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Monday, April 17, 2006

Democrat Party Return To Power?

There is some speculation that if the Republican Party doesn’t get its act together and start listening to its voters, then they might very well lose in the November elections handing the reigns back over to the Democrats. Newt Gingrich make this point very well in an article you can find here.

I hate to admit it, but I happen to agree. As a conservative, I vote Republican because it is the political party that comes the closest to representing my political beliefs. I, and I believe the rest of the voters in this country, (if they were paying attention), learned from the Ross Perot debacle that this country is not ready to be anything other than a two party system.

I have been frustrated with the Republican Party the last few years. They have been given the reigns and have just balked. They refuse to take the lead, and spend too much time pandering to the opposition from the Democrats instead of defeating it head on.

The first frustration for me was the infamous “Contract With America” that got the Republicans, led by Newt Gingrich, back into majority control of Congress. As it turned out their “contract” amounted to little more than some nice ideas and promises that just never materialized.

George W. Bush has been elected for two terms, and despite having a Republican majority in Congress has refused, or has been unable, to take advantage of his opportunity to steer this country back onto the right track, (pun intended), and away from the socialist, globalism influence that the left is trying to poison us with.

It was pointed out to me once by someone that both political parties are for bigger government and more government spending. They just focus on different areas of control for the government to seek and to spend the tax payer’s money on. I have found this to be basically true.

The problem for the Republican Party is that, while it does a good job of wooing the conservative vote, it hardly ever follows through with the conservative agenda that it promised to support. They worry more about polls than they do actually gaining the confidence and respect of their voting base.

I suspect I am not the only conservative out there who is becoming more and more disenfranchised with the Republican Party.

This growing disenchantment could spell an unfortunate victory for the Democrats and, therefore the liberal movement.

You see, unlike the Republican Party, the Democrat Party is dominated by liberal agenda. It doesn’t just woo liberals for their vote, it is, by and large liberal itself.

So what to do? I’m certainly not about to throw my vote towards the Democrats by voting for a third party. And there is no way I would ever vote the Democrat ticket, at least not as long as it continues down it's Marxist influenced, "legislate from the Supreme Court", "the Constitution is a living document" path.

If the unthinkable should occur, and the liberals win back control of the country here are some of the things you can expect to see happen, or perhaps be pursued by a government in the hands of liberal leadership, in no particular order.

First, our troops will be pulled out of Iraq and Afghanistan post haste. The left have been screaming ad nauseum that we don’t belong over there and our troops are stuck in a quagmire, ineffectual and dying by the thousands for no good reason. They will act swiftly on this.

When they do force our fighting men and women back home, you can expect the following. Once again, the Iraqis will learn that you can’t count on the U.S. She will always leave you in a lurch. The country will either turn into a bloody civil war disaster, or the Islamo-Fascist hotheads will assume command. If you think Saddam Hussein was bad, try living under the control of bloodthirsty, hate-filled, demon possessed terrorists and their nightmarish vision.

The people of Afghanistan will learn the painful lesson about U.S. fidelity that their neighbors have had to endure, now twice with America’s second abandonment. You can expect the Taliban to regain power, and life for the women of Afghanistan, and every one else who doesn’t agree with their insanely restrictive “shove Islam down everyone’s throats” style of government to take a severe dive in terms of quality and promise.

Any hope of having two more Islamic democracies in the Middle East would be dashed.
Those fallen US soldiers who died liberating Afghanistan and Iran, like Casey Sheehan's son, would then have died in vain.

All of this thanks to the liberal agenda.

Second, you can expect that our military will be farmed out to support the UN in whatever meaningless endeavor the UN wishes to pursue, (talk about being in a quagmire and the senseless loss of American lives!).

Liberals love the ideals of globalism with its vision of “one world, one government”. They are ashamed of America’s superpower status, and wish to bring America down a notch or two.

Other things that could be on the liberal agenda could be granting other nations the ability to arrest and extradite American military personnel to be tried for “war crimes”, Supreme Court rulings being guided by other nations’ interpretations and philosophies, and it wouldn’t surprise me if they didn’t toy with the idea of opening up American elections to the voting populace of the nations of the world.

I’d like to think that that last item is highly unlikely, but it would be consistent with the liberal globalist’ agenda. They do crave the respect of Europe and the rest of the world and they are embarrassed and ashamed by the actions of America now, and in the past as a superpower. They especially don’t like the idea of America being a lone superpower. To appease and try and win the respect of the rest of the world they are willing to let the rest of the world determine who will lead the world's only superpower.

Third, you can expect to kiss the tax break you got from the Bush Administration goodbye, and face even more taxes than before.

Fourth, you can expect that with all of the money they can squeeze out the American worker they will squander it on more socialist programs that don’t actually solve any problems, but ensure the dependence of the free-loaders in this country on the government and secure their vote.

Fifth, illegal aliens, “undocumented workers” would be given automatic citizenship and voting rights. Social programs would be financed through heavy taxation of authentic American citizens and aimed at these "new citizens" to ensure the vote of the illegal aliens would always go toward keeping the liberals in power. And of course, it will send a message loud and clear to the rest of Latin America, "come on over and become an automatic American citizen, we will even give you free handouts!

Never mind the fact that countless immigrants from Europe, Mexico, Latin America, Asia have sacrificed to obtain citizenship into this country the right way. When it comes to Mexican aliens, they will get special, preferential treatment.

And of course, never mind the rise in drug trafficking into America, or the unhindered path into our cities afforded to al Qaeda and other terrorist groups who mean us harm. After all, there will be nothing in place to hinder "undocumented workers" from coming to the "land of plenty" and helping themselves to what is not rightly theirs, but granted to them by the kinder liberal government.

Sixth, since liberals tend to view the Constitution as a “living document” you can expect more and more of it be reinterpreted in a more modern, enlightened, progressive manner (read, converted slowly but surely into a Communist/Socialist Manifesto).

Seventh, if you think the public school system is a mess now, it hasn’t even begun to deteriorate. Schools will funnel the liberal world view into the heads of our children ensuring the indoctrination of future generations into the liberal secular, humanist, communist/socialist viewpoint. Given enough time, generations can be effectively brainwashed with a one-sided view, to believe the way it is, is the best of all possible ways.

Am I saying that the liberals would accomplish these and other items on their agenda once they regained control of the Congress and possibly the Presidency? No, of course not. But just look at what they were able to accomplish in the last half of the past century. We are already well on our way down the path they envision for us. The Republicans have been too busy watching their status in the polls to bother with overturning the damage that the decades of Democratic rule managed to inflict.

Public schools are failing to provide for a good education, but there is no shortage of liberal programs being aimed at students. Critical thinking skills aren’t taught in schools. And I maintain there is a motive behind its absence in the schools around this nation's cirriculum.

The liberal’s plan for the secularization of America has already created plenty of damaging erosion to the moral fabric of our society. Marriages and families fall apart on a regular basis. The poisonous philosophy of relativism has introduced a myriad of immorality and filth into our popular culture. Liberal successes via their misinterpretation of the First Amendment “Separation of Church and State” ploy is succeeding in de-Christianizing America, and denying citizens the freedom of expression of their religion in public.

Am I saying that they would automatically get away with their agenda? No. I would like to think that as they tried to slip their agenda in, bright Americans would rise to the occasion and vote them out of power. But, even so, just because there is not any guarantee they could remain in power long enough, to completley re-invent America according to their communist/socialist vision doesn’t mean that they wouldn’t try. Unlike the Republican party that tries to capitulate to angry Democrats, the Democrats would do with their power what the Republicans should have and that is ignore the temper tantrums coming from the Republican party and push ahead with their agenda.

A vote for the Democratic Part is a vote for the liberal agenda for America. It is a vote that will weaken our military defense, farm it out to the UN, and relegate our national defense and defense of our national interests to the UN. It is a vote to constantly increase the tax burden and severely decrease the quality of the American way of life as a plethora of many more useless socialist programs will be funded on the backs of the American worker. A vote for the Democratic Party is a vote for extremely diminished Homeland Defense, and wide open, unprotected borders. A vote for the Democratic Party would be a very bad choice indeed.


Blogger Rich | Championable said...

Hello. I would like to discuss these issues with you, but I do not understand what you are referring to...

Could you cite specific examples of:

1) The 'socialist, globalism influence the the left is trying to poison us with?'

2) The 'marxist' influence on the democratic party?

3) When we liberated Iran, exactly? Or was that just a typo? (I'm hoping typo).

4) How liberals believe in "One world, One Government." Or examples of how Liberals are ashamed of America's superpower status?

Thanks. I'll check back from time to time to see if there's any factual data addended to your post.

Happy Easter. Say hi to James... seems like he's stopped blogging.

11:58 AM  
Blogger Clay said...


As for point number one, a Supreme Court Justice in the not to distant past was for allowing the laws of another European Country come into play as a factor in handing down of a decision whether or not the case before the Supreme Court was Constitutional or not.
I don't remember the details, just the outcry that resulted from it. Suffice to say the justice was a liberal. If you need more details, you'll have to look them up. And this is just one example.

As for point two, the liberal platform is definatly socialist, if not communist in its extreme cases. Both ideologies come from Marx's philosophy.

As for point three. It was obviously a typo, since Iran is obviously not a liberated country.
I can only surmise that by making this point you must think I'm stupid, otherwise I see no point in raising it, as Iran is all in the news today, and not for the good its doing as a free nation.

Liberals have been protesting their shame in the US since they began getting their followers to take to the streets and protest circa 1960s. Liberals in Hollwood are perfect examples (i.e. The Dixie Chics), even performers like the Eagles who dedicated "Peaceful Easy Feeling" to Sadaam Hussein at their Hall of Fame entrance ceremony serve as but two of a myriad of examples.

All politics aside, Happy Easter to you and your family. I'll pass your greeting on to James. I'm sure with a little prod I can get him back to work blogging.

1:19 PM  
Blogger Rich | Championable said...

Well, this is why I can't discuss stuff with you.

1) "A Supreme Court Jsutice in the not too distant past" is no grounds for sweeping generalization. And as for "look it up." YOU raised it. Not me. The onus is on the author to back up his statements, don't you think? How much more powerful would your writing be if you said "In 1976, Justice Hippie said..."

2) How is it socialist, exactly? Saying the same thing again isn't providing a factual basis. But dude: Marxist? You really need to give *specifics.* All you did was repeat the same generalization.

3) Like I said: "I'm hoping typo." If I thought you were stupid, I wouldn't post here and I wouldn't have said "I'm hoping typo."

I don't think you mean "protesting their shame." That would mean that Liberals were against shame.

Regardless, how do you possibly equate the Dixie Chicks or the Eagles with the Democratic Party as a whole? I'm looking for specific examples of the Democratic leadership being "ashamed of America." Are you saying Kerry was ashamed of America? Is Teddy K. ashamed of America? I mean, hell, I could find all kinds of crazy, right-wing whack-a-moles to cite as crazy, anti-freedom blah blah blah, but they aren't the mainstream right, even if I disagree with the mainstream right.

I ask for policy specifics, and you give me the Dixie Chicks.

I just don't know.

5:27 AM  
Blogger Clay said...


I suspect the reason why you "can't discuss things with me" lies more in the fact that you don't agree with my conclusions, than in any "generalized statements" that I am making.

You have a tendancy to play the "Political Science Professor" type role, where instead of refuting any thing I say in any meaningful way, you dole out research homework. I don't have the time to do your homework for you Rich.

As for "how much more powerful would your writing be if you said "In 1976, Justice Hippie..." is concerned, I doubt it would make any difference to you one way or the other. Your mind is fixed and that is that. I can assure you that I am not making that judge up. I don't lie or make up things to make my argument and I have little to no respect for those who do, regardless of which side they are arguing from.

I've spent time volleying with you on your site, and here on mine (way back in the July post I made regarding the ACLU), and you never actually follow through much.

Take this post for instance, you are silent regarding most of what I said, with the exception of these "homework assignments" you are trying to push off on me. Does that mean that you find it to be correct?

As for how socialist are the liberals (and hence the democratic party platform since the liberals have the majority say in its stance), why do I even need to answer that? You do now what socialism is? Right?

If not, here's a condensed version, they are governments where the government provides for the people, and the people are dependant on the government for many things concerning their quality of life.

The more dependant the people are on their government, the less freedom they actually have. And the less their quality of life actually becomes as the government has to continually raise taxes to pay for the social programs that its citizens are dependant upon.

Our country, every since democrat President FDR with his "New Deal" and later LBJ's "Great Society" has grown larger and larger in its role in the private lives of its citizens. Welfare and many other social programs have sprung up, along with a Federal Income Tax and Social Security withdrawals from the American workers paychecks to pay for these social programs.

Hillary Clinton's failed national health care plan is a good example of a socialist type of program where the citizens depend on the government to get any health care.
Thank heavens for us all, the American people said no to her vision.

I'm sure you are kidding when you fail to recognize the Democratic Party's Socialist vision and programs that are very similar to the Socialist Democracies of Europe.

Since democrats have been in power for most of the last century and introduced their many socialist programs the government has grown well beyond the bounds set for it by the Constitution, it has even trampled on states rights with such rulings as Roe vs Wade.

That you don't recognize your party's socialist agenda is telling. Do you just pick a few things that liberals stand for to adopt and then not consider the rest of the picture?

Or is it that you know you are backing a party with a socialist agenda, but find the word socialism uncomfortable and prefer some other term?

You said:

"Like I said: "I'm hoping typo." If I thought you were stupid, I wouldn't post here and I wouldn't have said "I'm hoping typo.""

I'm glad you don't think I'm stupid. I don't think you're stupid either or I wouldn't bother responding to any of your comments.
So, yes, "Iran" was a typo and I meant to say Iraq.

While we are on that topic, when I said that liberals had been "protesting their shame" I didn't mean that they were protesting against their own shame. I meant they have been denouncing America left and right and have been ashamed of America's actions and it has been a central theme of their protest messages.

The Dixie Chicks apologizing to an audience in a foreign country (was it England?) for our nation's President and his actions serves as a good example. I don't have the time to hunt down every quote by every liberal for your amusement but then, its not like it was a while back when a liberal expressed their shame in America. Take Cindy Sheehan, Michael Moore for example.

As for my equating the Dixie Chicks to the Democratic Party, I stand firm. They, the rest of the Hollywood leftists do an adequate job of repeating the liberal soundbytes they get from the echo chamber they live in. They stand for liberal causes and speak liberal talking points when ever they get a chance.

While every member of the Democratic Party is not a liberal (i.e. Zell Miller) nor every voter registered as a democrat, there is no disputing the fact that liberals run the democratic party and dictate what direction it will pursue for the country.

Please keep in mind that this a blog post and not a research assignment. I don't have the time for that considering job, family, hobbies et al. When I can, I will cite references, but it may be a while before I could ever get to that point every time I post. I doubt it would really matter anyway.

You obviously are convinced by the liberal platform and have chosen to represent and defend it. I, on the other hand, embrace the conservative view point.

There is nothing in the liberal vision that I can ascribe to. I prefer living in the Constitutional Democratic Republic that our nation's founders envisioned for our country. I'm not interested in discarding it and adopting a socialist democracy like so many of the European nations have adopted. Their forms of democracy don't work very well, and it takes all of Europe to band together with one currency to even begin to compete with our economy.

The myriad of social programs along with the higher taxes that democrat party has in mind for our nation do not impress me and I don't welcome them.

They don't actually solve anything and only accomplish taking more of my hard earned money from my pocket and from my family and throw it away on programs that keep their recipients dependent on the crumbs the nanny government throws their way.

I'm all for the little guy, the poor. But I'm not for my money going to contribute to socialist goverment programs design to keep the poor poor and dependant on the government.

7:07 PM  

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