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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

"I Voted For The War Before I Voted Against It. I Mean I..."

Libertarian radio talk show host, Neil Boortz does a good job of exposing the hypocrisy of those Democrats whose constant mantra is to blame the problems we are having in Iraq with the insurgent and terrorist attacks on our military and the new Iraqi government on President Bush.

According to them, the war on Iraq was all Bush's idea. It was Bush's war not theirs. Nice try. But, Boortz calls them out on it. Here is an excerpt from his post:

Now that things have gotten rough in Iraq and it's tough sledding, a bunch of Democrats have come out and ripped the president over the war now for several years. But to call it his war...I don't think so. For a little background, let's take a look at some of the Democratic senators that voted in favor of Joint Resolution 114, the Authorization for Use of Military Force Against Iraq Resolution of 2002. They include:

Harry Reid of Nevada, Democrat
Joe Biden of Delaware, Democrat
Max Cleland of Georgia, Democrat (included because he would like everyone to forget)
John Edwards of North Carolina, Democrat
John Kerry of Massachusetts, Democrat
Chuck Schumer of New York, Democrat
Hillary Clinton of New York, Democrat

Of course the spin that they try to counter this with goes along the lines of:

"Bush lied to us all. If I had known he was lying I would never have voted in favor of going to war with Iraq."

Nice try. So, I guess what the voter can take away from this lame excuse is that their vote for these individuals is a wasted one.

After all, we entrust these men and women with the awesome responsiblity of handling the affairs of our nation. If they are that incompetant when it comes to being able to make a fully informed decision regarding placing our men and women of the Armed Forces in mortal danger, then they obviously don't belong in Washington DC.

Never mind the fact that Bush didn't lie and that this been emphasized many, many times since the media fall out over the Valerie Plame scandal. Remember her husband, Joseph Wilson who lied about who sent him to Africa to investigate whether or not any yellow cake iranium was sold to Sadaam Hussein and who now claimes that Bush lied about the WMD threat? The British sources of the intelligence they provided to Bush regarding Hussein's possession of WMD continues to stand by the assessment they provided Bush. So, not only is the liberal mantra: "Bush Lied, People Died" a bald faced lie itself, the source of the intelligence passed to Bush which drove his decision toward war with Iraq has not abandoned him. The only ones abandoning Bush now are the very Democratic senators who helped make the war in Iraq possible to begin with.

So much for using the "Bush is a liar" tactic to wiggle out of their initial support of the Iraq war.

The bottom line is that they did support the war and are trying to back out of it now that the going is getting tough and they are despicably trying to blame it all on Bush. What a bunch gutless hypocrits! I can't say it enough. For those who voted for these losers, is this really the type of people you want representing you in Washington DC? Are you proud to be a member of the Democrat party?

The embarrassing, whining, back-stabbing, deceitful behavior of the Democrat party since the 2000 election is enough of a reason to never waste any vote on them, let alone their socialist agenda for America.


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