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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Dick Cheney Had A Hunting Accident. Which Proves Bush Is Evil!!!

The democrats are once again making asses of themselves in the public spectrum. Apparently for these sore losers, the Vice President’s accidental shooting of his friend during a hunting trip is proof positive that Bush and his henchmen are evil. That’s right. “My hair is on fire” loons like Nancy Pelosi even got in front of the cameras and ranted along the lines of, “See! Bush and his cronies think that they are above the law. Do you finally see just how dangerous they are?!”

Perhaps, these hypocrites, ought to remember that one of their own icons, the ruddy cheeked, fat, drunk Senator from Massachusetts, Ted Kennedy, drove his date into Chappaquiddick river, saved himself, and stalled until he could sober up and come up with a lie to cover his crime, (Psst. For those who have been indoctrinated by the left, letting a young woman die the horrible death of drowning in dark waters and then covering the whole thing up to protect his reputation is a crime).

But, of course, the democrats aren’t really known for minding the board in their own eye while they hyperventilate about the speck in a republican’s eye. Especially if that republican happens to be that evil, Hitler, aka Bush’s number two in command, Dick Chaney.

I, for one, hope they keep this up. It helps catch the attention of those sleepy, lazy voters who have been voting for them without a second thought all these decades. They are slowly, but surely bound to wake up to the fact that the party they have been supporting is nothing but a bunch of bloated, whining people who could care less about defeating the terrorists who hit us badly on 9/ll, but more on getting back into power.

Hopefully, the vast sea of apathetic citizens out there will finally be riled up into action. Maybe, now they will begin to see the democratic party (at least in its present, liberal socialist/communist anti-American, pro “let the UN decide America’s fate”) as a threat to our American way of life.

The only hope for the democrat party is to purge itself of the parasitic communists and socialists who have over run the party and adopt a Zell Miller type of stance. Then, they would stand a good chance of giving the mealy mouth Republicans a run for their money.

Until that time occurs, it will remain the party whose vision for America is to subjugate her to the opinion of socialist Europe, and appease the Islamic terrorists in fear and hopes that al Qaeda will just, somehow, go away and learn to “play nice”.


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