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Friday, March 31, 2006

Que Pasa?

Many Hispanics in America are in the streets protesting against what they see as an outrage. President Bush had the unmitigated gall of referring to illegal immigration into the U.S. what it is, a crime. I don’t know what the percentage is of those protesting that comprise legal Hispanic immigrants versus illegal ones. That any legal immigrant would be upset with the Bush Administration’s proposal to crack down on illegal immigration is beyond me.

If the majority of Hispanics in the streets making a spectacle of themselves are illegal immigrants (“undocumented people” for those liberals who can’t handle anything but P.C. speech) then, they have as much credibility as criminals protesting against their incarceration.

Are we to believe that it is every Hispanic in the world’s right to illegally enter the U.S. and live and work here without needing to comply with the immigration process that the rest of the world throughout history has had to? If so, they have a lot of gall, and should not only be ashamed of themselves for proclaiming such an arrogant, ludicrous case, but should be ignored.

Hispanics, and for that matter all peoples are welcome in America, provided they come to live and work here via legal means. America is not like Europe. America finds her greatness in the diversity of her population. Although it is changing, traditionally European countries were distinctly populated. France was a country of, mainly French persons. Spain was comprised mainly of Spanish, etc. America has been a giant melting pot of persons from different countries and cultures, who have all made their contributions toward making America the great country that she is.

The notion that we owe it to those who sneak into this country the space to live and jobs, healthcare etc. is flat out wrong. It isn’t fair to those who went through the legal immigration process to be here. It isn’t fair to the average American tax payer.

Let me put it this way. If you discovered people helping themselves to your garden, or things in your refrigerator, or putting up tents to live on your property what would you do? You would call the police to have them removed from your property on the charge of trespassing. The same is true with illegal aliens. They are trespassing and should be treated like the criminals that they are. If they really love America, as some of the protestors were proclaiming, they would do whatever it took to be here legally. At the very least they would obtain a green card.

Some Hispanics are also upset with the proposal for the erection of a fence along the U.S. Mexico border. God forbid we should place any obstacles in front of illegal aliens. I see the fence as not only a long overdue, common sense approach, but in this post 9/11 world essential to our National Security. There are some very dangerous terrorists that we need to prevent from being able to sneak into this country. For the sake of national defense, this trumps the argument of Hispanics whose feelings are hurt because other Hispanics, who might plan on sneaking into this country, would be inconvenienced by such a wall.


Blogger olive said...

Our very own... Great Wall of Texas? Outsourced to China too, I'll bet. Maybe they'll throw in a few commemorative bricks.

Seriously, we should spend this money either where terrorists actually hurt us (mass transit) or where American civilians are actually dying (heart disease and drunk drivers). What, tens of thousands of Americans are killed by drunk drivers last year on our roads (compared to zero terrorist killings here in this country)? Let's have some secret CIA prisons for DUIs.

Bet that would start to make a difference! Or how about everyone who breaks the law just by speeding or jaywalking. That's not showing respect for the laws of this nation, that they just go around committing wanton criminal acts!!

Meanwhile, in the name of everyone else who makes way less than Bush, save the cheap lettuce.

3:00 AM  
Blogger Clay said...


What do "jaywalkers", "DUIs" have to do with the post? Please try and make relevant comments. You have utterly failed to make any meaningful comments regarding the illegal immigration problem, much less address what to do about securing our borders.

Nice try at sarcasm, but it only falls flat. It's kind of like your "cheap lettuce".

6:55 PM  
Blogger olive said...

Do you know why the Minutemen pick on Mexicans? Because they would be afraid to confront people who actually are a "problem" in our country, say inner city gangs and drug dealers. Let's see the Minutemen go into downtown Anacostia! And because it's a far more romantic image to gain for themselves sitting on their lawnchairs, then say paying as taxpayers for additional K-9 units or ETD machinery for our public transit systems.

So that's what drunk driving has to do with your post. What is it with conservatives who are so outraged that their lettuce gets picked by Mexicans for a wage *they* wouldn't work for? Where are they when Americans are really getting hurt and really dying?

If Mexicans are really *taking* American jobs, why after six years can I get any electrician listed in the phone book in the state of Maryland to return my phone call about getting a dining room light rewired?! Out of 9 roofing companies, the only one that would condescend to call me back had Spanish-speaking workers. Some desperate out of work Americans alright!

What annoys me so much about this whole "secure our borders" fantasy you've got going for yourself is that this is what I actually do for a living. I work for Homeland Security; I secure borders for a living. The ones we need public outcry over are the ones in the sky. You know, the ones terrorists struck at us through on 9-11?

If I had a dollar for every knife or gun part I've confiscated from some conservative lately, who is wasteing my time when I could be screening for threats elsewhere... where are conservatives on the real problems faced by homeland security?

Chasing the pickers of lettuce!

11:54 PM  
Blogger Clay said...


You are mixing apples and oranges. Illegal aliens, terrorists, our open borders and criminals, gangs, drug sellers are two entirely different problem sets. Drunk drivers are a third different problem. Unless of course illegal aliens are contributing to these other two problem sets I don't see the comparision.

By the way, your personal problems with local electricians and roof workers is yet another different problem.

The idea that the Minutemen should tackle the criminal problems in our streets is absurd. They aren't trained in any way to do the police department's job. We already have local police forces. If they aren't large enough then that is a recruitment issue for them.

Throwing in the Minutemen, as you suggest, to ammend their numbers would amount to nothing more than a "dog and pony show", and that Olive, is what annoys me about liberal solutions. They usually mean taking more money out of the pocket of American workers to support some idealistic, naeive dog and pony show.

The Minutemen are assisting the border patrol, because, as they see it, the Federal government isn't taking the illegal immigration and threat of our borders seriously enough. The assistance they can provide to the border patrol makes sense. Demanding they provide assistance to police forces in the violent gang infested, drug ridden, streets of America is absolutly ridiculous.

As for your claim to work for Homeland Security guarding our borders for a living, I certainly hope that you aren't in any position of leadership there. You have an extremely narrow understanding of what the threat to our nation by terrorists is, if you think it is only a repeat of 9/11, only the "ones in the sky".

First off, the likelyhood that they would use that tactic against us again is highly unlikely. That was only good for a one time suprise. We are prepared for that.

Second, are we prepared for biological, chemical or nuclear threats within our country? The terrorist don't need a plane to fly into a building when a vial of anthrax can infect and kill millions. [With severals days of incubation period, the one time exposure can then spread itself as those unaware that they are infected spread out away from the area of infection]

What about a dirty bomb set off in one or many of our major metropolis areas? What about what the press calls "suicide bombers" in our streets and malls all over this country?

Thank you for your service to our country but please try and broaden your scope.

Terrorist threat aside, it is simply not right to make the rest of the world immigrate into our country legally, while at the same time giving immigrants crossing the US/Mexican border a free pass.

As for your liberal echo chamber soundbite "mexican and other illegal aliens are doing jobs that Americans won't do", it is a statement that I can't relate to.

I have worked in farm fields before, staking tomatoes, picking peas and bailing hay.

If these jobs are already being filled by illegal immigrants who are willing to work for "slave wages" [another ethical problem with supporting the unhindered flow of illegal aliens into this country- their exploitation] then there isn't much of a chance to determine if any legal immigrants and or citizens would or would not fill these positions in the first place.

My guess is that that liberal soundbite is half true. I know I certainly wouldn't work for wages that weren't commensurate to my services. I doubt that you would either. Unless, of course you are foolish.

8:40 AM  

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