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Monday, April 03, 2006

The Grand Hypocrisy of the ACLU

The bloggers over at Stop The recently posted an article, which mentioned the plans for the Muslim Youth Camp of America from Cedar Rapids, Iowa to built on 114 acres of federal land in Lake Coralville, Iowa. The camp will run around $934,000 and when built will be leased out to the group for 25 years.

Here are some of the highlights posted:

"Plans for the $934,000 camp north of North Liberty call for lodging up to 60 campers ages 10 to 17 in cabins and tents plus staffers during the summer and up to 40 per night in the offseason. When completed, the camp will include a 2,400 square-foot lodge, a beach, recreation trails, five cabins, five tent pods and a bathroom."

"Bill Aossey, Representative for MYCA, announced that the camp/convention center "has been purchased and given the name Camp Heritage to emphasize the importance for Muslim children of understanding their roots."

"These statements, including the fact that the proposed site will contain of a 36-foot dome-covered prayer tower..."

"If this doesn’t bother you enough, the Militant Islam Monitor points out even more disturbing details. Bill Aossey attends the Cedar Rapids Islamic Center. The website for the center contains numerous extremist and hate links, including a link to Al Haramain, the foundation that was one of the “principal players in charity-based financing of al-Qaeda” (December 20, 2002, National Review On-Line)."

"Bill was a featured speaker at the 2002 and 2003 Iowa Muslim Student Association Annual Conferences. At the 2002 Conference, he gave a speech entitled "Martyrdom in Islam." Martyrdom is considered a code word for suicide bombings. Also speaking at the 2002 Conference was Siraj Wahhaj, an individual that is alleged to have been a co-conspirator of the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center. At the 2003 Conference, Bill was joined by feature speaker Nihad Awad. Awad is the Executive Director of the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) and an ex-member of the Islamic Association for Palestine (IAP), a front group for the terrorist organization Hamas. It has been reported that MYCA plans to rent out its proposed convention center in the off-season. Is it possible that the 2004 Conference will be held there?"

Where is the ACLU on this? The answer is, they are hiding in the shadowy background in total silence.

You see, the only time they bother to drag out their bogus "separation of Church and State" argument is when someone notices a tiny Christian cross that has been in a city seal for years and years, or when some display of the Ten Commandments is hanging on the walls of a state’s courthouse, or the display of a manger scene on federal property.

The article cites even more of the ACLU’s preferred cases when it involves Christianity.
But, let a Muslim organization build a camp, complete with a 36 foot domed prayer tower on federal property, and the old "separation of Church and State" outrage and duty to challenge the violation of this illusionary liberal tenet disappears.

This is an outrage. But I am not surprised. I have yet to see any beneficial service the ACLU offers to American society. I have, however, noted the destructive things that they have managed to accomplish. The way I see it, if ACLU were to disband, America and the Constitution would be much better off.


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