country are what they have always been, comprised of people who “thirst for freedom”. I’m sorry, but in this case, it’s people who salivate for money. Money their own corrupt government denies them. Money and jobs that they are taking away from legitimate Americans. This is money filtering into their home countries’ economies. This is American money that serves as a buffer that prevents corrupt governments such as Mexican President Fox from actually having to address corruption reform in his country.

Not once did President Bush admit to this fact. Not once did he challenge Mexico’s President Fox as to his country’s role in this illegal invasion of our country. Sadly, Bush is just another in a long line of politicians who crave party votes more than actual border security.

Otherwise, he has done an outstanding job when it comes to national security since 9/11.

Again, would you have preferred Al Gore? John, “I served in Vietnam” Kerry”?

Again, I didn’t think so.


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