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Thursday, March 23, 2006

The Easter Bunny's Threat To Human Rights And The Constitution

I received an e-mail from John, who is affiliated with Stop The ACLU blog regarding yet another absurd position that has spiraled out of the false, “separation of Church from State” constitutional principle. I then went over to that blog and read a post entitled “Separation Of Church and State Kills The Easter Bunny”.

I just couldn’t resist posting on this patently stupid idea.

It seems that the city of St. Paul’s Human Rights Director, one Tyrone Terrill, found an Easter display, that a city hall employee purchased and put on display in her work area of a toy rabbit, pastel colored eggs, along with a sign with the message: “Happy Easter” inappropriate and unconstitutional. In Mr. Terrill’s zeal to uphold the imaginary constitutional tenant of “separation of Church and State”, he concluded that such a display favors those who hold to the religion of Christianity as opposed to those who don’t. A clear example of religion imposing itself upon the secular State and so, unconstitutional. Right?

Wrong. Aside from the utter lack of any “Church versus State” clause in the Constitution, Mr. Terrill has demonstrated to the world his utter lack of ability to determine what is of the Church in the first place.

A rabbit that lays pastel colored eggs is hardly affiliated in any way with the religion of Christianity, nor its religious holiday of Easter. Easter is about the resurrection of Jesus Christ. The bunny rabbit that somehow manages to lay eggs, (and pastel colored ones at that!), has it’s roots in paganism and spring reproductive rites. If anything such a display favors the religion of Paganism.

Nice try Mr. Terrill. So, you are in charge of safeguarding the human rights of St. Paul citizens? That’s a scary thought.

I hope the bogus “Separation of Church from State” movement keeps producing idiots like this one. The brainwashed followers of such a lie serve to expose the absurdity of such a wrong headed Constitutional claim. Support for this anti-Constitutional notion will inevitably fade away leaving the few anti-religion bigots standing out there on their own.


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