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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

State of the Union? How About the Ugly State of the Democrat Party?

The democrats have been on a roll since the 2000 Presidential Elections. That is, on a roll on demonstrating to the American voting public just how much they can whine, and complain because they were voted out of power. Let’s face it, the democratic party has become the party with a permanent case of colic. Apart from being a party of political cry babies, the democrat party’s love affair with liberalism and the radical left has allowed the American public to witness them make fools of themselves in the atmosphere of a bizarre circus show of their own creation all throughout the media.

Every time another Hollywood idiot opens there mouth, every time Harry Bellafonte calls Bush a Hitler while rubbing elbows with evil men like Hugo Chavez, and every time we have to endure yet another al Qaeda PSYOP message from the mouth of the left’s leading moonbat, Cindy Sheehan, it just goes to show how anti-American and ridiculous the democrat party really is.

The obvious lies and antics of Senator John Kerry, the foaming at the mouth lies and pure hatred of Bush tirade that issue forth from the mouths of Howard Dean and Al Gore and other democrats may just be a godsend. The more liberals foam at the mouth, and work themselves into temper tantrums, the more it opens the eyes of the voting public as to what the democrats are really all about.

Yesterday the democrats yet again demonstrated their true colors during the President’s State of the Union speech. All one had to do was watch the democrat reaction. The sneers on Hillary Clinton’s face, when they didn’t applaud and especially when they did tells all anyone needs to know about what the democrat party is all about. Bush reports his resolve to continue to take the fight to the murderous terrorist and eliminate their threat to free societies everywhere and republicans stand and applaud while democrat’s sneer and sit on their hands. Bush reports the robust health of our economy and democrats remain seated. Bush reports that he tried to help reform and save Social Security but his efforts were blocked in Congress, the democrats stand and clap.

Think about it. Which party introduced the socialist, failed idea of Social Security to the American workers in the first place? The democrats did. Yet yesterday they stood to their feet and applauded their success in sabotaging any effort to save it. They duped generations of hard working Americans into believing in the worth of their socialist retirement program (with a pension to guarantee your retirement years are spent on the brink of poverty) and then did everything they could to stab those contributors to the Social Security fund in the back and leave them high and dry all because they hate President Bush and the fact that they have been voted out of power.

FDR and his “New Deal” started the democratic love affair with the idea of a big nanny government in favor of the minimal federal government of the Constitution. Nothing makes a democrat more happy than having the American public be slaves of the government standing in long lines with their hands held out to receive whatever crumbs the government decides to dole out to the masses. From FDR and ever after the democratic party has become less for American values, less for the Constitution and more and more Communist and Socialist in its nature. They have also become more anti-American and pro globalist in their stances.

When it comes to nominees to the Supreme Court such as Alito, the democrats have demonstrated in their Kennedy led protests of outrage that they are the party of pro-abortion.

When it comes to issues of national security they would much rather hundreds of 9/11s occur rather than have something like the Patriot Act enacted to help the government stop terrorists like Mohamed Atta al Sayed from flying one of our own planes into the one of our national monuments.

When it comes to the War on Terror the democrats would rather try and appease al Qaeda than confront them.

President Bush made the statement in a speech today that went something like this:

“Some people look at the world the way they want it to be, but it is my job to look at the world the way it is.”

When its time for the American people to vote they will have a choice. They can vote for the democrats, who look at the world through communist/socialist idealistic eyes that think if we are just nice enough there will be peace on earth, or they can vote for republicans who see the terrorist threat for what it is: a very real, immediate and deadly threat to freedom everywhere.

I agree with Bush. Freedom leads to peace. I disagree with the democratic notion that appeasement to the terrorists will lead to peace. I refuse to bow to Mecca or the terrorist dreary vision of a world devoid of liberty and all lock step in a Taliban regime style of living. That is perhaps the best reason to explain why I stand against the democrat liberal view point which, if given the reigns, would most certainly ensure that that very outcome would be America’s fate.

I hope the democrats keep up the hysteria. It just might guarantee that they are voted out of existance forever. If we get that lucky then the next two party system here in America would probably be the Republicans vs Conservatives.


Blogger WomanHonorThyself said...

Keep the faith Clay..things seem to b lookin up...the Demmz have shown their tru screaming faces of ole Teddy and his gang...The Times are a changin.

7:49 AM  
Blogger Rich | Championable said...

Yo. I popped by because you left a nice comment on my blog. Thanks for that.

I probably wrote and erased three different comments here, because I want to make a point without being a big jerk. Seriously. So here goes:

There's a broad spectrum of people that folks would call Liberal. There are Liberals like me think that anyone who hugs Hugo Chavez is a complete ass. There are Liberals NOT like me who are trying to ban non-governmental displays of Christmas decorations, which is stupid. There are Liberals like me who think that the NSA was legally required to request after-the-fact authorization for their wiretaps, and that not doing so was a crime. There are heterosexual liberals like me who think gay marriage is just dandy.

The thing is, Clay: there are real and legitimate disagreements between the right and left... or hell, between the leftish-middle and the rightish-left-middle and the right-right-right-middle-left, etc.

But disagreement is American. Your idea that Democrats are somehow anti-American creates means that I can never come back to this blog again. There's no place for discourse when things are stratified into black and white like that.

I understand if you disagree with (although I agree with a lot of what they say), but they are 100% American. The ACLU? You may not approve, but it's as American as apple pie and the New York Yankees.

Maybe if we removed the insults (like the entire first paragraph of this post), stopped equating the entire Democratic party with Harry Belafonte and Cindy Sheehan and whoever else you think is a wombat, then we could have a really interesting discussion about the issues.

From what I've read on your blog, it seems that you would categorically and inescapably define me as un-American and un-patriotic... and I will never, ever try to defend myself from that kind of talk.

I don't need to. I love this country. Even the parts I really don't like.



10:51 AM  
Blogger Clay said...


Thanks for the honest critique of my blog. I doubt that you have read all of it, but nonetheless you have read some of it.

I get it that you obviously don't like the jist of my post. Sorry, but I call it like I see it.

While I most certainly would agree that there are democrats out there who don't necessarily fall into lock step with the radical left who have hi-jacked the party, nonetheless, the majority rules and it is the majority running the democratic party that I take issue with.

By the way, my family used to be democrats. In fact, the first election that I could vote in, I voted for Jimmy Carter against Ronald Reagan (shudder!!!!)

If you find yourself in agreement with communists like the ACLU and then I'm sorry, but I stand against your viewpoint.

Nowhere in my blog have I ever said that you don't have the 1st Amendment right to speak and say what you think. On the contrary, that is very American. But remember, I too have a 1rst Ammendment right to disagree with you. Ok?

Having said all of this, I still like you as a person, at least what you have presented on your blog (afer all the cyber space is anonymous for the most part and I don't really know who you are, only what you present yourself to be, the same goes for me), regardless of your politics.

Your description of the love that you have for your daughter (comparing it to a rush of wind) was fantastic! And I would agree with the person who commented and said that you have a distinctive writing style and could quite possibly stand to get paid for what you do. No kidding.

Rich, when it comes to politics, I will stand firm on my ground and dare to debate those on the opposite ground, but, I would like to point out that the whole person is not necessarly defined by his or her political point of view, nor his/her Christian denomination, nor his/her religion, or lack thereof.

In other words, I can fiercly bicker with you politically and yet still admire you as a person.


8:03 PM  

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